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Burbank Slightly Opens Door on Marijuana, Closes it on Rancho Developer

Tuesday night, the Burbank City Council held hearings regarding an ordinance to the Burbank Municipal Code regarding Marijuana growing by private residences and retail sales along with changing the General Plan land use designation of a 4.7 -acre property from Rancho Commercial (RC) to Low-Density Residential (LDR) to develop 34 single-family homes

The first hearing was on a staff-proposed change to the Municipal Code that would restrict growing Marijuana growing to indoors along with a ban on retail sales.

After much public content supporting fewer restrictions and being able to grow outside, the Council voted 5-0 to adopt the ordinance however they changed it to allow outdoor growing as long as the conditions of State Law were met.

While at this time there is a ban regarding the retail outlets, the Council did seem that they wanted to open the door regarding retail sales in the future.

Councilwoman Sharon Springer said that she checked the results from the Prop. 64 election results and said that 61% of voters in Burbank voted to approve legalized Marijuana in California.

While no path has been set up yet to allow retail stores in Burbank, there was strong support to set up a task force or committee to study the best way to start the process however no timeline was given when this process might begin.

The second hearing of the night was the changing of the zoning in the Rancho District for an amendment to the General Plan land use designation of a 4.7 -acre property from Rancho Commercial (RC) to Low-Density Residential (LDR) to develop 34 single-family homes. The property is located in the Rancho Master Plan Area, south of Riverside Drive near the Mariposa Street Bridge.

The developer had wanted to put 34 homes into the area but Rancho residents came out by the dozens to protest during the hearing.  While the Council was not allowed to consider the development itself, or what a re-zoning would mean when the Pickwick property came up at a later date, they were told it was solely to change the zoning on that particular project.

In the end, the Council voted 3 to 2 (Councilmembers Springer and Rogers were in support) to not re-zone the area in question. 

City Council to Consider Zone Change in Rancho District

Courtesy City of Burbank

Members of the Burbank City Council will take up the issue of changing a 4.7-acre property located at 814 South Mariposa Street from Rancho Commercial (RC) to Low Density Residential (LDR) to develop 34 single-family homes.

A staff report has recommended the Council amend the General Plan.

MLC Holdings Inc., has submitted a pre-application to see if the Council will change the designation before submitting an official application to continue the process.  The property sits at the southeast end of Mariposa.

According to the staff report:

If Council authorizes the project to proceed, the applicant intends to submit a project that includes redevelopment of an industrial zoned property to a single-family project with a private street (Exhibit C). It would also include a new public horse trail (bridle path) and sidewalk along the Mariposa Street frontage terminating at the property boundary, though specific details of the intended project may change prior to submittal. The applicant’s submittal would include a formal application to amend the General Plan land use designation; amend the Zoning Map to a Planned Development; enter into a Development Agreement; submit for Development Review; and apply for a Tentative Tract Map to subdivide the property. Once the application is submitted, staff would begin the environmental review process in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The Rancho Review Board met on October 11 with Burbank Senior Planner, Linsay Hagan, gave a presentation of the application to the Board while Lester Tucker and Aaron Talarico from MLC Holdings, provided a presentation on the project proposal.

Courtesy City of Burbank

There were 24 local residents and business owners who also commented during the meeting with most showing concerns for the size of the project and increased traffic. The Board voted 7-0 to not support the zone change.

The proposed project on Mariposa will include a private street. It would also include a new public horse trail (bridle path) and sidewalk along the Mariposa Street frontage terminating at the property boundary, though specific details of the intended project may change prior to the submittal process.

This project is also close to the proposed housing development at the roughly 8.5-acre Pickwick property and may be a test case to see how the Council responds since the owners of the Pickwick property will have to also ask for a zoning change to be able to build housing on their property.

The council will be holding a public hearing this Tuesday, November 7, at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers.

Courtesy City of Burbank

Courtesy City of Burbank

Courtesy City of Burbank

Courtesy City of Burbank

Courtesy City of Burbank

Final L.A. International Jumping Festival Held At Equestrian Center, McAllister Wins Grand Prix

Langer Equestrian Group (LEG) hosted the final Los Angeles International Jumping Festival at the L.A. Equestrian Center in the Rancho district of Burbank from September 18-22. After 30 years at the Equestrian Center, LEG will partner with Blenheim EquiSports and combine the Blenheim Fall Tournament with the LA International Jumping Festival for two weeks of top level horse showing, and debut the new show at Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park in San Juan Capistrano next year.

LEGJenni McAllisterCasseur De PrixWinFB

Jenni McAllister and Casseur de Prix win the L.A. International Jumping Festival Grand Prix. (Photo Courtesy of Flying Horse Photography)

Jenni McAllister and her mount Casseur de Prix (owned by Granville Equine) won the big prize of $9,000 after a down-to-the-wire jump off. Going into the final round of jumps, several riders and horses had a chance at winning it all, but Ms. McAllister and Casseur de Prix squeaked by with a narrow margin to clinch the victory and first place prize worth 30 percent of the total $30,000 Grand Prix purse.

Fifteen-year-old Olivia Champ, riding Lamont (owned by Catherine Boettcher) won the U.S. Equestrian Federation Show Jumping Talent Search Finals, after placing second last year. Miss Champ’s consistency on the course was key to her win.

LEGOlivia ChampLamont

Teenager Olivia Champ with Lamont win the top spot at the USEF Talent Search Finals, West. (Photo Courtesy of Flying Horse Photography)

The L.A. Equestrian Center will host the Gold Coast Series Horse Show 7 from October 17-20, featuring the California Professional Horsemen’s Association (CPHA) Horsemanship and the CPHA Child-Adult Medal Finals for the Los Angeles Region. LEG will also present LEGISequine.com Gold Coast Series Champions at this show.

The National Preview Horse Show will be held on October 30 through November 3 with the Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association (LAHJA) LA Saddlery Junior and Senior Medal Finals, plus the LAHJA Pony Medal Finals, the West Coast Pony Hunter and Jumper Finals (which is the first part of Pony Palooza), $12,000 West Coast Children’s-Adult Amateur Jumper Championship and the $41,000 LEG Anniversary Grand Prix. Costumed riders (and horses) will compete in the $10,000 Spooktacular Open Welcome Stake and the $1,000 Howling Fun Tandem Hunters, with special prizes for costumes throughout the day and a special dog costume contest sponsored by LEGIS.



City of Burbank Planning Division to Hold Community Meeting Wednesday on LILA School

The City of Burbank Planning Division will be holding a community meeting on May 23rd to consider a Development Review, Administrative Use Permit, and Parking Determination application for a proposed project at 1105 Riverside Drive by LILA School.

The project is to operate a private school for grades 6-12 on the site of the former GM Training Center. The school is proposing to move into the existing building and develop athletic fields over a portion of the existing parking lot.

If you want to participate or find out more information:

-Call the project planner, Ann Wuu, at 818-238-5250

-Email the project planner at awuu@ci.burbank.ca.us

-View documents related to this project at the Planning office at 150 N. Third Street, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

-Attend a community meeting to discuss the project on Wednesday, May 23rd at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the community room at the Buena Vista Library located at 300 North Buena Vista Street in Burbank.

No decision on the project will be made at this meeting. A Planning Board hearing to decide this matter will be held at a later date. A separate notice will be sent 20 days prior to that hearing.