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Autumn Art Soiree Raises Funds For Burbank Arts For All Foundation

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation holds a new twist on their fall fundraiser with the Autumn Art Soiree on Saturday evening, November 3, at the Burbank Town Center. Artists from ACME Archives and the Burbank Art Association have donated originals and limited edition prints, which will be available for purchase at $40 and up.

For several past years, Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises funds specifically for Burbank Unified arts-connected programs, held the Secret Art Show, at which celebrities, local officials, community members and students created mini works of art that were purchased, artist-unknown, for the flat fee of $40.

Art by ACME Archives artists will be available for purchase at the Autumn Art Soiree. (Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

“We invite the entire community to pop in and enjoy the Autumn Art Soiree!” commented Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “This year, we have no secrets as there will be a variety of works of art – of all sizes – available from local artists to the most established artists!”

“We are so excited to offer this fun night out to further our mission in supporting creativity in the classroom for public school students in Burbank,” she added.

Art by members of the Burbank Art Association will be available for purchase at the Autumn Art Soiree. (Image Courtesy Burbank Arts For All Foundation)

Live art demonstrations by Adonna Khare (American Master carbon-pencil artist and 2012 ArtPrize Winner), Cliff Cramp (veteran illustrator, painter and storyteller), Michael Hirsch (ceramicist and instructor) and Guy Vasilovich (fine art painter, director and designer) will be ongoing throughout the evening.

A Burbank High jazz trio will open the event. Tickets are $20 for general admission and BUSD student tickets are $15.

More information on tickets and sponsorships can be found online here. A preview of ACME Archives art available can be seen here. A preview of Burbank Art Association artwork can be viewed here.

The Autumn Art Soiree runs from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. The event will be held in the space formerly occupied by Sport Chalet at the Burbank Town Center mall located at 201 E. Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank.

The Secret Art Show Nets Over $30,000

More than 400 people attended Burbank Arts For All Foundation’s The Secret Art Show on Saturday, September 30. The event, now in its fifth year, netted more than $30,000 for the public school arts education nonprofit.

That number is expected to rise, as the post show online auction with over 400 pieces of mini artworks and 44 larger works from The Artists Salon runs through October 22.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“Supporting arts education through creativity is the backbone of the Burbank Arts for All Foundation,” commented Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “The Secret Art Show is a tremendous opportunity to see this mission in action.”

The Secret Art Show was sponsored by Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Cornerstone Masonry, Alisa Cunningham Properties, mOcean and Volpei-Gussow Real Estate.

“People from Burbank and beyond come to The Secret Art Show because they love the 4″ x 6″ works of art, but there are new people who come for the first time every year and they are delighted when they see the Foundation’s mission in action.”

Pitchford noted the guests at The Secret Art Show included “a mixture of school board members, State and local City government, representatives from the entertainment industries, parents, teachers and artists of all types.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

State Senator Anthony Portantino, Burbank Mayor Will Rogers, Vice Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, and Councilwoman Sharon Springer, actors Tom Everett Scott and W. Earl Brown and Emmy Award winning actress Valerie Mahaffey attended the event. Several of the artists featured in The Artists Salon also stopped by to support The Secret Art Show, including Ana Bagayan, Annick Biaudet, Menua Chaparyan, Adam Cramer, Frank Dietz, Michael Hirsh, Adonna Khare, Catherine McGann, Andre Nieves, Christina Ramos, David Shannon and Randall Williams.

“Understanding the passion of what we are trying to do with our funding to help every child in Burbank have a sequential, quality arts education is a conversation, not just a quick glance,” said event co-chair Karen Broderick. “Bringing people together over the Secret Art to help them understand our mission is always our favorite thing to do!”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“It takes a village to realize our mission and The Secret Art Show is no different,” added Pitchford. “Through the generous sponsors and in-kind partners, volunteers, secret artists, staff and Board of Directors, we are so grateful to host a fun, artistic event that raises critical funding to sustain our mission.”

“Because of their generosity, we are also able to focus on raising awareness of our cause at the event. Through conversations with our guests, we build our village and garner new support to help all kids learn through creativity, overcome their everyday pressures through art, and accomplish their academic goals. We thank all of our supporters who believe in us to continue this important work and fulfill our mission.”

The remaining artwork in the post show auction can be viewed here and the pieces available through The Artists Salon here.

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation hosts its next Community Exchange on Wednesday, October 11, at D’Argenzio Winery. The Foundation’s fall Creative Circles Forum will be held on Wednesday, November 8. More information can be found on the organization’s website at www.BurbankArtsforAll.org.

