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Phoebe Peacock Brings a Custom Scent Bar To Your Home with their DIY Kit

Phoebe Peacock brings the love and creativity of perfumes right to your doorstep with their DIY perfume kit and 1-hour zoom class. Phoebe Peacock is known for its uniquely gorgeous gifts from around the world and fragrant items with a flair of bright color as well as their well-known blending bar where visitors to Magnolia Park can walk up and concoct the perfect aroma using fragrance and essential oils. When COVID hit and affected small businesses, the store was forced to find a creative way to keep the vision of Phoebe Peacock alive in the homes of its customers.

Owner Jennifer Hardaway started her Magnolia Park journey with her business KleanSpa where she made scented self-care and personal beauty products. KleanSpa was located inside the popular gift store, Mindfulnest, before moving across the street to her own location which she named Phoebe Peacock in August of 2017.

When Jennifer came across her grandmother Hazel’s death certificate she discovered that her great grandmother’s name was Phoebe Peacock. While they had never met, she felt an eerie connection to her and the name became the inspiration for her new store. “I was quickly transported to a place where all things are beautiful, well-made, and from other lands. Where the craft of making things was taken seriously and tooled with great care. The vision I had was that Phoebe Peacock was a lifestyle. A way to create the perfect space by setting the tone with scent and style. A beautiful shop filled with delectable home refinements, gorgeous gifts, and a luxury perfume line,” says Hardaway.

The DIY kit was a vision Jennifer had for many years but never launched until now which became the perfect time with social distancing. The kit can be given as a unique gift for family and friends, and can even be done as a virtual party or girl’s night. The DIY perfume kit allows you to create your very own perfume right from the comfort of your own home. “You will be able to make 100’s of combinations to find your perfect scent or scents for yourself or for others. We will set you up for success!” adds Jennifer who includes a free Beginning Perfumery Zoom class with the purchase of the kit.

What’s included:

We will send you a “baker’s dozen” of 13 concentrated fragrant oils. 
White Amber 
Orange Blossom
Bergamot essential oil
Pink Grapefruit essential oil
Pink Peppercorn 

3 roll-on bottles,
3 1-dram bottles
3 Mini Spray Bottles
3 10ml Amber Euro-dropper bottles

You’ll also need carriers (the liquids you mix with your oils) 
2oz MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil
2oz Organic Grain Alcohol

This and that!
3 extra pipettes
A notebook for your formulas.
10 scent Strips
Info cards that teach you about perfume!

When a handful of kits are sold, Jennifer sets up a zoom class with her students to teach them how to begin blending and practicing with a few formulas to get them started. Creating your own scent allows you to be in control of what you like. “We hear very often that someone will like a fragrance (on the market) but they wish it had more of this or that in it. It’s a great way to design exactly what you want,” says Jennifer.

You can shop the DIY perfume kits from phoebepeacock.com as well as her original scents Besame Mucho, To Sur with Love, and Water Blossom. You can also shop her KleanSpa line at kleanspa.com for scents, soaps, scrubs, and more!

Police Release New Information on Hostage Situation

Last Saturday, November 7, at about 7:35 am, Burbank Police Officers responded to a home in the 1700 block of N. Rose Street, to check on a female who was whispering about an abduction after calling 911.

Arriving officers were met by several people running from the home, warning officers there was a male inside with firearms, who was holding several people against their will and demanding money.

A Burbank Police Department crisis negotiator made telephone contact with the man, who we later identified as 27 year-old Irving Gildardo Delgado, from Tolleson, AZ. The remaining people inside the home were able to escape and were met by officers who had surrounded the home.

At about 9:00 am, the crisis negotiator was able to get Delgado to walk outside unarmed, where he surrendered to officers.

As reported on Saturday, no shots were fired and there were no injuries to the occupants or the suspect.

The investigation has revealed Delgado drove from Arizona to Burbank early Saturday morning and managed to make it into the backyard of the Rose Street home, likely before sunrise. He waited for someone inside to open the back door, forced his way inside, looking for his estranged wife.

Delgado’s wife was able to hide from him and escape early on during the incident.

Delgado was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun, extra ammunition and was wearing body armor. A search of his vehicle, which was parked about a block away contained a note taking responsibility for the incident and additional ammunition.

On Monday, November 9, the LA County District Attorney’s Office filed several charges against Delgado. Those charges include first degree residential burglary, attempted first degree residential robbery, three counts of assault with a firearm and three counts of false imprisonment. In addition, he was charged with enhancements including wearing body armor and personal use of a firearm/rifle during the commission of the above crimes. Delgado faces up to life in state prison if convicted.

Delgado’s bail has been set at $400,000. He is due to appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court for arraignment later today.

Police Defuse Potential Hostage Situation

On Saturday morning at about 7:35 am, the Burbank Police Department received a call from a female who was whispering about an abduction in a home in the 1700 block of N. Rose Street. The call disconnected almost immediately.

When officers arrived, they were met by several people running from the home. They told officers there was a family member inside with firearms, holding additional people against their will.

A member of the Burbank Police Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) made contact with a person inside, via phone. A short time later, the remaining hostages were freed.

At about 9:00 am, the man walked out of the home unarmed and surrendered.

The suspect has been identified as 27 year-old Irving Espinosa-Delgado of Arizona. He’s going to be booked into the Burbank City Jail for residential burglary, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. Other booking charges are pending related to this incident.

No shots were fired and no injuries have been reported.

Detectives have arrived on scene and are awaiting the issuance of a search warrant to continue their investigation.