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Dellutri Gets His Wish in Middle School Track Meet

With his father’s record cemented in history, if there was one thing Jordan Middle School eighth-grader Ryan Dellutri wanted to do Friday night in the All City Middle School Track Meet at Burroughs High, it was to pull up alongside his father, Todd, a former Burroughs and USC standout.

The younger Dellutri accomplished what he set out to do, winning the 400 meters in a meet record 56.86 seconds.
“Since January I have been training two or three days a week to get ready for this,” Ryan Dellutri said. “I wanted to be side by side him with him. Since he has the 440 (yards), I wanted the 400 (meters).”
The 440 is no longer run since all events run on a track measured in meters.

The other star of the meet was Muir Middle School sixth-grader Carolina Leon, the younger sister of Burbank High distance running star Andres Leon.

Carolina Leon set records in the 1,600 and 800 meters, running 5:38 and 2:37, respectively.

Her times were not only the fastest of any girl, but she would have won all but the eighth-grade boys’ 1,600.
Also setting a meet record was Muir Middle School eighth-grader Sattwick Banerjee, who threw the shot 44 feet, 1 inch.

Below are the full meet results. Results for the 1,600 are listed as the mile.

Hayden BrownJordan12.21stHurdles6th Boys                      
Jason TerronesMuir12.662ndHurdles6th Boys                      
Ian DuffieldMuir12.763rdHurdles6th Boys                      
Stevens, JulianLuther15.044thHurdles6th Boys                      
   5thHurdles6th Boys                      
Natalie PriceMuir12.121stHurdles6th Girls                      
Laughlin, QuianaLuther12.22ndHurdles6th Girls                      
Gulian MazzolaMuir12.53rdHurdles6th Girls                      
Avery BrownJordan13.74thHurdles6th Girls                      
Stella HoptonJordan13.95thHurdles6th Girls                      
Anthony MorseLuther11.231stHurdles7th Boys                      
Malachi StreeterMuir11.52ndHurdles7th Boys                      
Jackson MiddletonMuir11.83rdHurdles7th Boys                      
Adriel AbaoagLuther11.94thHurdles7th Boys                      
Zackary FriedmanJordan12.85thHurdles7th Boys                      
Sanchez, OliveLuther12.181stHurdles7th Girls                      
Alanna NealeMuir12.22ndHurdles7th Girls                      
Kaia CoudenMuir12.563rdHurdles7th Girls                      
Evans-Armendariz, MaddieLuther13.24thHurdles7th Girls                      
Teya JieanuJordan13.95thHurdles7th Girls                      
Darius HowlandJordan10.311stHurdles8th Boys                      
Sattwik BanerjeeMuir10.72ndHurdles8th Boys                      
Jonathan PowellMuir10.823rdHurdles8th Boys                      
Adams, ReeseLuther10.94thHurdles8th Boys                      
Kirk, ChrisLuther115thHurdles8th Boys                      
Nairi ZeytounzianMuir12.411stHurdles8th Girls                      
Linsey MazareiJordan12.452ndHurdles8th Girls                      
Danielle RoarkeMuir12.683rdHurdles8th Girls                      
Vergow, ZoeLuther12.74thHurdles8th Girls                      
Krol, VictoriaLuther135thHurdles8th Girls                      
Jacob SamontinaLuther141st1006th Boys                      
Jacob HughesLuther14.92nd1006th Boys                      
Justin ArteagaMuir15.13rd1006th Boys                      
Hayden BrowneJordan15.44th1006th Boys                      
Alexander OganisyanMuir16.65th1006th Boys                      
Ollivia Del CastilloJordan151st1006th Girls                      
Guilian MazzolaMuir15.12nd1006th Girls                      
Jaia BryantMuir15.23rd1006th Girls                      
Quiana LaughlinLuther16.984th1006th Girls                      
Mogan SchmidtJordan17.35th1006th Girls                      
Shane BlanchardMuir131st1007th Boys                      
Charles AskerneeseJordan13.82nd1007th Boys                      
Jack ScozzolaMuir13.93rd1007th Boys                      
Dylan ConahanJordan14.364th1007th Boys                      
Adriel AbaoagLuther15.55th1007th Boys                      
Riley JenkinsMuir141st1007th Girls                      
Olive SanchezLuther14.32nd1007th Girls                      
Maddie WilliamsMuir14.43rd1007th Girls                      
Nadia AguliarJordan14.54th1007th Girls                      
Kayla ValenciaLuther15.55th1007th Girls                      
Nathan PerezJordan12.191st1008th Boys                      
Darius HowlandJordan12.42nd1008th Boys                      
Koji NakazawaMuir12.423rd1008th Boys                      
Alec MorrisonLuther12.854th1008th Boys                      
Zakk EstradaMuir13.25th1008th Boys                      
Samantha ReyesMuir14.71st1008th Girls                      
Kylie SeversonLuther14.732nd1008th Girls                      
Kylie IndefenzoJordan14.763rd1008th Girls                      
Raquel MartinLuther15.34th1008th Girls                      
Maleia GouldJordan15.45th1008th Girls                      
Jacob SamontinaLuther291st2006th Boys                      
Jacob HughesLuther29.12nd2006th Boys                      
Justin ArteagaMuir29.83rd2006th Boys                      
Izel OrtegaMuir30.14th2006th Boys                      
Cayden BalderasJordan33.25th2006th Boys                      
Abby ChatalyanLuther35.21st2006th Girls                      
Allison FoenanderMuir33.42nd2006th Girls                      
Jaia BryantMuir323rd2006th Girls                      
Morgan SchmidtJordan32.34th2006th Girls                      