Secret Art Show 2016 Raises Funds For Arts Education

About 400 people attended the Secret Art Show 2016 on Saturday, November 5, at The Burbank Studios. The annual event, put on by Burbank Arts For All Foundation, raises funds for arts education in Burbank Unified schools.

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation was thrilled to host our fun, funky Secret Art Show for the fourth year,” commented Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “Throughout the night, our community shared in the magic of the visual arts, whether it be selecting their first work of art or curating additional pieces to add to their own private art collection.”

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

“We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of guests who joined us on Saturday night, to the hundreds of Secret Artists who donated their mini-masterpieces and to our volunteers, our sponsors and partners who helped to ensure the event’s success.”

Saturday’s event featured local Burbank artists Adonna Khare, Michael Hirsh and Randall Williams demonstrated their sketching, pottery and painting.

Mothers and daughters from the National Charity League helped out at the event. Burbank Unified Board of Education member Charlene Tabet volunteered with her two nieces, as members of the National Charity League.

BAFA Secret Art Show @ TBS (© Ross A. Benson)

Many members of the Burbank community attended the event including BUSD Board of Education Vice President Steve Ferguson, Clerk Dr. Roberta Reynolds and Dr. Armond Aghakhanian. Burbank Mayor Jess Talamantes and Vice Mayor Will Rogers, City Council member Bob Frutos, City Attorney Amy Albano and City Clerk Zizette Mullins were also in attendance. State Senate Candidate, Anthony Portantino and Assembly member Candidate Laura Friedman also stopped by the Secret Art Show.

Artists, parents and donors, along with entertainment industry executives, designers and tradesmen and women, attended the event.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Although the Foundation did not release an estimate of the amount of funds raised so far, they noted the remaining artworks from the event are available from Wednesday, November 9, through Friday, December 2 via the Foundation’s online gallery.

The remaining original 4” x 6” works of art can be picked up for a donation of $40 each at https://www.32auctions.com/PostSAS2016.

“Burbank Arts for All Foundation remains committed to furthering creativity in the classroom and, although we are celebrating our tenth Anniversary Year, we still have much more work to do in partnership with Burbank Unified,” added Pitchford.

Third Annual Secret Art Show Call For Entries Announced

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA) has issued a call for entries for their third annual Secret Art Show which will be held on Saturday, September 26. Artists of any age are welcome to submit works of art on 4×6-inch cards for inclusion in the Secret Art Show through Friday, September 18.

We Want YOU![2]The Secret Art Show displays art by renowned artists, celebrities, Oscar Award-winning filmmakers, animators, Burbank City officials, along with area teachers and students. The one-night-only event allows patrons to purchase individual artworks for $40 donation each. Upon purchase, the Secret Artist behind the work is revealed.

Those interested in submitting art and become one of hundreds of Secret Artists may visit the BAFA webpage and download the entry packet at http://www.burbankartsforall.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Artist-Entry-Packet-2015.pdf.

“The magic of The Secret Art Show is in the personal charm of each and every one of the secret works of art,” commented Alexandra Helfrich, Co-Chair of the event. “Guests respond to art work from their heart, whether they have chosen a work of art created by a highly collectible artist or an imaginative 10-year-old student,”

“We are extremely excited about the caliber of artists who are returning to participate in our third annual Secret Art Show, as well as the many new artists who are joining us this year.”


For a look at the first gallery of Secret Art Show creations displayed at the event, visit http://www.burbankartsforall.org/preview-1-sas-2015/.

All proceeds will benefit Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

“We invite you to celebrate with our community at – quite literally – one of the most colorful events of the season… not to mention FUN… with a hosted wine and cheese reception and a few secret surprises planned for the night,” added Trena Pitchford, BAFA Executive Director. “You don’t want to miss it!”

Tickets for the event cost $50 for VIP entry at 6:30 p.m. and $10 for general admission entry at 7:30 p.m. Entry includes food, drinks, live entertainment and the opportunity to purchase individual miniature works of art.

The Secret Art Show takes place on Saturday, September 26, at ATB Studios, located at 157 W. Providencia Avenue in Burbank, just east of Lake Street, and runs until 10:00 p.m.

More information on the event can be found on the BAFA website here. The 2014 Secret Art Show netted over $30,000 for the nonprofit arts education organization.

Gallery Of Secrets Revealed In Burbank

Thanks to the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a beautiful thing happened in Burbank last Saturday night. Actually, very beautiful things: original works of art by celebrities, working artists and local high school students. In a bit of pre-holiday magic, the ATB Studios became a delightful one-night gallery of four-inch by six-inch paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, collages and doodles.

