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Burbank Cancels Starlight Bowl Summer Season, Tot Summer Daze Camps

COVID-19 has claimed another victim, the Starlight Bowl Summer Concert Series.

At Burbank’s City Council’s May 12 meeting, the Council was told by Parks and Recreation Director Marisa Garcia that the Starlight Bowl concerts sponsored by the Burbank Park and Recreation Dept. have been canceled for the 2020 season. She did say that if restrictions are lifted down the line, that private promoter could contract out the facility for concerts into October.

Each year, the Starlight Bowl starts its season with the 4th of July celebration including a large firework show that not only Starlight Bowl patrons experience played to music, but local residents flock to see on streets near the facility. Nothing was said if the fireworks could still be set off without the Bowl being open for the community.

Other updates from Garcia included in the staff report included:

  1. Aquatics –McCambridge Pool will not open for Summer 2020. Canceled programs may include summer season Go! Parties and Water Polo.
  2. Summer Adult Sports Leagues –Cancelled summer sports leagues may include Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Senior Softball, 4-Man Volleyball, and Coed Volleyball.
  3. Youth Specialty Camps –Art Experiences Camp and Tot Summer Daze will be canceled. Staffing and facility resources will be redirected to operate the full-day childcare, Summer Daze Camps.
  4. Community/Special Events –All community and special events, including the outdoor Memorial Day Ceremony, will be canceled through June. However, the staff is working on a potential virtual Memorial Day Ceremony.

Elizbeth Goldman Library Services Director also reported that while the Libraries have been closed and are not anticipated to be open for ‘many months’. The staff has been repurposed with one large need being answering the COVID-19 hotline to give information about City services. There have been over 2,000 calls received by staff. They will also look for ways to adopt new service models in the future.

The 2020 Sister City exchange program with Incheon, Korea, and Ota, Japan, coordinated by the Library, has been canceled by mutual agreement of the City of Burbank, the Burbank Sister City Committee, and the Cities of Incheon and Ota.

Here is a complete list supplied by the City of Burbank

Starlight Bowl Season Ends with John Waite

On Saturday August 10, the Starlight Bowl saw it’s last summer concert ending with two amazing bands “Venice” and the 80’s British pop-rock star “John Waite”.

There couldn’t have been a better way to start the Bowl’s last concert than with Venice. They played some of there own original songs such as “Stepping on That Bridge”, “Jacaranda Street” , “27th Avenue” and “My Love Waits For Me”. They had a vary distinct folk-rock style which was really cool.

As we saw Venice leave the stage, a special guest surprised some of the audience members.

Jim Trenton, better known as “The Poorman” from Kroq, took photos with people and even talked to some of the band members. He said “I used to play John Waite on KROQ in the 80s and it is amazing to see him still touring to this day”.

Finally, the rock star himself, John Waite, came out with his band and the audience rushed up to the pit as he started his set out with one of his most recognized songs “Missing You”.

It was very exciting to see him play other classics of his like “Change”, “If Anybody Had A Heart”, and “Restless Heart”. He ended his set with a Led Zeppelin cover song, Whole Lotta Love, which made everybody hyped.

All in all it was a perfect way to end the 2019 summer concert season at the Bowl with a bang.

Pink Floyd and Neil Young Fans Enjoy Starlight Bowl Show

On Saturday, August 3,  The Starlight Bowl flooded with tons of “Pink Floyd” and “Neil Young” fans selling out “The Bowl’’.

Photo By Connor McCrory

The show kicked off with a Neil Young tribute band “The Neil Deal” playing songs like “Old Man”, “Sugar Mountain” , “Keep On Rocking In The Free World” and many more Neil Young classics.

Neil Young impersonator/front man of the band, Dennis Neil, said, “ That the reason he started a Neil Young tribute band is because he has been a big fan since he was fifteen and has always had a special place for Neil’s music in his heart.” He also stated, “We have been in a tribute (band) for 18 years, and have always enjoyed playing venues from ten people to venues of 8,000 plus people.” 

As “The Neil Deal”, ended their set with “Keep On Rocking in the Free World”, the main act “Which One’s Pink” enlightened the stage with their presence.

Photo By Connor McCrory

They also played classics like, “Money”, “Another Brick In The Wall”, and “Wish You Were Here”, and many more. They ended the night with a laser light show.

As “Which One’s Pink” continued with their show, more and more people entered the pit, enticing more people to join. Both “The Neil Deal” and “Which One’s Pink” did an amazing job at replicating the style and spirit of their idols. The crowd was feeling those things from them and reciprocated back to them, making it a more of a joyous and fun event.

At the end you could see people leaving with a smile, showing that it was truly a phenomenal show that took them back in time.

Tributes to Pink Floyd and Neil Young This Saturday at Starlight Bowl

The Pacific Ocean was miles away, but the Starlight Bowl audience cruised the Yacht Rock seas this past Saturday, thanks to a delightful performance by those “Titans of Soft Rock,” Yachtley Crew! Devoted fans brought their own maritime hats and plenty of enthusiasm as the band sailed through a set of timeless pop/rock hits from the 70s and 80s. GRACEBAND got the party started with the most popular Elvis Presley songs performed by “The King” himself in his own imitable style. True entertainers and captivating performers, both bands delivered a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable evening of music!

