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Rep. Adam Schiff Sworn into 116th Congress for Tenth Term

Release from Rep. Adam Schiff’s office:

On Thursday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) was sworn into Congress for his tenth term, serving California’s 28th Congressional District.

Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) was sworn into Congress for his tenth term, serving California’s 28th Congressional District by new House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (Photo courtesy Adam Schiff)

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue to represent California’s 28th in Washington for the next two years. A great deal of work lies ahead of us, but I am motivated  by the trust my constituents have placed in me to advance their priorities in our nation’s capitol.” said Schiff. “Our first task is to re-open the government and bring an end to the President’s decision to shut it down. Last night, we passed legislation to do that as our first act of the Congress.”

Rep. Schiff will continue representing the 28th District in Congress, including all or parts of Atwater Village, Burbank, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Glendale, Griffith Park, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, La Cañada-Flintridge, La Crescenta, Los Feliz, Montrose, Pasadena, Shadow Hills, Silver Lake, Sunland, Tujunga and West Hollywood.

Schiff continued, “The American people entrusted a new Majority in the House with a great responsibility to put forward a positive agenda for the nation. Along with my colleagues, I intend to advocate for legislation that puts people first by increasing incomes, and expanding affordable healthcare. I also intend to push forward local initiatives that improve the quality of life in our region, including expanding open space through the creation of the Rim of the Valley National Recreation Area, building the Earthquake Early Warning System for the west coast, reducing helicopter and airplane noise, and much more.

“Finally, I will do my part to support and conduct vital oversight of the Trump Administration, and to restore Congress as a co-equal branch of government. Let’s get to work.”

Prior to serving in the House of Representatives, Schiff completed a four-year term as State Senator for California’s 21st State Senate District, chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Select Committee on Juvenile Justice and the Joint Committee on the Arts. Before serving in the State Legislature, Schiff served with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for six years.

Adam Schiff Rips Trump at Democratic Convention

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-BURBANK) addressed the Democratic National Convention. His remarks, as delivered, are below:

As Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, I am keenly aware of the grave threats we face. From the murderous brutality of ISIS and al Qaeda to Iran’s sponsorship of terror; from the belligerence of Vladimir Putin to the madman in Pyongyang.

This November, America’s decision is about more than who confronts these threats. It’s also about how: Will we continue to be a beacon for freedom loving peoples around the world? Or will we hunker down, shelter in place, or worse, sow division and discord? Will we pick a man with no vision, who cowers behind angry rhetoric? Or will we pick a woman of courage, conviction and compassion?

In short, the stakes could not be higher.

When the rights of expression, religion and association are under growing assault around the globe, when the world needs a leader who can offer “blood, tears, toil and sweat,” Trump offers only bluster, tirade, swindle, and threat.

With malice towards all, and charity for none, Trump would separate us from the world, and divide us here at home. In Trump’s world, NATO is a relic, Putin an ally, Tiananmen an example, and torture our instrument.

This is not leadership; this is calamity.

It is not speaking hard truths or shunning political correctness—but, instead, failing to see America’s greatness, its essential goodness, its unending promise. Like an easy mark at one of his casinos, Trump would have us throw the dice with America’s future.

We will not do it.

But thank God, America has a choice.

Rather than a man of endless ego and obsession, we can choose a woman of purpose and determination. Instead of a man who sees little but danger and murder in the face of immigrants, we can choose a woman who understands how immigrants have strengthened this nation of immigrants. Instead of a man who would gamble on the greatness of America, we can choose a woman with a brilliant mind, a resolute heart, a steady hand, and a passion for the betterment of humankind.

Democrats, this fall, the choice for Commander-in-Chief is clear — Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Rep. Schiff Speech on House Floor During Sit In Demanding Vote

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) participated in the sit in on the House Floor demanding a vote on gun violence legislation.

Watch the video here (originally captured by Rep. Scott Peters on Periscope), or read below:

“Like all of you, and like all the American people, I awoke in horror on Sunday a week ago to the news that almost fifty of our fellow citizens and another fifty had been seriously injured.

“Now, I know that a lot of our fellow citizens will say – ‘well, this isn’t gun violence, this is different, this is terrorism’ – as if because this is terrorism, as if because this was motivated in part by an allegiance to ISIS, that somehow guns had nothing to do with this terrible loss of life.