Racquel GonzalezJordan32.55th2006th Girls                      
Shane BlanchardMuir271st2007th Boys                      
Bryan JuarezMuir27.32nd2007th Boys                      
Charles AskerneeseJordan28.33rd2007th Boys                      
Sonny AranaLuther30.24th2007th Boys                      
Ryan LeeJordan32.15th2007th Boys                      
Riley JenkinsMuir29.671st2007th Girls                      
Alanna NealeMuir30.82nd2007th Girls                      
Justine NavasLuther31.23rd2007th Girls                      
Kayla ArchuletaLuther32.054th2007th Girls                      
Megan HarkinsJordan32.25th2007th Girls                      
Ryan DellutriJordan25.181st2008th Boys                      
Darius HowlandJordan262nd2008th Boys                      
Zakk EstradaMuir273rd2008th Boys                      
Patrick MasoudiMuir27.24th2008th Boys                      
   5th2008th Boys                      
Anna HidalgoMuir28.451st2008th Girls                      
Julia NarmoreLuther31.12nd2008th Girls                      
Jolene NgoMuir31.63rd2008th Girls                      
Calliope Currie HolmesJordan32.44th2008th Girls                      
Keilani PakJordan34.15th2008th Girls                      
Jack RogersonMuir1:09.01st4006th Boys                      
Rogelio RayaLuther1:13.22nd4006th Boys                      
Cayden BalderasJordan1:14.43rd4006th Boys                      
Winston BromheadLuther1:15.064th4006th Boys                      
Riley HallJordan1:20.85th4006th Boys                      
Maneh NersesyanMuir1:11.01st4006th Girls                      
Amelie GuotMuir1:16.62nd4006th Girls                      
Reese EatonLuther1:19.03rd4006th Girls                      
Abby ChatalyanLuther1:22.964th4006th Girls                      
Audrey ContrerasJordan1:25.85th4006th Girls                      
Bryan JuarezMuir1:01.201st4007th Boys                      
Dominic QuijadaLuther1:01.42nd4007th Boys                      
Jack ScozzolaMuir1:02.163rd4007th Boys                      
Ciaran TurnerJordan1:08.64th4007th Boys                      
Connor DurmickLuther1:08.955th4007th Boys                      
Olive SanchezLuther1:09.01st4007th Girls                      
Juliette LambertMuir1:12.22nd4007th Girls                      
Kara ValenciaLuther1:17.13rd4007th Girls                      
Megan HarkinsJordan1:21.94th4007th Girls                      
Nana BhambiJordan2:14.05th4007th Girls                      
Ryan DellutriJordan0:56.861st4008th Boys                      
Brenton LewisMuir0:58.92nd4008th Boys                      
Zakk EstradaMuir1:01.53rd4008th Boys                      
Sebastian ZamoraLuther1:02.84th4008th Boys                      
Reece AdamsLuther1:02.865th4008th Boys                      
Anna HidalgoMuir1:05.71st4008th Girls                      
Danielle roarkeMuir1:11.52nd4008th Girls                      
Julia NarmoreLuther1:11.93rd4008th Girls                      
Isabella PaniaguaLuther1:23.984th4008th Girls                      
   5th4008th Girls                      
Henry VirtueJordan2:50.441st8006th Boys                      
Keawe KalamaMuir2:53.262nd8006th Boys                      
Jack RogersonMuir2:55.383rd8006th Boys                      
Rami KhozahiMuir2:57.984th8006th Boys                      
Kyle SmithJordan3:.03.565th8006th Boys                      
Carolina LeonMuir2:37 New Record1st8006th Girls                      
Aubrey EatonLuther2:512nd8006th Girls                      
Amelie GuyotMuir2:513rd8006th Girls                      
Jessica HanMuir2:564th8006th Girls                      
Avery BrownJordan3:005th8006th Girls                      
Ciaran TurnerJordan2:36.631st8007th Boys                      
Ricky MujicaMuir2:39.912nd8007th Boys                      
Steven PayneLuther2:42.593rd8007th Boys                      
Adonis BascoMuir2:45.694th8007th Boys                      
Raffi ZadikianMuir2:46.445th8007th Boys                      
Leela Von Der HeyJordan2:581st8007th Girls                      
Tara RauenswinderMuir3:012nd8007th Girls                      
Juliete LambertMuir3:043rd8007th Girls                      
Sara DiasMuir3:164th8007th Girls                      
Alexys BenoJordan3:205th8007th Girls                      
Erik GharibianMuir2:46.091st8008th Boys                      
Dylan RobinsonMuir2:28.772nd8008th Boys                      
Sebastian ZamoraLuther2:30.663rd8008th Boys                      
Cameron SinkowskiLuther2:33.944th8008th Boys                      
Kevin PereiraMuir2:41.05th8008th Boys                      
Jolene NgoMuir2:501st8008th Girls                      
Milly DmitrieffMuir3:062nd8008th Girls                      
Clara KimMuir3:073rd8008th Girls                      
Anika LingadLuther3:224th8008th Girls                      
   5th8008th Girls                      
Andrew CoxLuther6:09.71stMile6th Boys                      
Izel OretgaMuir6:16.22ndMile6th Boys                      
Dominic AlemanMuir6:36.873rdMile6th Boys                      
Anthony BashianMuir6:44.094thMile6th Boys                      
Daniel CamachoLuther6:52.195thMile6th Boys                      
Carolina LeonMuir5:38 NEW RECORD1stMile6th Girls                      
Amelie GuyotMuir6:012ndMile6th Girls                      
Aubrey EatonLuther6:053rdMile6th Girls                      
Jessica HanMuir6:124thMile6th Girls                      
Hayden BeretaMuir6:355thMile6th Girls                      
Adonis BascoMuir5:45.091stMile7th Boys                      
