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South Hills Church – Doing Good by Loving The 818

South Hills Church is hosting a couple of events this week. Pastor Dave Stewart sent this in if you’re interested in helping during the COVID-19 difficult times.


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and massive blood drive event cancellations, there is now a critically severe shortage of blood.  With city approval, South Hills Church is hosting an URGENT 2-day Community Blood Drive with Cedars Sinai on March 25 & 26 from 10 am-4 pm.  Social distancing and other safety precautions will be made.  Find out more and sign up at southhills.org/burbank/blooddrive Your donation can save lives.  South Hills Church is located at 222 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank


FREE COFFEE!  If you are an Essential Worker and must work, South Hills Church wants to thank you AND support a local business!  From Monday, March 23 to Friday, March 27, stop by the Ugly Mug Coffee House for a FREE drink (to go…of course)!   1 drink per person (must be present), show your work ID and mention South Hills Church.  The Ugly Mug Coffee House is located at 3112 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank.  Their current hours are 8:00am-4:00pm.

South Hills Children’s Center Holds Ribbon Cutting

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 19, families and city officials gathered at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the South Hills Children’s Center located at 222 S. Victory Blvd.

Director Maria Martinez, who launched the daycare, was grateful for the large turnout in attendance. Burbank city councilman Bob Frutos and other city officials assisted Martinez as she cut the ribbon, officially opening the daycare to the public.

“It is a great resource for the community. Thank you for your efforts for opening this up and we hope for many successes for you,” said a city official, handing a certificate to Martinez.

The Children’s Center is intended for kids ages 2 to 5, who can attend sessions Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“My passion is to help others and this church has given me the opportunity to open this center as one of my big dreams because I can support the learning and development of each child in their own way,” said Martinez.

Crafts, painting, and a bounce house were provided at the ceremony to celebrate the daycare’s official launch.

South Hills pastor Dave Stewart was in attendance during the ribbon cutting ceremony, proud of Martinez for her accomplishment.

“It’s been a three-year dream so we’re excited it’s finally happening and about Maria’s vision coming to be. For us, it’s exciting to be able to provide something like this for our community,” said Stewart.

Parents are thankful to have a place where their kids can go, knowing they won’t get lost in the shuffle, and be treated according to their individual needs.

“I’ve really appreciated the level of attentiveness that comes with people of faith who have an underlying understanding of what it means to not just teach your kids, but to love them as well,” said Jessie Brewer, mom of Noah (7) and Sophia (4).

Among the parents who are excited about sending their children to a daycare they can trust is Jon Torres, who works within the church as the family pastor.

“They send out these weekly newsletters where they talk about what they do for the entire week to inform parents what’s going on. Not only that, but their Instagram page shows that the team behind the Children’s Center values excellence,” said Torres.


The team who works at the Children’s Center hopes to foster an atmosphere where families can feel safe and cared for. Teachers use a curriculum called “STEM,” which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

“There’s also a lot of focus on developing and maturing their social skills, not just academically,” said Paola Bracamontes, one of the teachers.

A statement on the Children’s Center website at http://southhillschildrenscenter.com explains the philosophy behind their method of education: “We believe children are like little scientists and have a natural curiosity to explore their world. We create environments where optimal learning takes place.”

Man Arrested For Breaking Into South Hills Church

On Monday, November 6 at 10:15 AM, the Burbank Police Department received a report of a man breaking into South Hills Church, located at 222 S. Victory Blvd. While the police were on their way, an emergency communication operator received a call from a man inside the building, saying he had broken into the church.

The suspect, Andrew Quintana, a 46 year old man from Hesperia, was arrested when police arrived to what they originally assumed was a burglary in-progress. However, Quintana told officers he parked his car in the church’s lot and broke into the building simply to seek “sanctuary.”

“He said he was being chased so he had to break into the church,” said Deryck Artero, the South Hills Church children’s ministry director. “Once he tore down the door handle with a crowbar, he heard the security alarm and called the police on himself, saying that he was being chased.”

Following three services on Sunday, the incident happened to occur on the only day of the week when no one was working at the church office.

“Monday is our day to chill and take a breather. Thankfully no one was in the building,” said Artero.

Quintana was booked for burglary. He is currently being held at $20,000 bail.

