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Magnolia Park Merchants Association Energizes For 2014

Magnolia Park merchants met Wednesday evening, January 8, to discuss ideas for the continued transformation of the celebrated shopping and dining district and the formation of the Magnolia Park Merchants Association. About 50 shop owners from the area of Magnolia Blvd. and Hollywood Way convened at local cafe Romancing the Bean to discuss their concerns and thoughts for growing the eclectic area’s visibility and offerings.

Magnolia Park merchants and agenda speakers gather to talk about plans for the coming year. (Photo By Ross Benson & Lisa Paredes)

Magnolia Park merchants and agenda speakers gather to talk about plans for the coming year. (Photo By Ross Benson & Lisa Paredes)

Led by Ashley Erikson, who does media relations, social media, advertising and event coordinating for Magnolia Park, the meeting touched on several ideas, including beautifying the walking experience by redoing planters and tree bases, hanging ‘Magnolia Park’ banners along the streets and getting signs put up by the city designating the area’s borders, among other topics. Also known as “Miss Magnolia Park”, Erikson and local real estate agent Bryce DeVincenzi, also known as “Mr. Magnolia Park,” engaged all the attendees, drawing out comments and questions from the shop owners.

Several themed ideas for upcoming Ladies Night Out events, held on the last Friday of every month, were also discussed. Get ready for a scavenger hunt, car show, ‘Taste of Magnolia Park’, summer fun fair and an art walk in the coming months. A possible district-wide Second Saturdays monthly event is also being discussed as another option for people to come out and enjoy the area’s festive spirit. Towns Burr Gallery debuts the Second Saturdays event January 11 at their art gallery on Magnolia Boulevard, with live music and small bites.

Representatives from Belly Card showed merchants how the company’s universal and customizable reward card and app would work in the area and throughout the country. Burbank Recycling Specialist Ferris Kawar talked about recycling bins and services and launching Magnolia Park as a “green district” in the city.

Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn talks with Magnolia Park shop owners as Councilmember Bob Frutos looks on. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn talks with Magnolia Park shop owners as Councilmember Bob Frutos looks on. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sgt. Darin Ryburn discussed theft prevention and scams affecting business owners and handed out informational packets to the group. Ross Benson from myBurbank.com demonstrated the recently-launched Magnolia Park page on the locally-focused website. Council member Bob Frutos stopped by to hear merchants’ concerns and talk about his support of the newly-formed Association and his continued enjoyment of the shopping and eating area. He also complimented the group on the recent success of the Holiday in the Park event held in November 2013.

A few years ago, property owners in the district paid a small tax that funded a P-BID (property-based business improvement district), which paid for city services, media relations and special events throughout the year. However, the majority of property owners voted against continuing the P-BID at the end of 2011, and since 2012, the area’s merchants have been on their own. Basically, most city services like cleaning the sidewalks and closing the streets for big events disappeared. While the area struggled during 2012 with major loss of foot traffic, revenue and special events, the merchants have banded together and turned the monthly Ladies Night Out events into a major draw for the area during 2013.

New City Manager Mark Scott and Councilmember Frutos visited with merchants in late 2013 and encouraged the group of just a few merchants at that time to create an association and communicate with the City Council about the area’s needs and ideas. The buzz that has been created by the monthly final Friday events has re-vitalized the area and hundreds of people visit regularly throughout the week. New stores and eateries continue to open, and Magnolia Park has become a desirable destination to shop and hang out.

Shop owners in the Magnolia Park area of Hollywood Way and Magnolia Blvd. interested in joining the Magnolia Park Merchants Association should contact Erikson, who will also serve as the Association President, via email at amerikson@yahoo.com or at 818-632-6888. The association plans to continue to grow Magnolia Park and provide funding for more events and services from which the entire district can benefit.