Steven PayneLuther5:45.722ndMile7th Boys                      
Dylan LaMarssnaMuir5:57.93rdMile7th Boys                      
Connor DurmickLuther5:58.94thMile7th Boys                      
Miklo ReynosoMuir6:03.505thMile7th Boys                      
Cleo WangMuir6:301stMile7th Girls                      
Jamie HanMuir6:301stMile7th Girls                      
Alexandra SlekMuir7:073rdMile7th Girls                      
Sofia CanizalosJordan7:284thMile7th Girls                      
Olivia RomagninoMuir7:285thMile7th Girls                      
Andrew RodasLuther5:15.61stMile8th Boys                      
Trevor DeaneLuther5:26.122ndMile8th Boys                      
Dylan RobinsonMuir5:26.63rdMile8th Boys                      
Sebastian CastilloJordan5:43.94thMile8th Boys                      
Daniel ProanoLuther5:52.05thMile8th Boys                      
Samantha BuckleyMuir6:131stMile8th Girls                      
Jolene NgoMuir6:142ndMile8th Girls                      
Rachel LittleLuther6:293rdMile8th Girls                      
Madison SoforenkoMuir6:364thMile8th Girls                      
Lana KangMuir6:395thMile8th Girls                      
Zack HerreraMuir13’31stLong Jump6th Boys                      
Julian StevensLuther13’02ndLong Jump6th Boys                      
Ian DuffileldMuir12’03rdLong Jump6th Boys                      
Raymond MachonMuir11’84thLong Jump6th Boys                      
Lucas LehmanJordan11’35thLong Jump6th Boys                      
Zoe SawyerLuther9’71stLong Jump6th Girls                      
Grace BarmoreLuther9’112ndLong Jump6th Girls                      
Ani OganesyanMuir8’83rdLong Jump6th Girls                      
Qiana LaughlinLuther13’54thLong Jump6th Girls                      
Samantha CaffertyMuir11’45thLong Jump6th Girls                      
Jake ScozzolaMuir16’01stLong Jump7th Boys                      
Raffi ZadikianMuir15’12ndLong Jump7th Boys                      
Anthony MorseLuther15’03rdLong Jump7th Boys                      
Ryder HoffmanMuir15’04thLong Jump7th Boys                      
Dylan ConahanJordan14’75thLong Jump7th Boys                      
RIley . JenkinsMuir14’61stLong Jump7th Girls                      
Kaia CoudenMuir13’52ndLong Jump7th Girls                      
Lily CashmanMuir12’93rdLong Jump7th Girls                      
Jailyn TurnerJordan12’94thLong Jump7th Girls                      
Alyssa AllenLuther11’65thLong Jump7th Girls                      
Koji NakazawaMuir16’11stLong Jump8th Boys                      
Nathan CarmonaLuther15’72ndLong Jump8th Boys                      
Carlos TupuaLuther14’103rdLong Jump8th Boys                      
Sattwik BanerjeeMuir14’94thLong Jump8th Boys                      
Chris KirkLuther14’15thLong Jump8th Boys                      
Giovani CastilloMuir14’15thLong Jump8th Boys                      
Mia CastroMuir13’81stLong Jump8th Girls                      
Yara KhozahiMuir13’12ndLong Jump8th Girls                      
Zoe VergowLuther12’33rdLong Jump8th Girls                      
Maleia GouldJordan12’33rdLong Jump8th Girls                      
Victoria KrolLuther12’15thLong Jump8th Girls                      
Lucas LehmanJordan4’01stHigh Jump6th Boys                      
Email KaoumiMuir4’02ndHigh Jump6th Boys                      
Robert SnyderMuir4’02ndHigh Jump6th Boys                      
Julian StevensLuther4’04thHigh Jump6th Boys                      
Emil KhukoyanMuir4’05thHigh Jump6th Boys                      
Quiana LaughlinLuther4’01stHigh Jump6th Girls                      
Lily McTeerLuther3’102ndHigh Jump6th Girls                      
Bailey OwensMuir3’83rdHigh Jump6th Girls                      
Leah SuFigueroaMuir3’84thHigh Jump6th Girls                      
Marissa LanzaLuther3’85thHigh Jump6th Girls                      
Shane BlanchardMuir4’81stHigh Jump7th Boys                      
Ryder HoffmanMuir4’62ndHigh Jump7th Boys                      
QUinn ZeigertJordan4’63rdHigh Jump7th Boys                      
Anthony MorseLuther4’44thHigh Jump7th Boys                      
Dylan ConahanJordan4’45thHigh Jump7th Boys                      
Brittney BurchkoMuir4’21stHigh Jump7th Girls                      
Maddie WilliamsMuir4’02ndHigh Jump7th Girls                      
Mia ReeseLuther4’03rdHigh Jump7th Girls                      
Esterly . AlvaradoMuir3’104thHigh Jump7th Girls                      
Naima HerriseLuther3’105thHigh Jump7th Girls                      
Landon O’BrienJordan5’2″1stHigh Jump8th Boys                      
Koji NakazawaMuir5″0″2ndHigh Jump8th Boys                      
Reece AdamsLuther5″0″3rdHigh Jump8th Boys                      
Kai SebastianMuir5″0″4thHigh Jump8th Boys                      
Chris KirkLuther4’10”5thHigh Jump8th Boys                      
Kara AldanaLuther4’6″1stHigh Jump8th Girls                      
Anna HidalgoMuir4’4″2ndHigh Jump8th Girls                      
Elodie LambertMuir4″2″3rdHigh Jump8th Girls                      
Danielle RoarkeMuir4’2″4thHigh Jump8th Girls                      
Raquel MartinLuther4’0″5thHigh Jump8th Girls                      
Erik AntanesyanMuir31’111stShot Put6th Boys                      
Rocco MelilloLuther31’12ndShot Put6th Boys                      
Caden ZiolkowskiLuther28’93rdShot Put6th Boys                      
Raymond MachonMuir28’114thShot Put6th Boys                      
Kyle ZalvinMuir25’115thShot Put6th Boys                      
Ava TomlinsonJordan28’21stShot Put6th Girls                      
Mary MkrtchyanMuir27’82ndShot Put6th Girls                      
Cierra ArroyoLuther27’63rdShot Put6th Girls                      