“The fact that someone is motivated by terrorism doesn’t prevent us from taking action to make sure they don’t get on a plane, which would make it easy to murder lots of Americans.  So why should we preclude people from getting on a plane where it’s easy to kill a lot of Americans but do nothing about the fact they can get a powerful weapon with an extended ammunition clip and kill even more Americans.

“Why do we send troops into Iraq and Syria to take the fight to terrorists, why do we invest billions in our intelligence agencies, but say that dealing with the lethality, the horrible efficiency of shooting with an assault weapon with an extended ammunition clip – that we won’t touch, that we won’t consider!

“Nothing must be off limits in our efforts to deal with not only the scourge of terrorism, but the scourge of gun violence.  Nothing must be off limits!

“And I’m convinced that if we can take up this legislation, if we can enact things like ‘No Fly, No Buy,’ and universal background checks, if we can show the American people that the NRA can be defeated. Indeed, if we can show our colleagues that that you can defeat the NRA and still be elected, we can bring about a tipping point in this country where talking about guns is no longer off limits.

“I’m very proud to join you today. I’m very proud that we’re taking action.

“This is the House equivalent of a filibuster! Because enough is enough. The American people demand action, and we must demand it of ourselves!”

Schiff Responds to President’s State of the Union Address

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), the ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), released the following statement in reaction to the President’s State of the Union address this evening before Congress:

“Tonight, the President laid out his vision for an improved economy and help for the middle class.  While our economy is far better than it was in the midst of the Great Recession, we still have a long way to go – and by addressing wage stagnation, making education affordable to all and investing in our middle class, we can ensure that a strengthening economy brings prosperity to all families. By reforming our tax code and helping expand opportunity for the middle class, we can generate rising incomes and give everyone the chance to succeed.

“The President also addressed the complex national security challenges facing the country more than a decade after 9/11 and years after the death of Osama Bin Laden. The President appealed to Congress to authorize the use of force against ISIS and this is vital – but make no mistake, this is a debate and vote that should have taken place five months ago when we first began strikes against ISIS in Syria and began deploying troops to Iraq. The Administration must resist the impulse to seek an authorization that is overly broad, without geographic limitation, a prohibition on the use of American troops in a combat mission, or a meaningful sunset date not subject to unilateral administrative extension. In light of the longevity and extraordinarily broad interpretation given the two existing AUMF’s, the Congress should not grant this or any future administration authority carte blanch.

“By addressing cybersecurity legislation in his highest profile speech of the year, the President acknowledged what many of us already know – that the vulnerability of our nation’s businesses and critical infrastructure must be addressed, and addressed soon.  For too long, our companies, families and government have been vulnerable to criminals, hackers, and a broad range of state and non-state actors  – and there is much more we need to do. I’m looking forward to working with the Administration to craft cyber-threat information sharing legislation that addresses these risks, while maintaining our privacy and civil liberties.

“The President must also continue to press for important reforms of the metadata program and FISA Court, both of which are essential to maintaining a proper balance between privacy and security, and which he alluded to in tonight’s speech. In addition to working with Congress, the President should take steps within his own authority to reform our surveillance programs, including ending the bulk collection of domestic phone records in favor of phone companies retaining their own data which could be queried on a case by case basis.

“These economic and national security challenges are real and we can meet them, provided we are willing to work together in a bipartisan way. I am determined to do my part, and hope that this Congress can become one of the most productive in years.”

Schiff Hails FAA Decision to Institute Complaint System for Helicopter Noise

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) applauded the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) announcement that they would take an important role in helping to stem disruptive helicopter noise plaguing residents across Los Angeles County. The FAA indicated over the weekend that they would establish a comprehensive complaint system for helicopter noise operations – the first step necessary to gather data about the extent of the problem and remedies, identify problem helicopter operators, and give residents a systematic way to register their complaints.  According to the FAA, the agency will allocate $250,000 to set up the system and acquire a years’ worth of correlated noise complaint data for helicopters – and allow residents the real time capability to file complaints online or by phone and identify those helicopters responsible. The FAA will bid the project this year, with implementation slated for early next year.