But which of the 800 pieces of art went with which of the 381 artists? Ah, those are the “secrets” that were revealed at BAFA’s second annual The Secret Art Show.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

And besides their secret identities, each and every opus had one other thing in common: their creators want to nurture the next generation of artists, whether they fill a canvas or grace a stage. So did the several hundred people who surged through the aisles of art, enjoying the live music, the wine and the food. On a first-come, first-served basis, the art lovers donated $40 per piece. Every penny went to support BAFA’s mission, which is to “ensure that every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.” (To read more about the huge impact BAFA has made, click here.)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The “secret artists” were revealed after you had chosen your piece and made your donation, and the guessing game was a great part of the fun. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, maybe you were lucky enough to have picked a piece by Matt Groening. Perhaps a Hitchcock fan had hit the jackpot and had chosen a work by Eva Marie Saint, who co-starred with Cary Grant in North By Northwest, recognized by critics as one of the greatest films ever made. A Pirates of The Caribbean aficionado may have made off with an artistic treasure by director Gore Verbinski.

Or maybe you got a doodle by Conan O’Brien. Or evidence that past Burbank Mayor and current Council Member Jess Talamantes has an artistic side. Or a miniature from a working artist. Or charming sketches from veteran animators hailing from places like Disney, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon. Or a collage from a talented high school student that made you say to yourself, “Wow. I thought this piece was made by someone a lot older and more experienced.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

And if you were that person surprised by the talent of a teenaged artist, you may have been the luckiest BAFA supporter of all. Especially if you realize that, but for BAFA and the committed people like you that gives it life, that young person may never have connected with their talent and produced the amazing work you’re holding in your hand.

BAFA Board Chairperson Carrie Brown and Board Member Heidi Trotta were visibly pleased at the high turnout for their major fundraising event, already on its way to being a BAFA tradition. (For the story of BAFA’s fundraising success, please see companion piece.) Carrie’s husband and noted character actor W. Earl Brown (“from a long line of bootleggers and used-car dealers—the perfect lineage for becoming an actor,” especially for being in the cast of the acclaimed Deadwood, one might add) was one of the secret artists. Carrie says her husband re-connected with his inner muse on the plains of Texas, in those long in-between waits between film shoots.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Perhaps it’s no surprise that more than one creative outlet can reside in the same person. When the seedling of creativity pokes above the ground, who knows how many branches there will ultimately be? And for some actors, spending time with the pencils and brushes may be a good way to maintain one’s sanity in “the business.”

Local artists like Randall Williams are helping students to find their inner muse while still in elementary school. Williams has taught the afterschool “latch key” program for Edison Elementary, and also helped secure a grant for Providence Elementary to illustrate the history of Burbank on the inside of the school’s community room. “I learned a variety of techniques growing up, and that’s what I try to teach the kids to help them discover their talent,” says Williams.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“Williams is one of many examples of a community of BAFA supporters that go beyond check-writing and give of their time and talents,” remarks Trena Pitchford, BAFA Executive Director. “It’s up to all of us to do what we can and we’re so grateful. Because of our dedicated Arts for All community, our Burbank schools continue to be recognized as having some of the best arts education programs in the county.”

And, as The Secret Art Show revealed, some of the coolest art in the county as well.

“Community and business support for arts education is evident in the amount of work donated, guests who attend and the ‘fun factor’ at The Secret Art Show,” said Board Member and The Secret Art Show co-producer Alexandra Helfrich. “Local creative industries like Nickelodeon, Disney and Warner Bros., along with established fine artists, award-winning illustrators and designers of all types were represented along with amateurs, students and emerging artists.”

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The excitement is seeing it all come together in a great party,” Helfrich continued. “With over 60 volunteers, including every single member of the Burbank Arts for All Foundation Board of Directors and our Secret Art Show Event Committee, wonderful sponsors, and a large number of local businesses who provide in-kind services, we’re able to create a vibrant atmosphere for guests unlike any other event in Burbank.”

BAFA reports The Secret Art Show netted over $30,000 for the organization’s arts education funding program. Remaining artworks from the event are available for purchase online from November 26 through January 9 and can be found here.

Associate Editor Lisa Paredes also contributed to this article.