Sgt. Ryburn talks about scams and theft prevention with Magnolia Park merchants. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sgt. Ryburn talks about scams and theft prevention with Magnolia Park merchants. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

myBurbank Once Again E X P A N D S

Big things continue to happen here at myBurbank since our relaunch from BurbankNBeyond back in April 2013.

To start with, is the community’s appreciation.  We have already TRIPLED our readership in the past six months, hitting 35,000 unique readers in a recent report from Google Analytics.  That included over 55,000 readers who read from 105,000 pages in just one month’s time.  Add to that our Twitter following which is now over 3,550, where we report breaking news items 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  People have made us the number one choice for breaking news in Burbank.

For these reasons, we have decided to expand our site and start to offer even more.

We now have a new section for Magnolia Park.  This is one of the true jewels of the City of Burbank, where small businesses continue to thrive.  It is a well know fact that Burbank citizens make a conscious decision to spend their money in Burbank and many times support these businesses who give customers that small town, dedicated service.

Our Associate Editor, Lisa Paredes, has been overseeing the concept and design and will be out in the area constantly finding the stories that make that part of Burbank so special.  You will need to check in constantly to see what is happening, such as Ladies Night Out or even the upcoming Holiday in the Park, one of the most popular events in Burbank.

Another new section is our Night Life page.  Our Night Life editor, Madison Jones, will be out and around to find out the most popular happenings in the Burbank evenings.  Great restaurants, happening clubs, fantastic Happy Hours, and entertainment venues will also be featured along with local bands.  We also have a Twitter account set up just for you night owls and party animals at @myBurbankNights.  Follow us there to see a whole different Burbank.

We are also working to expand our guides and will be introducing our Burbank Business Guide.  This guide will allow Burbank businesses to list information about their business for free and for an additional small fee, will also allow them to give information about their business to help attract customers.  It will give businesses a chance to reach a large, local audience without having to pay large fees in this current economic climate.

We also really hope that you support the businesses that advertise on our site.  Some of our long term advertisers include UMe Credit Union, Community Chevrolet, The Smoke House, Designer Doors & Windows, M & M Flooring, Burbank City Federal Credit Union, Gary Bric’s Ramp, and The Bob Hope Airport.  We have many local community groups who also advertise on our site.  Please look into their worthwhile events!  As one advertiser told us, they booked their ad with us because they actually wanted their ad seen by Burbank residents.

We have several more advertisers ready to come on board also.  Burbank business people are finding that being on our site 24 hours a day, seven days a week is far more appealing then one printed ad in a newspaper that goes to just under 6,500 homes.  And once the paper has been looked at, it is tossed away (hopefully recycled!) and never to be seen again.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who supports our site.  This is a Burbank owned and operated site.  ALL of our staff members live or work in Burbank and many have lived here their entire lives.  Our Associate Editor, Lisa Paredes, reports on the schools and she has two children in our schools. Our Chief Photographer, Ross A. Benson, has been covering events here in Burbank for the past 40 years.  Ross, Stan Lynch, Greg Simay, Joyce Rudolph, as well as myself and a couple of others are life-long residents.

So yes, that is why our coverage and knowledge of Burbank is better.  We spell the streets right (and know where they are!), know where the events are and the people behind them.  We are all located here in Burbank, not Downtown Los Angeles.  You can also find us everyday on your computer, tablet, or even smart phone by just typing in www.myBurbank.com, compared to other local news sources that have nothing but empty racks around town.

And most importantly, we are out and around all day, all night, whenever news, sports, and events happen!  That is why we are the best when it comes to local community news and breaking news.  Make sure you follow our Twitter feed at @myBurbank NEWS, @myBurbankSports and @myBurbankNights the next time you want to know what is happening in the city.

Come out and meet our staff next Friday, November 22, at Holiday in the Park in Magnolia Park where we will be located at the UMe Credit Union Parking lot next to KFI’s Tim Conway Jr., who will be broadcasting his show live that evening from there.  We will have some great gifts and prizes to giveaway.

This is our community and we are here for you!