Earlier this year, Schiff and other Los Angeles area lawmakers, including Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA), sent a letter asking for a timeline on the FAA’s Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative.  The agency finally responded to the Los Angeles lawmakers (letter can be found here), on the heels of legislation that Feinstein and Schiff passed requiring the FAA to act within the year to reduce helicopter noise through voluntary measures, or be forced to put in place regulations to reduce it. Pressure from homeowners and lawmakers finally compelled the FAA to act.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Glen Martin, the regional administrator for the FAA’s Western-Pacific region, said via email, “The FAA has approved funding and is moving forward to establish a noise complaint system for L.A. County regarding helicopter operations. We plan to take approximately three months to complete the contracting, and intend for the system to be up and running shortly after the first of the year.”

“While we are still waiting for final details — would this merely monitor noise levels or identify the helicopters causing the problem — the establishment of a countywide helicopter noise complaint system could be a significant development in our years-long fight to give L.A. residents the relief that they deserve,” said Rep. Schiff. “This move comes on the heels of legislation Senator Feinstein and I authored requiring the FAA to adopt new rules and regulations if they could not achieve meaningful relief through voluntary measures. Collecting this data may give us a benchmark to work from and identify those who lack regard for residents on the ground — and I’m looking forward to working with the operators, homeowners and the FAA to make sure that we meet the urgent need for noise relief.”

Bob Anderson, the president of the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition – comprising residents from across Los Angeles County who have been working with helicopter pilots and the FAA to reduce helicopter noise without compromising safety – stated that the LAAHNC has stressed the need for a countywide noise complaint system and is very excited that the FAA has stepped up to this challenge.

“The request we most often hear from residents impacted by helicopter noise it ‘where can I complain?’  The answer, sadly, was nowhere,” said Anderson. “This system will now give all residents countywide a place to lodge helicopter noise complaints and will provide irrefutable data identifying helicopter noise hot spots, so our organization can work with pilots and the FAA to stop the noise.  This system is the first step among many that we are working toward, including a Tri-Party Agreement between the LAAHNC, pilot organizations, and FAA on voluntary noise-reduction practices.”

In 2013, Schiff and other members of the Los Angeles delegation introduced legislation, the Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act, and encouraged the FAA to act independently of legislation to reduce helicopter noise in Los Angeles.  Following a lengthy study, the FAA released their report on the Los Angeles airspace, urging voluntary measures over a regulatory approach, which many homeowners and lawmakers felt was an insufficient response.

Senator Feinstein and Rep. Schiff successfully included language in the omnibus spending bill, which was signed into law, that would require the FAA to develop regulations related to the impact of helicopter use on the quality of life of LA County residents within one year unless the FAA can demonstrate the effectiveness of the six voluntary action items in the helicopter noise report. Efforts to include language in the omnibus were supported by the LAHNC.

Rep. Schiff Updates Burbank on Aircraft Noise and Impacts of Sequestration

This is the second part of a two part interview with Representative Adam Schiff  from California’s 28th District.  In this part Rep. Schiff discuses two topics important to Burbank residents – aircraft noise and the continuing impact of “sequestration” of federal funds on local social programs.

myBurbank: The area between Interstate 5 and the Verdugo Mountain foothills is frequently overflown by aircraft from the media, law enforcement, military, and private aircraft. What news can you bring us on efforts to control or limit low-level flights and noise from aircraft, such as helicopters, in residential areas?

Rep. Schiff:  Quite a lot has been happening over the last year.  It began with several of us urging the FAA to reach out to stakeholders in Los Angeles and provide suggestions about mitigating helicopter noise.  It took about a year, and they issued their report just about a month or two ago.

Adam Schiff OfficeWe had a hearing at the Autry Center where they presented their findings.  They recommended a number of steps that could be taken to mitigate helicopter noise by changing minimum altitudes, or changing flight paths, best-practices, or pooling of press helicopters.

All of what they recommended were voluntary steps.  Voluntary steps in the past have not been sufficient, so I’ve introduced legislation to require FAA regulation in this area.

We’re going to let them see what they can accomplish on a voluntary basis.  I’m skeptical, but I think they are going to try.  The next steps are meeting with stakeholders again to prioritize.  Where are the hot spots?  Where can they provide individualized remedies?

The FAA has made the point that LA is one of the most complicated airspaces in the nation.  That is true, but that’s not a justification for doing nothing.  It simply means we have to tailor-make the solution for different areas.

It’s not that we can have a minimum altitude for all of Los Angeles.  That might be a problem over the Burbank Airport, and not a problem over the “Hollywood” sign.  There may be ways we can ensure helicopters observe flight paths over freeways rather than over residential areas.