Elen Ter-MkrtchyanMuir24’54thShot Put6th Girls                      
Savannah BrownMuir24’35thShot Put6th Girls                      
Arthur AbramyanMuir38’71stShot Put7th Boys                      
Vince HaMuir38’32ndShot Put7th Boys                      
Edgar AmirkhanyanMuir36’73rdShot Put7th Boys                      
Sonny AranaLuther33’84thShot Put7th Boys                      
Joshua GerlachLuther32’65thShot Put7th Boys                      
Phoebe SpanglerL29’41stShot Put7th Girls                      
Naima HerisseL28’92ndShot Put7th Girls                      
Victoria SadofskiM28’113rdShot Put7th Girls                      
Daniela AlvarezL28’04thShot Put7th Girls                      
Cleo WangM27’25thShot Put7th Girls                      
Sattwik BanerjeeMuir44’1 NEW RECORD1stShot Put8th Boys                      
Rene HarrisMuir41’42ndShot Put8th Boys                      
Eddie AntonioLuther38’73rdShot Put8th Boys                      
Carlos TupuaLuther38’3″4thShot Put8th Boys                      
Hagop NaljianMuir38’115thShot Put8th Boys                      
Karen CasillasMuir35’11stShot Put8th Girls                      
Brooke BaileyLuther32’52ndShot Put8th Girls                      
Madison SoforenkoMuir30’73rdShot Put8th Girls                      
McKenna RaglandLuther30’14thShot Put8th Girls                      
Arpine KhechatourianMuir29’85thShot Put8th Girls                      
Alexander OganisyanMuir0:58.31st4×1006th Boys                      
Justin ArteagaMuir0:58.31st4×1006th Boys                      
Zach HerreraMuir0:58.31st4×1006th Boys                      
Heesung LeeMuir0:58.31st4×1006th Boys                      
Kyle SmithJordan1:01.22nd4×1006th Boys                      
Henry VirtueJordan1:01.22nd4×1006th Boys                      
Riley HallJordan1:01.22nd4×1006th Boys                      
Hayden BrownJordan1:01.22nd4×1006th Boys                      
David MolinaLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Boys                      
Jacob SamontinaLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Boys                      
Andrew CosioLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Boys                      
Andrew QuinteroLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Boys                      
Jaia BryantMuir1:00.71st4×1006th Girls                      
Maneh NersesyanMuir1:00.71st4×1006th Girls                      
Samantha CaffertyMuir1:00.71st4×1006th Girls                      
Molly BannosMuir1:00.71st4×1006th Girls                      
Morgan SchmidtJordan1:01.02nd4×1006th Girls                      
Stella HoptonJordan1:01.02nd4×1006th Girls                      
Olivia Del CastilloJordan1:01.02nd4×1006th Girls                      
Avery BrownJordan1:01.02nd4×1006th Girls                      
Sophia AdamsLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Girls                      
Quiana LaughlinLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Girls                      
Lily McTeerLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Girls                      
Aniya TipadoLuther1:01.33rd4×1006th Girls                      
Ryan FranciscoLuther0:55.21st4×1007th Boys                      
Anthony MorseLuther0:55.21st4×1007th Boys                      
Connor DurmickLuther0:55.21st4×1007th Boys                      
Dominic QuijadaLuther0:55.21st4×1007th Boys                      
Phoenix ElkinJordan1:02.02nd4×1007th Boys                      
Aiden BerrymanJordan1:02.02nd4×1007th Boys                      
Ryan LeeJordan1:02.02nd4×1007th Boys                      
Charles AskerneeseJordan1:02.02nd4×1007th Boys                      
Shane BlanchardMuir 3rd4×1007th Boys                      
Taiyo NukaoMuir 3rd4×1007th Boys                      
Danel SchenkMuir 3rd4×1007th Boys                      
Shawn LigonMuir 3rd4×1007th Boys                      
Riley JenkinsMuir561st4×1007th Girls                      
Maddie WilliamsMuir561st4×1007th Girls                      
Poilen AbovianMuir561st4×1007th Girls                      
Alana NealeMuir561st4×1007th Girls                      
Danika GonzalezLuther58.22nd4×1007th Girls                      
Mia AntonioLuther58.22nd4×1007th Girls                      
Naima HerisseLuther58.22nd4×1007th Girls                      
Mia ReeseLuther58.22nd4×1007th Girls                      
Jessica WardJordan59.053rd4×1007th Girls                      
Nadia AguilarJordan59.053rd4×1007th Girls                      
Leela Von Der HeyJordan59.053rd4×1007th Girls                      
Jailyn TurnerJordan59.053rd4×1007th Girls                      
Dilan WebsterJordan47.91st4×1008th Boys                      
Nathan PerezJordan47.91st4×1008th Boys                      
Jagg RicherJordan47.91st4×1008th Boys                      
Ryan DellutriJordan47.91st4×1008th Boys                      
Zakk EstradaMuir50.12nd4×1008th Boys                      
Koji NakazawaMuir50.12nd4×1008th Boys                      
Kyle RodriguezMuir50.12nd4×1008th Boys                      
Patrick MasoudiMuir50.12nd4×1008th Boys                      
Gabriel MierLuther50.73rd4×1008th Boys                      
Alec MorrisonLuther50.73rd4×1008th Boys                      
Nathan CarmonaLuther50.73rd4×1008th Boys                      
Rony PrezaLuther50.73rd4×1008th Boys                      
Mia CastroMuir0:58.41st4×1008th Girls                      
Samantha ReyesMuir0:58.41st4×1008th Girls                      
Kennedy BruceMuir0:58.41st4×1008th Girls                      