BAFA Secret Art Show Sells Small Artworks By Some Big Names

The Burbank Arts For All Foundation holds their second annual Secret Art Show on Saturday evening, November 22. Over 600 works by famous artists and celebrities, along with Burbank city officials, teachers, students and individuals will be displayed and sold, with proceeds going to fund BAFA’s funding of arts programs in Burbank Unified schools.

“Last year’s Secret Art Show was such an overwhelming success, we are proud to bring it back for a second year,” said Burbank Arts For All Foundation Executive Director Trena Pitchford. “We are truly humbled by the response of so many artists of all ages, expertise and mediums.”


“Just imagine being a budding young artist from the Burbank Unified School District and having your work displayed amongst such noted artists as Matt Groening, Drew Struzan and Frank Dietz!” she exclaimed. “The icing on the cake – we raise important and much needed funding for arts education programs and provide an opportunity for students to build their resume and showcase their talents. It’s a fun filled and creative not to be missed evening!”

The creator of each four inch by six inch artwork is hidden from view. Once an artwork is bought for the purchase price of $40, the art card is turned over and the artist’s name is revealed.

Other notable artists with works displayed in this year’s show include Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, Eva Marie Saint, David Shannon, Mark Dean Veca, Gore Verbinski and Don Hahn.

Last year’s inaugural event netted over $24,000 for BAFA. A preview of the works offered at this year’s Secret Art Show can be found on the BAFA website, including these images and these previews. Artwork can be drawings, doodles, photos, collage… anything that can fit on a four inch by six inch card.

The BAFA Secret Art Show begins at 7:30 p.m. and admission is $10. The event will be held at ATB Studios, located at 157 W. Providencia Street in Burbank. Tickets are available in advance on the BAFA website.

Secret Art Show Raises Money For Public School Art Programs

The Secret Art Show held Friday evening, November 1, at ATB Studios in Burbank was a smashing success, raising over $24,000 for Burbank Arts For All (BAFA.) Close to 400 people attended the gala event, which grew more crowded as the evening wore on. Just about everyone involved with the arts and the schools in Burbank stopped by: BUSD principals and administrators, art teachers, city and area officials, entertainment and animation company executives and artists, art enthusiasts and parents and children from the community.

Secret Art Show -4

Roy Conli, producer of “Tangled” and other Disney titles, eyes a piece of art. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Attendees included producer Roy Conli, artist Frank Dietz, artist Adonna Khare, actor Michael Tucci, actor W. Earl Brown, Oscar-nominated costume designer Rita Ryack, California State Assembly member Anthony Portantino, Burbank City Council member Jess Talamantes and Board of Education members Charlene Tabet, Ted Bunch and Roberta Reynolds.

The large open space at ATB Studios was peppered with tall, shelved boards on which the 4″ x 6″ artworks were placed. Volunteers wearing white gloves picked up the art to show would-be buyers a closer look and placed purchases in a brown paper bag. Once people purchased the art, they could turn over the creation to find out the name of the artist, signed on the back of the piece.

Secret Art Show -12

The BAFA Committee that put The Secret Art Show together pose with Randall Williams. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sofia Borack, age 15 and a freshman at Burroughs High School, and her sister, 18-year-old Miranda Borack, a student at Otis College of Art & Design who enjoys creating art with pastels, ballpoint pen and with digital interfaces, helped out at one of the art display boards, alongside their mother, Jeanette Elliott, an artist and art teacher. “Our entire family is involved with the arts,” commented Sofia, whose favorite mediums include pencil drawing and digital art. “We also like volunteering at various events in our community.”

Live art painting by Randall Williams was a big hit and his two artworks were auctioned off at the end of the evening, raising additional money for BAFA. A DJ kept the party music bumping and Rosenthal Winery provided complimentary wine and cheese.

Secret Art Show -9

Renee Johnson and Karen Volpei are happy with their selections. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The turnout was even greater than we expected. With everyone hanging out and socializing throughout the evening, it really proved there’s an appetite for this type of event in the community and we plan to build on it for next year,” commented BAFA Vice-Chairman Bob Mohler, who is also Senior Vice-President of Digital Media for Telepictures/Warner Bros., father of two BUSD students and husband to a BUSD teacher. “The evening fit with our theme; it gave students, parents, friends, celebrities and professionals all a way to participate and contribute to the community. Frank Dietz, in particular, mentioned to me how proud he was to contribute to this effort. Overall, the evening was a big success for BAFA and our community.”