We’ve passed the halfway mark and only two fantastic shows remain on our Summer Concert Season calendar! This Saturday, August 3rd, Which One’s Pink? and The Neil Deal pay tribute to two iconic artists. Which One’s Pink? is an exceptional group of Los Angeles-based musicians who have been brilliantly recreating the surreal and ethereal sound of Pink Floyd since 1997 in a show that features “Comfortably Numb,” “Money,” “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and much more. And what better way to experience these incredible songs than with a laser light show! Opening act The Neil Deal is “America’s Tribute” to the career and music of Neil Young, tracking his multi-generational career as a solo performer as well as with legendary groups such as Crazy Horse, Buffalo Springfield, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Join us for some rockin’ in the free world with these two amazing acts and get your tickets today! 

Tickets for all the Starlight Bowl shows are available online at www.starlightbowl.com or you can purchase them in person by visiting the City of Burbank Parks and Recreation Department at 150 N. Third Street, 3rd floor in Burbank, Monday – Friday from 9:00am- 4:30pm. Pay by cash, check, or credit card (all credit card sales will incur a nominal service charge). There are no refunds and all concerts are held rain or shine.

Graceband, Yachtly Crew Entertain at Starlight Bowl

Saturday, July 27,  the “Starlight Bowl” was packed with hardcore “Graceband” and “Yachtly Crew” fans ranging in ages from eight to eighty.

Photo by Connor McCrory

The Elvis tribute band, “Graceband”, kicked off the night with an Elvis classic “C.C. Rider” and went on to play more classics like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock”, ending their set with “Suspicious Minds”.

The front man, Chris Maddox, said “I would be more than happy to be invited back next year to play this amazing venue, the Starlight Bowl is truly a hidden jewel in Burbank”.

The Elvis impersonator was very in tune with the audience kissing women and handing off scarfs making it more of an authentic Elvis experience. Everyone seemed to be very happy with the performance and the music as they ended Graceband’s set with a huge applause.

More and more people got up out of their seats as the sun set and the sky began to darken and started to embrace their inter yacht-rock grove.

Out came Yachtly Crew with their authentic sailor uniforms playing “Ride Like The Wind”. The crowd went crazy as more and more people began to get up and dance, filling the pit.

Photo by Connor McCrory

When the song “Baker Street” came around, sax player (Pauly Shores) ran in to the crowd taking selfies with the audience and standing on the seats blowing his heart out to the tune on his saxophone.

Yachtley Crew also played songs such as “Africa”, “Give Me The Night” and many more.

Ending the night with “Hotel California”, everyone rocked out to the Eagles classic. It was vary sad to see the night end especially with such amazing acts. Hopefully both “Graceband” and “Yachtley Crew” will be back to rock the bowl.

The Fab Four Had Guests Dancing in their Seats During this Week’s Concert at The Starlight Bowl

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

On Saturday, July 20th, Beatles tribute band, The Fab Four, performed at the Starlight Bowl to an almost sold-out concert.  The show was the 3rd Saturday in the Starlight Bowl’s 2019 Summer Concert Season which is to be followed by Yachtley Crew, Which One’s Pink, and John Waite.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The night began with The Answer, a classic rock band that has been playing top 40 hits, popular rock, and classic rock since 1964.  Gain Credit Union, one of the sponsors of the Starlight Bowl, passed out LED light-up foam wands and rings to the audience and as the sunset, the bowl filled with flashing colors and cheers.  Some even combined their wands together to create giant peace signs as The Fab Four took the stage.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The warm Burbank air filled with the tunes of “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” “Penny Lane,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and “A Hard Day’s Night,” and everyone jumped to their feet to sing and dance along to “Twist and Shout.” Kids sat on their parent’s shoulders in front of the stage cheering and dancing to the 60s beats and one child even held a sign saying “Play Hey Jude  -Jude.”

Paul Paolone his final Starlight Bowl Show. (Photo by Ross A Benson)


The Fab Four is known as one of the best Beatles tribute bands and they lived up to their name on Saturday with their incredible performance and attention to detail with three costume changes representing the different eras of their music through their career. The Fab Four is the closest thing to what it would have been like to see the Beatles live, and is one show you won’t want to miss if they return to the Starlight Bowl next year.

The concert was also the last night for City of Burbank employee, Paul Pallone, who has been in charge of the Starlight Bowl for the last several years and has been with the city for 15 years.






Starlight Bowl Celebrates July 4 With Capacity Crowd

The July 4 show at the Starlight Bowl featured musical act Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, followed by a spectacular fireworks show that didn’t disappoint anyone in attendance this year.

The grass area, which sold out weeks ago, was filled with families with picnic baskets and kids of all ages running around. At 9:00 p.m., the lights dimmed and the fireworks show began.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played earlier in the evening as the sun was setting. Then, the DJ gave some general safety messages, the lights dimmed and the crowd was ready for the spectacular fireworks show.

Here is a photo gallery from July 4th at the Starlight Bowl.


Starlight Bowl’s Concert And Fireworks Show Spectacular To A Sell Out Crowd

This year’s Starlight Bowls opening show with The Company Men and the Spectacular Fireworks that followed pleased everyone inside the Starlight Bowl and community around.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The lawn at Starlight Bowl was filled to capacity and the seats from front to back were nearly full as well. 

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

The evening started off with Grooveline and followed with the main act The Company Men. The Fireworks fired off a little past 9:00 PM and the oohs and ahhs could be heard everywhere.

In the morning many residences of West Burbank had a mini parade off of Clybourn Street, the Queen of the Parade was longtime Burbank resident Lois Bennett who celebrated her 95th Birthday. 

Here is a photo gallery of Independence Day activities.