Elodie LambertMuir0:58.41st4×1008th Girls                      
Kylie SeversonLuther1:00.32nd4×1008th Girls                      
Eden ButcherLuther1:00.32nd4×1008th Girls                      
Julia NarmoreLuther1:00.32nd4×1008th Girls                      
Rachel LittleLuther1:00.32nd4×1008th Girls                      
Kylie IndefenzoJordan1:02.383rd4×1008th Girls                      
Maleia GouldJordan1:02.383rd4×1008th Girls                      
Caitlyn MendozaJordan1:02.383rd4×1008th Girls                      
Lindsey MazareiJordan1:02.383rd4×1008th Girls                      
Jack RogersonMuir5:101st4×4006th Boys                      
Harout AroutyanyanMuir5:101st4×4006th Boys                      
Izel OrtegaMuir5:101st4×4006th Boys                      
Max KelleyMuir5:101st4×4006th Boys                      
Winstom BromheadLuther5:272nd4×4006th Boys                      
Ian SanchezLuther5:272nd4×4006th Boys                      
Daniel CamachoLuther5:272nd4×4006th Boys                      
Rogelio RayaLuther5:272nd4×4006th Boys                      
Kyle SmithJORDAN5:303rd4×4006th Boys                      
Cayden BalderasJORDAN6:303rd4×4006th Boys                      
Lucas LehmanJORDAN7:303rd4×4006th Boys                      
Henry VirtueJORDAN8:303rd4×4006th Boys                      
Amelie GuyotMUIR5:131st4×4006th Girls                      
Meneh NersesyanMUIR5:131st4×4006th Girls                      
Xanaya HowardMUIR5:131st4×4006th Girls                      
Gracie GiselMUIR5:131st4×4006th Girls                      
B. MoldenLUTHER5:322nd4×4006th Girls                      
L. OlsenLUTHER5:322nd4×4006th Girls                      
Sophia AdamsLUTHER5:322nd4×4006th Girls                      
A ChatalyanLUTHER5:322nd4×4006th Girls                      
Avery BrownJORDAN5:443rd4×4006th Girls                      
Morgan SchmidtJORDAN5:443rd4×4006th Girls                      
Olivia Del CastilloJORDAN5:443rd4×4006th Girls                      
Audrey ContrerasJORDAN5:443rd4×4006th Girls                      
Jake ScozzolaMuir4:351st4×4007th Boys                      
Bryan JuarezMuir4:351st4×4007th Boys                      
Blake LewisMuir4:351st4×4007th Boys                      
Anranik BilbulyanMuir4:351st4×4007th Boys                      
Adrian RodriguezLuther4:442nd4×4007th Boys                      
Francesco SabatoLuther4:442nd4×4007th Boys                      
Dominic QuijadaLuther4:442nd4×4007th Boys                      
Sonny AranaLuther4:442nd4×4007th Boys                      
Ryan leeJordan4:523rd4×4007th Boys                      
Ciaran TurnerJordan4:523rd4×4007th Boys                      
Pheonix ElkinJordan4:523rd4×4007th Boys                      
Charles AskerneeseJordan4:523rd4×4007th Boys                      
Samantha AguinaldoMuir4:571st4×4007th Girls                      
Juliette LambertMuir4:571st4×4007th Girls                      
Lana NealeMuir4:571st4×4007th Girls                      
Tara RauwensinderMuir4:571st4×4007th Girls                      
Emma KataLuther5:252nd4×4007th Girls                      
Madison Evans-ArmendarizLuther5:252nd4×4007th Girls                      
Olive SanchezLuther5:252nd4×4007th Girls                      
Bella BeltranLuther5:252nd4×4007th Girls                      
Sophia KinezevichJordan5:353rd4×4007th Girls                      
Elsa KinezevichJordan5:353rd4×4007th Girls                      
Atian MorrisJordan5:353rd4×4007th Girls                      
Emma FunstonJordan5:353rd4×4007th Girls                      
Brenton LewisMuir4:101st4×4008th Boys                      
Kyle RodriguezMuir4:101st4×4008th Boys                      
Adan DePazMuir4:101st4×4008th Boys                      
Kevin PereiraMuir4:101st4×4008th Boys                      
Sebastian ZamoraLuther4:122nd4×4008th Boys                      
Trevor DeaneLuther4:122nd4×4008th Boys                      
Reece AdamsLuther4:122nd4×4008th Boys                      
Nathan CarmonaLuther4:122nd4×4008th Boys                      
   3rd4×4008th Boys                      
   3rd4×4008th Boys                      
   3rd4×4008th Boys                      
   3rd4×4008th Boys                      
Danielle RoarkeMuir5:051st4×4008th Girls                      
Kady RaytisMuir5:051st4×4008th Girls                      
Jolene NgoMuir5:051st4×4008th Girls                      
Madison SoforenkoMuir5:051st4×4008th Girls                      
K TorranceLuther5:212nd4×4008th Girls                      
Eden ButcherLuther5:212nd4×4008th Girls                      
Julia NarmoreLuther5:212nd4×4008th Girls                      
Rachel LittleLuther5:212nd4×4008th Girls                      
Dlucia McFarlandJordan6:093rd4×4008th Girls                      
Mariana AlejandresJordan6:093rd4×4008th Girls                      
Ava MooreJordan6:093rd4×4008th Girls                      
Caliope Currie HomesJordan6:093rd4×4008th Girls                      
Ethan RivasProvidencia2:571st8005th Boys                      
Maxwell MartinEdison2:582nd8005th Boys                      
Oliver OwenStevenson2:593rd8005th Boys                      
Dylan RodriguezRoosevelt2:594th8005th Boys                      
Logan DrossinJefferson3:025th8005th Boys                      
Saida GetzEdison2:581st8005th Girls                      
Tyler TimmanBrett Hart3:052nd8005th Girls                      
Eliza GouletRoosevelt3:083rd8005th Girls                      
Maggie Clark De AlbaStevenson3:104th8005th Girls                      
Chloe LavaStevenson3:115th8005th Girls                      