I had a roundtable with law enforcement a couple months ago as well, and there are steps law enforcement can take to minimize their impact on the ground.  Not every flight by a law enforcement helicopter is an emergency situation.  Sometimes they are going for routine maintenance, sometimes they’ve finished patrol and they are heading back to station.

Rather than taking established flight paths that mitigate the noise they take the shortest route because (for example), it saves them fuel. So there are steps that even emergency providers can do to mitigate their impacts.

myBurbank: Sequestration is still in effect.  Where should we expect to have the most impact?  How will this continue to impact Burbank’s quality of life?

Rep. Schiff:  I think we can expect that cuts to the Safety Net programs will be the most devastating, and cause the most pain.  The most visible cuts, air traffic controllers for example, those problems will get fixed.  Because those are very public, very prominent, but it will be the people who are on “Meals on Wheels,” or folks trying to get a Section 8 Housing Voucher because they can’t the rent otherwise.

Those who are living at the edge of poverty are going to be most impacted.

So the needs of a place like the Burbank Temporary Aid are going to be more significant because there is going to be less government assistance available.


Contact Rep. Schiff with your thoughts, ideas, concerns, or opinions at schiff.house.gov

Rep. Adam Schiff on Gun Control

BurbankNBeyond interviewed Rep. Adam Schiff of California’s 28th District in late February, discussing a wide variety of topics of interest to Burbank residents and other surrounding communities.  As the topic of gun control continues to stimulate healthy debate from nearly all levels of society, Rep. Schiff provides a good view into his viewpoint, and representation of the issue in Congress.

BurbankNBeyond:  Gun control is a big topic, at the federal, state, and local level.  What is your perspective on the issue?

Rep. Schiff:  I believe we should have responsible safety measures, and I say that as somebody who grew up with guns in the house, enjoyed hunting with my father, and still enjoys target practice and shooting clays from time to time.

But nothing in the 2nd Amendment precludes us from placing reasonable restrictions on military-grade weapons like assault weapons, or the capacity of extended ammunition clips.  Certainly we should have universal background checks, and I also feel we should crack down on straw purchases of weapons.

I introduced a bill to do exactly that, now two or three years ago, so I re-introduced it this session.

I also believe we should roll back the special immunity the gun industry enjoys that no other industry in America does.  And that is gun sellers can act in a negligent way, and can turn a blind eye to the straw purchasers that come and buy dozens of weapons and then turn the m over to people who can’t pass a background check.

There is no reason we should hold them immune from responsibility, or from negligence.  No other industry in America enjoys that special status.

So I do think there are some changes that we need to make.  There are two facets of the problem that we have to deal with.  One is the horrendous level of every day gun violence in many of our cities, that claim lives all over the country on a daily, weekly basis.

And the other are these horrible mass-shootings like we saw in Newtown, which are really an injury to the country itself.  They are different kinds of problems that require different kinds of solutions.  But we should not put up with this, and we cannot accept this as a facet of American life.  We can do better than this, and we really have to.

BurbankNBeyond:  So there are two topics you mentioned, one is prior to a person getting their hands on a gun, as is their right within the 2nd Amendment , and there is also the result when people misuse weapons and atrocities like Newtown and (Chris) Dorner here locally have committed.  Should there be more drastic sentences for people who commit crimes which include a weapon?  Is that a deterrent? A priority?

Rep. Schiff:  I think that is a very high priority, particularly when it comes to “straw” purchasers.  These (“straw” purchasers) are people who lie about why they are purchasing a gun, claim they are purchasing it for themselves, when in fact they are purchasing it for someone else.  They are really a straw purchaser.  And they’ll turn it over to someone who can’t pass a background check.

That in the past has been considered a paperwork violation, and we need to beef up the penalties on this kind of violation not only to deter this kind of conduct, but also to allow us to go after higher-ups in some of the gun trafficking organizations.

So that’s an area where we definitely need to increase penalties.

When you look at a situation like Newtown, though, someone who is mentally ill, goes out and commits a heinous crime, is not likely to be deterred by what the sentence is.  And there we have to look at a few things.  We have to look at mental health – making sure that those who are mentally ill are not able to buy weapons or gain access to weapons.

And number two, we have to make sure that the kind of weapons they can access, or that others can access are not made for just killing large numbers of people in a short amount of time.  As is in the case of an assault weapon equipped with an extended ammunition clip.