Additional volunteer help was provided by members of the National Charity League (NCL.) Two teenaged volunteers representing the NCL from Marymount High School on Sunset Blvd., Lelosa, age 15, and Ivieosa, age 14, were kept busy all evening wrapping up purchased art. The display board they were working was half-empty after only an hour into the show. Lelosa noted that all kinds of art were available, from pencil sketches, watercolor and photographs to acrylics, pastels, charcoal and other mediums.

Secret Art Show -14

Secret Art Show Chairwoman Alexandra White Helfrich, Karen Broderick and Trena Pitchford, Director of Development. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“The Burbank Arts for All Foundation is thrilled with the success of our first ever Secret Art Show. The evening truly exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Trena Pitchford, Director of Development for BAFA. ” We are so grateful to all of our Secret Artists, our event committee, volunteers, sponsors and patrons who gave of themselves in order to give to our children. We still have a few secrets left to reveal, so stay tuned!”

For many of the student artists, this event marks their first art show and the first time their art has been sold. Proceeds from The Secret Art Show will fund art programs for children attending the Burbank Unified School District.

Arts For All’s Secret Art Show


NOVEMBER 1, 2013

 Featuring Hundreds of Original Pieces of Art from Artists, Celebrities, Animators, Educators, Students and More!

Burbank Arts for All Foundation is proud to present The Secret Art Show, a one-night-only event full of fun, food and over 400 miniature “masterpieces,” on Friday, November 1, 2013 from 7:30 PM to 10 PM at the ATB Studios — 157 W. Providencia Ave. Burbank (just east of Lake Street).  VIP entry begins at 6:30 PM.

Attendees will have the opportunity to own a 4”x6” original piece of artwork from major celebrities, well known artists, educators, students, and community leaders, among many others. Every secret artist will be revealed for a donation of $40 each.  All proceeds will benefit the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education as part of their core curriculum.

Clues about some of the secret artists: Major talent involved with the motion pictures “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Ring,” “Men in Black,” “Enchanted,” “Get Shorty,” “Beautiful Creatures, ” “Rango”; award-winning Burbank student artists, stars of the television series “True Blood,” “Switched at Birth,” “Ringer,” “The Secret Life of An American Teenager”; Creator of the three-time Emmy and BAFTA award-winning animation series, “Teacher’s Pet”; an Artist whose work has shown at the 2013 California-Pacific Triennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, The San Jose Museum of Art, Otis College of Art and Design, LAX Art Festival, Weisman Museum of Art-Malibu, and at exhibitions all over the world; a highly praised author and illustrator of books for children; and  an emerging artist who graduated from John Burroughs High School and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena; well known news anchors; among many, many more.

About The Secret Art Show:
One Night Only pop-up art gallery featuring over 400 4” x 6” original works of art—paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, collages and doodles.  ALL works of art will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for $40 apiece and will benefit Burbank Arts For All Foundation. The work is signed on the back–so no one knows the artist’s identity until the artwork is chosen!

Day:   November 1, 2013
Place:  ATB Studios 157 W. Providencia, Burbank
6:30-7:30 PM:                       VIP Entry – $50.00 Limit 10 art cards per VIP
7:30-10:30 PM:                     General Admission – $10.00
Hosted by:                              Rosenthal Estate Winery

For more information about The Secret Art Show or how to get your advance tickets log-on to http://www.burbankartsforall.org/secret-art-show/.

Secret Art Show Submission Deadline Nears For Talented Local Artists, Celebrities, Students, Teachers

The deadline for artist submissions for the Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Secret Art Show is Friday, September 20, 2013. The Secret Art Show is a sale of “secret” works of art in the form of unsigned 4” x 6” original pieces of art created by artists, celebrities, animators, students, teachers, well-known community leaders and talented non-professionals. Proceeds from the sale of these donated, original art works will go to help fund arts education for Burbank’s more than 16,000 public school students.

The art should be signed on the back and include a brief biography of the artist, submitted with the piece, so that the purchaser will be able to learn more about the artist creating the work. The work itself can be paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, collages, doodles, whatever the artist imagines. The entry form can be downloaded here.

The Foundation can provide 4″ x 6″ cards for artists to use. Artists may also use other mediums, as long as it measures 4” x 6.” Once the Burbank Arts For All Foundation receives the submitted art, they will post it on their event web site. Donated works will be displayed on the internet until the next year’s event. The website will list each “Secret” artist and link to their websites, providing exposure for these charitable artists.

The Secret Art Show will be held on Friday evening, November 1, at a location that is still “Secret.” The evening will showcase over 400 miniature “masterpieces” and will benefit the Burbank Arts For All Foundation, a nonprofit organization. For more information, visit the Burbank Arts For All website.