Dellutri Sets Record in All-City Middle School Track Meet

Ryan Dellutri wasn’t sure he would be able to run in the Burbank All-City Middle School Track Meet at Burroughs High Friday night.

The seventh grader at Jordan Middle School came into the meet having not done much in the two previous weeks.

“I pulled my right quad two weeks ago and I haven’t done much training since,” Dellutri said.

Dellutri not only ran, but won three events and set a meet record in the boys’ 400 meters, finishing in 58.1 seconds.

“Today I put it all out there and all the training before the injury paid off,” Dellutri said.

Dellutri also won the 100 (12.9) and the 200 (26.4). He is the son of former Burroughs and USC wide receiver Todd Dellutri, who also later coached football and track at Burroughs.

Fellow Jordan seventh grader Nathan Perez also set a meet record in winning the long jump with a best of 18 feet.

Muir seventh grader Sattwik Banerjee set a meet record in the seventh grade boys’ shot put with a best of 44-4.

Aubrey Eaton set a meet record in the elementary girls 800, running 2:48.

See the full results below.

6th Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Carson Chase   (M)11.91Jonathon Vasaquez  (J)64.91Jaylin Fletcher   (M)4’2″
2Anthony Morse   (L)12.12Bryan Juarez  (M)66.92Quinn Zeigert  (J)4’2″
3Daniel Schnek   (M)12.33Connor Durmick  (L)70.63Dylan Conahan  (J)4’2″
4Cody Hauser  (L)13.64Aiden Berry  (J)754Ryder Hoffman  (M)4’1″
5Bailey Cervantes   (J)13.75Shane Blanchard  (M)775Kai Cruz  (M)4′
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Jonathon Vasquez   (J)29.61Dylan LaMarsna   (M).           2.491Ben Cushine  (L)12’9″
2Kingston Askerneese  (J)31.62Ryan Lee   (J)                            2.582Ryder Hoffman  ( M)12’9″
3Anthony Morse  (L)323Brian Butchko   (M)                3.023Rainer Labus  (M)12’8″
4Ben Cushnie  (L)32.54Frank Hernandez  (L)            3.104Anthony Morse (L)12’6″
5Ryan Viyar  (M)32.75Bradyen Spence  (J)                3.135Dylan Conahan   (J)11’11”
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Jonathon Vasquez  (J)141Jonathon Vasquez1Jackson Middleton  (M)31’4″
2Bryan Juarez  (M)14.7Dylan Conahan57.52Jackson McBratney  (J)28’10”
3Kingston Askerneese   (J)14.8JordanKingston Askerneese3Daniel Luga  (M)27’9″
4Shane Blachard  (M)15.2Aiden Berryman4Michael Guiterrez   (L)27’6″
5Alex D’Addario  (L)15.65Rogelo Marquez  (M)26’11”
2Shane Blanchard
Brayn JuarezEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mMuirNichiketh Bellamkonda57.91Bryan Juarez
PlaceRyder HoffmanRyan Viyar5:06
1Dominic Quinadu   (L).         5.49MuirCarson Chase
2Steven Payne  (L)                   5.533Adrian SanchezJames Basco
3Andy Rodas  (L)                      5.56Bryan Juarez59.4
4Jivon Galstian   (L).                6.02LutherDominic Quijado2Francesco Sabato
5Henry Owens   (M)                6.14Conner DurmickLutherRoberto Guiterrez5:08
Teshhawn Barron
Event:  Pole VaultSonny Arana
1Total Pts.
2Muir833Aiden Berryman
3Jordan67JordanSebastina Ulloa5:20
4Luther57Hudson Nichols
Daniel Erickson


Sixth Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Jailynn Turner  (J)12.21Olivia Sanchez (L)70.91Samantha Aguinaldo  (M)4′
1Alanna Neal (M)12.22Alanna Neale  (M)72.22Evalyn Rodriguez  (M)3’10”
3Danielle Bax   (J)12.63Juliette Lambert   (M)74.83Kelsey Finnegan  (M)3’8″
4Kaia Couden  (M)12.74Madison Evans-Armandariz(L)82.24Gracie Miller  (J)3’8″
5Sarabeth Palacio  (L)13.25Alexis Gentry  (J)103.65Payton St.Clair  (L)3’6″
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Madison Williams  (M)311Julette Lambert  (M).    2.581Mia Reese  (L)12’8″
2Olive Sanchez  (L)31.82Tara Rauenswinder  (M).   2.592Jailynn Turner11’8″
3Danielle Bax  (J)32.23Canizales  (J).                  3.203Alexis Bell  (M)11’5″
4Alaleh Dolatshahi. (M)32.84Faith O’Keefe  (M).        3.264Alyssa Allen  (L)11’1″
5Stephanie Domine. (J)36.555Natalie Romero  (L)10’5″
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Maddison Williams  (M)14.21Madison Williams1Daniela Alvarez.  (L)27’8″
2Polien Abovian (M)14.8Riley Jenkins2Riley Solares. (L)27’2″
3Leanne Santos-Cerdo. (L)15.1MuirAlanna Neale58.73Danielle Bax. (J)25’7″
4Sadie Lomet. (J)15.2Polien Abovian4Riley Valento. (M)25’4″
5Alyssa Allen  (L)15.35Sydney Lin.  (M)24’10”
2Sadie Lomet
Jessica WardEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mJordanJanelle Ward621Juliette Lambert
PlaceDanielle BaxAlanna Neale5:17
1Alyssa Allen  (L).                6.43MuirAlexis Bell
2Alexandra Slek. (M).         6.493Maddie DemmertEvalyn Rodriguez
3Kelsey Finnagan. (M).      6.50Mackenzie Meisenbach64
4Ashley Sosa. (M)                6.53LutherBridget Crenshaw2Mattiasi Gonzales
5Claren Merrill. (M).           6.57Olivia SanchezLeela Vonderhey5:30
JordanJanelle Moreno
Event:  Pole VaultNatalie Patrick
1Total Pts.
2Muir1073Olive Sanchez
3Jordan41Alyssa Allen5:50
4Luther58LutherMackenzie Meisenbach
Bridget Crenshaw