I think the different natures of the problem requires different remedies, and this is where we need to take a comprehensive approach to the problem.

A Warm Burbank Welcome to Rep Schiff

Adam Schiff Yes S

Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy poses with Adam Schiff as he shows support for the upcoming Measure S election during the open house held at his new Burbank office. (Photo By John Savageau)

Residents and  community leaders from across California’s 28th district welcomed Rep. Adam Schiff (D) to his new office in downtown Burbank on Thursday.  Several hundred stood in long queues to have a moment with the congressman, not only to say “hello,” but to give their opinions on a wide variety of topics related to California and the United States.

A variety of languages could be heard throughout the lines and in Schiff’s offices – a clear indication of the ethnic and cultural diversity of Burbank and surrounding communities.  The Burbank office provides an additional point of contact for constituents, allowing easier access to the congressman and his staff.

Schiff also showed his support of Burbank’s Measure “S,” posing for photos with proponents of the school bond measure slated for vote on 5 March.

The new office is located at 245 E. Olive Avenue in Burbank, and will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Rep. Schiff Honors 2012 Women of the Year

Rep. Adam Schiff with Nancy E. Guillen of Burbank

Friday, April 13 at a luncheon in Pasadena, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) honored outstanding women from each of the communities (Alhambra, Altadena, Burbank, Glendale, Monterey Park, Pasadena, San Gabriel, South Pasadena, and Temple City) in the 29th Congressional District. This recognition is made each year during Women’s History Month. Below is a full list of all the honorees this year:

Joanna Vargas (Alhambra), Carolyn Ingram Seitz (Altadena), Ellen Snortland (Altadena), Nancy E. Guillen (Burbank), Debra Suh (Glendale), Diane Gin (Monterey Park), Denise Houlemard Jones (Pasadena), Eleanor K. Andrews (San Gabriel), Kay Mouradian (South Pasadena), Gretchen Robinette (South Pasadena), Eva Arrighi (Temple City)

“It was a great pleasure to meet with the 2012 ‘Women of the Year’ awardees today, and to honor their tireless work and achievements throughout our communities,” said Schiff.“Each woman honored today has demonstrated an ability to bring people together, to get things done, and to really leave their mark. They serve as role models for all of us, and especially young people throughout the 29th Congressional District, and it was my pleasure to recognize them.”

Every year, during Women’s History Month, Rep. Schiff honors one outstanding woman from each of the communities in the 29th Congressional District. These women come from all walks of life and represent the thousands of women who make a positive impact in our region. While there are no specific criteria for nomination, Rep. Schiff looks for women who — through their work or volunteerism — have improved the quality of life for our community.

Congressman Schiff honored Nancy Guillen with the following:



I rise today in honor of Women’s History Month. Each year during the month of March, we pay special tribute to the accomplishments made by our nation’s most distinguished women.

Today, I pay tribute to Nancy E. Guillen of Burbank, California. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Nancy, who is the youngest of four children, immigrated to the United States in 1968 at the age of six, and became a U.S. citizen in the early 1980’s. Upon graduating from John Marshall High School, Nancy attended Glendale Community College.

Ms. Guillen is the CEO of True Integrity Insurance & Payroll Services in Burbank. Prior to this career, Nancy worked in the medical field for over two decades. Aside from being a dedicated career woman, Nancy has always found time to volunteer and contribute many hours of service to a variety of organizations, including Kid’s Community Dental Clinic, Glendale Noon Kiwanis, Family Service Agency of Burbank, The Salvation Army of Burbank, Ascencia, and Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley, where she also serves as a Board Member. Currently, Nancy is President of the Glendale Latino Association, and helps raise scholarship funds for Glendale Community College and Glendale High School students.

In addition to volunteering countless hours at homeless shelters, supporting families and children, and volunteering for nonprofit organizations, Nancy is also an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Nancy participates in cancer walks, is involved with the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life in Burbank and Fiesta of the Spanish Horse to help raise funds to cure cancer. Ms. Guillen’s commitment to help women who are battling breast cancer is admirable, and she always finds time to speak with them and support them in any possible way she can.

Nancy has two children, Juan and Cindy, and a granddaughter, Natalia, who she says are the greatest blessings in her life.

I ask all Members to join me in honoring a remarkable woman of California’s 29th Congressional District, Nancy E. Guillen, for her exceptional service to the community.