South Hills Church Launches “Christmas Conspiracy”

For most, Christmas is about the things. It’s about presents, stockings, trees and candy canes. For South Hills Burbank, Christmas is about true generosity, at home and abroad.

South Hills Church, a non-denominational Christian church with eight campuses throughout the country, has launched a program called “Christmas Conspiracy,” and South Hills Burbank is taking part. “Christmas Conspiracy” is a program created through the church to help reframe the concept of Christmas.Southhills 4

South Hills’ goal is to focus not on receiving, but on giving in a powerful way as an expression of faith in order to live out the church’s purpose of “loving God, loving others and loving life.”

On Sunday, December 21, each campus will work to collect as many donations as possible in order to give 100 percent of the proceeds to others in need. The proceeds from “Christmas Conspiracy” will not only benefit global ministry and relief programs, but will also benefit local Burbank charitable organizations. Last year alone, South Hills Church raised over $125,000 from all campuses combined.

Since its launch in April 2014, South Hills Burbank has become committed to supporting the Burbank community.

“I believe the church should not exist to serve itself or by viewing the church as a ‘building,’” said Dave Stewart, campus pastor at South Hills Burbank. “The church is made up of people that live in a community with other people and we should look for ways to make positive impacts in people’s lives all around us.”

Stewart is encouraging community members to take a portion of the money they might have used to purchase expendable, and even unnecessary, gifts and instead give to someone in need.

Southhills 3

South Hills Burbank sent over 200 gifts to children all over the world for their Operation Christmas Child program

“This year, my family has decided to donate money to this cause, instead of participating in what I call the annual ‘gift card exchange’ with family members. It’s a more meaningful way for us to be proactive in helping others,” Stewart said.

In addition to “Christmas Conspiracy,” the Burbank campus has launched a “one-for-one” program to give back to others by setting aside $1 for every person who walks through the church doors every week. Since April, South Hills Burbank has raised over $4,000 for local, national and international organizations that strive to do good for others.

“I want South Hills Burbank to be known by our generosity, not by our theology,” said Stewart. “We don’t want to be just another church in Burbank, because Burbank doesn’t need just another church. We want to be a different church that is connecting with different people and showing that church still has a valuable place in our everyday lives.”

South Hills Burbank brought 10 gallons of coffee and 500 pastries to teachers in BUSD for a recent One-for-One donation

South Hills Burbank brought 10 gallons of coffee and 500 pastries to teachers in BUSD for a recent One-for-One donation

This year, the donations received from the Burbank campus’ “Christmas Conspiracy” will benefit the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC), a local organization providing individuals and families, the working poor, crime victims, senior citizens and the homeless with the short-term emergency assistance they need to live with dignity. BTAC offers many programs to the community, such as groceries, transportation assistance and daily showers.

South Hills Burbank will also donate a portion of “Christmas Conspiracy” funds to the Family Services Agency, a local organization providing a holistic approach to care by focusing on counseling, preventing, educating and advocating.

“For Burbank specifically, we believe that the church shouldn’t compete with local charities and non-profits, but it’s our responsibility to come alongside them and resource them to help improve our community. As a church, we are committed to loving our community and all the people that make this city so incredible,” Stewart said.

Southhills 1

South Hills Burbank booth sponsored water bottles for the runners at the YMCA Turkey Trot

On a global scale, South Hills Church will support a variety of initiatives through “Christmas Conspiracy” funding. Donations will support providing medical help and clean water to rural areas in Africa. Last year, donations were able to help fund a water well and first-floor construction of a medical facility in the surrounding areas in Ghana. “Christmas Conspiracy” will also partner with organizations to rescue children from sex trafficking, give relief to natural disaster victims and feed children, as well as to help provide bibles to unreached cultures and plant a church in Latin America.

On a local level, South Hills Burbank will remain steadfast in its promise of always giving to those in need.

“We want to be a church that loves the community we are in with our actions, not just our words.”

To learn more about “Christmas Conspiracy” or to donate, please visit www.newchurchinburbank.com/cc or search for South Hills Burbank through a free app called PushPay. South Hills Burbank can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SouthHillsBurbank,Twitter @shburbank and Instagram at @southhillsburbank.