Seventh Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Sattwik Banerjee. (M)11.21Ryan Dellutri  (J).        Rec58.11Jagg Richer. (J)4’8″
2Jagg Richer. (J)11.32Sebastian Zamora. (L)642Koji Nakazawa. (M)4’8″
3Dylan Robinson  (M)11.43Branton Lewis  (M)64.33Joe Maslyk. (M)4’6″
4Damien McNeely. (J)11.54Dylan Webster. (J)64.94Kenzie Sawyer. (L)4’6″
5Sebastian Zamora  (L)12.75Zakk Estrada. (M)65.85Reece Adams. (L)4’4″
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Ryan Dellutri  (J)26.41Siyoung  Heo. (M)         2.231Nathan Perez. (J). REC18′
2Johnny Osequeda  (L)27.92Kevin Pereira  (M).       2.322Gabriel Mier. (L)16’6″
3Kyle Rodriguez. (M)28.23Nathan Shindich. (J).    2.333Koji Nakazawa  (M)15’4″
4Ronny Preza. (L)28.64Andy Rodas   (L).           2.344Joe Maslyk. (M)14’8″
5Zakk Estrada. (M)29.55Sebastian Zamora. (L). 2.355Kaleb O’Neil. (L)13’10”
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Ryan Dellutri  (J)12.91Zakk Estrada1Sattwik Banerjee. (M)44”4″  Rec
2Patrick Masoudi. (M)13.3Patrick Masoudi.            Rec52.32Eddie Antonio  (L)42’1″
3Sebastian Zamora. (L)13.5MuirKoji Nakazawa3Garik Kirkosyan. (M)35’8″
4Zakk Estrada. (M)13.9Joe Maslyk4Marlon Rivas.  (L)35’6″
5Gabriel Meir. (L)145Sebastian Zamora. (L)33’11”
2Rony Perez
Gabriel MillerEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherJosh Novarro54.61Brenton Lewis
PlaceCameron SinkoskiKyle Rodriguez
1Siyoung Heo. (M).         5.17MuirSiyoung Heo
2Kyle Daou. (L).               5.323Ryan DellutriKevin Pereira
3Dylan Robinson  (M).   5.33Jagg RicherDQ
4Andy Rodas.  (L)            5.35JordanNathan Perez2Rony Preza
5Ozzie Gara. (L)               5.54Dylan WebsterReece Adams
LutherJosh Navarro
Event:  Pole VaultKyle Daou
1Total Pts.
2Muir923Jagg Richer
3Jordan55Kyle Rodriguez
4Luther59JordanDamien McNeely
Nathan Shindich

Seventh Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Madison Soforenko. (M)12.61Joanna Camcho. (M)701Kara Aldana-Pera  (L)4’4″
2Dylan Berger. (L)12.92Vivi Cannon. (J)70.42Anna Hidalgo. (M)4’2″
3Annabelle Steel   (M)13.33Julia Narmore. (L)70.53Elodie Lambert. (M)4’2″
4Linday Mazarei.  (J)13.44Jolene Molina. (M)714Ivana Rasov. (L)4′
5Victoria Krol  (L)13.55Eden Butcher. (L)71.55Mia Castro  (M)3’10”
Event:  200mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Mia Castro  (M)29.81Vivi Cannon. (J).            2:561Maleya Gould  (J)12’4″
2Jolene Ngo. (M)31.82Annalise Gonzalez. (M).     2:582Victoria Krol. (L)12’2″
3Eden Butcher  (L)32.73Kiara Bolger  (M).         3:043Luna Wyatt. (M)11’4″
4Otelia Lighthill. (L)33.14Rachel Little. (L).           3:054Daphne Sakavellas  (M)11’3″
5Amy Pelico. (J)33.65Nicole Mirales. (L).        3:075
Event:  100mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Mia Castro   (M)14.21Anna Hildago1Brooke Bailey. (L)31’5″
2Delilah Alvardo. (L)14.4Mia Castro2Karen Castillas.  (M)31’4″
3Anna Hildago. (M)14.6MuirMackenzie Salerno3Leanna Tatarian. (L)28’2″
4Luna Molina. (J)14.7Samantha Reyes4Irene Abramyan. (M)27’6″
5Kylie Severson. (L)15.15McKenzie Nuss. (J)27’1″
2Leanna Tatarian
Julia NarmoreEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherMaria Pilavian1Joanna Camacho
PlaceKylie SeversonJolene Ngo
1Samantha Buckley. (M).     6.27MuirDanirlle Roarke
2Jolene Ngo. (M).                    6.293Vivi CannonSamantha Buckley
3Kiara Bolger. (M)                 6.30Montana Benz
4Madison Soforenko. (M).   6.46JordanLuna Molina2Rachel Little
5Milly Dmitrieff. (M).            6.47Maleia GouldEden Butcher
LutherAnika Lingad
Event:  Pole VaultJulia Narmore
1Total Pts.
2Muir1143Ava Moore
3Jordan30Vivi Cannon
4Luther62JordanCaitlyn Mendoza
Adira Fogleman

Eighth Grade Boys

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Joseph Zimmermann. (L)10.21Brennan Dragomer. (M)57.81Blaine Austin. (M)5′
2Rudy Perez. (L)10.32Anthony Reyes. (L)58.11Joseph Zimmermann (L)5′
3Joseph Santorico. (M)10.53Jonathan English. (J)59.43Caed Ceuvorst. (M)5′
4Sebastian Ottoson  (M)10.64Dylan Stewart. (M)59.94Joseph Santorico. (M)4’10”
5Luke Dearth. (J)11.85Adrian Flores  (L)60.25Rudy Perez. (L)4’8″
Event:  100mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Sebastian Ottosson. (M)12.51Jalen Leighton. (L)                  2.181Joseph Zimmermann (L)17’11 1/2″
1Aiden Kaloustian. (L)12.52Mason Ortega. (L).                  2.232Rudy Perez. (L)17’11”
3Kylen Gibson. (J)12.73Dylan Stewart. (M).                2.243Caed Cuevost. (M)15′
4Brennan Dragomer. (M)12.84Xander Peneflor. (L).             2.264Seven Spaulding  (M)14’8″
5Carlos Rodriguez. (J)12.95James Kwon. (M).                    2.285Ethan Wertlieb. (L)14’5″
Event:  200mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Aiden Kaloustian. (L)25.61Sebatian Ottosson1Isaac Reyes. (L)38’2″
2Sebastian Ottosson.  (M)26.5Caed Ceurvost                Tie Rec50.12Michael Mansour. (M)37’1″
3Carlos Rodriguez. (J)26.4MuirJoseph Santorico3Joseph Zimmermann. (L)36’8″
4Brennan Dragomer. (M)26.5Chirasak Phongsapan4Dylan Stewart  (M)35’4″
5Kylen Gibson. (J)26.65Diego Salas. (J)34’1″
2Anthony Reveles
Aiden Kaloustian50.3Event:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mLutherJade Vasquez1Brennan Dragomer
PlaceEthan WertliebDylan Stewart4:09
1Mason Ortega. (L).                     5.04MuirFreddy Cardenas
2Jalen Leighton  (L)             5.053Jonathon EnglishCaleb Fauntleroy
3Xander Penaflor. (L).         5.06Kylen Gibson50.7
4Freddy Cardenas. (M).      5.20JordanKarmello Allipio2Anthony Reveles
5James Kwon. (M)                5.28Carlos RodriguezJacob Fabian4:11
LutherRocco Morse
Event:  Pole VaultJaden Vasquez
1Total Pts.
2Muir783Karmello Allipio
3Jordan18Gunnar Nichols4:55
4Luther111JordanDrake Vickers
Aristotle Bianchini

Eighth Grade Girls

Event:  70m HurdlesEvent: 400mEvent: High Jump
1Emma Cusumano. (M)1Natalie Perez. (L)69.61Emma Cusumano. (M)4’8″
2Elli Sumera. (M)2Zoe Askerneese. (J)70.42Paige Cizek. (M)4’8″
3Brielle Williams  (J)3Adeline Thrope. (M)70.93Piper Loring. (M)4’4″
4Natalie Perez  (L)4Elli Sumera  (M)714Anaiya Harvey. (J)4’2″
5Dani Solarzano. (L)5Jenny Redillo. (J)74.85Charlotte Sanchez. (L)4′
Event:  100mEvent:  800mEvent:  Long Jump
1Emma Cusumano. (M)13.71Charlotte Sanchez. (L).       2:531Megan Schmidt. (J)13’11”
2Megan Schmidt. (J)14.62Adeline Thorpe. (M).           2:542Paige Cizek. (M)13’10”
3Julie Kim  (M)14.613Jenny Radillo. (J).                  2:553Meghan Lynch. (J)11’9″
4Anaiya Harvey  (J)14.94Evaluna Oleas-Mekitarian (M).  3:064Elisa Laloudakis. (M)11’3″
5Faith Perera  (L)16.65Judith Marando. (L).             3:085Dani Solarzano. (L)10’9″
Event:  200mEvent:  4x100m RelayEvent:  Shot PutDistance
1Megan Schmidt. (J)30.21Emma Cusumano1Stephanie Wilson. (L)34’5″
2Zoe Asakerneese. (J)30.4Julie Kim2Kelly Volpe. (J)30’7″
3Julie Kim. (M)30.91MuirMadison Chase56.63Katherine Bui. (M)30’1″
4Elli Sumera  (M)30.92Aviah Priestly4Kiara Hernandez. (L)29’2″
5Natalie Perez. (L)31.35Kelly Long. (L)28’3″
2Megan Schmidt
Jenny RadilloEvent:  4x400m RelayTime
Event: 1600mJordanZoe Askerneese58.51Jensen Campbell
PlaceAnaiya HarveyMia Brumbaugh
1Charlotte Sanchez. (L).       6.13LutherCharlotte Sanchez5:01
2Sukruti Shome  (L)              6.143Faith PereraLilliana Noriega
3Christina Ohanians. (M).    6.39Hailey Dowthwaite61.3
4Evaluna Oleas-Mekhitarian. (M). 6.45LutherSukruti Shome2Adeline Thorpe
5Isabella Smith. (M)              6.55Kendall St. ClaireElli Sumera5:02
MuirCalista Espino
Event:  Pole VaultLilit Khulyan
1Total Pts.
2Muir913Esabella Munguia
3Jordan61Zoe Askerneese21:00.0
4Luther55JordanSarah Valenzuela
Sophia Lazzar
2018 All City Elementary Final Results -800m
Boys Record
2:40    Nicholas Schlander    Brett Hart  2015
1Henry Virtue.                     2.45.7
2Dominick Ybarra              2.45.9
3Julian Stevens                    2.55
4Kyle Smith                          3.02
5Andrew Cox                       3.04
6Connor Calett                    3.09
7Keawe Kalama                  3.11
8Tripp Raitt                         3.16
Girls Record
2:55    Kaylee Hirsch    Roosevelt  2015
1Aubrey Eaton           Rec   2.48
2Angelina Dellutri              2.55
3Avery Brown                     2.58
4Olivia DelCastillo              3.04
5Jessica Han                         3.10
6Morgan Schmidt               3.14
7Jamielyn Villalobos.         3.17
8Hannah Mendoza.            3.23

Scoring by School

2018 All City Track Results
Overall Points
John Muir565
Luther Burbank402
Grade Level
8th  Boys8th  Girls
7th  Boys7th  Girls
6th  Boys6th  Girls

Familiar Names Steal Show in Middle School Track Meet

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The 2017 Middle School Track meet certainly had some stars that have surnames that are no strangers to Burbank.

Some of the top performers Friday night at Memorial Field have long family ties to the city.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

One of the most interesting matchups was in the 6th grade boys’ 400 meters. Konner Barrett of Luther matched up against Ryan Dellutri of Jordan.

Barrett’s father Jeff was a legendary Burroughs quarterback who later played at Brown University. Dellutri’s father Todd was a Burroughs track star and wide receiver, who played football at USC.

Both destroyed the previous record of 1:03.7. Barrett won in 59.9 seconds. Dellutri was on his tail going 60.2.

Dellutri will certainly look to top his father’s 56.5 in the 440-yard dash in two years. The 400 meters is nearly similar to the 440, which is no longer run.

Speaking of meet records, Dellutri set one in the 200 meters by going 27.1. The previous record had been 29.8.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Among 8th grade boys, several records fell, including all three individual sprint events.

Jordan’s Jack Sapyta set the meet record in the 100 (11.4) and the 200 (23.6), destroying the previous records of 11.8 and 24.7, respectively.

Muir 8th grader Israel Madariaga set the 400 meter record by going 57.2 seconds, breaking the previous record by one tenth of a second.

The girls’ competition saw just one record that equaled a meet record.

Emma Cusumano tied the meet record in the 7th grade girls’ high jump by going 4 feet, 8 inches.

Please see the entire meet results with top five finishers in each race.