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Burbank Police, Target Make Kids Holiday Wishes Come True

On December 11, 2019, The Burbank Police Department teamed up with The Boys And Girls Club and Target to make some kid’s Christmas wishes come true.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

For the last several years  the Burbank Police Department has participated in what Officer Angela Burrows described as “One of Burbank’s most cherished Christmas time giving events.” This event is called “Heroes and Helpers”,  where young kids ages 5 to 13 get to pair up with one of several Burbank Police Officers and spend up to $100 on whatever the kids want to buy.

The event started around 5:30, with over 30 children and many of Burbank’s police force paired up as “Heroes and Helpers” voyaged into Target where kids lined the isles with smiles on their faces and toys in their hands. 

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse  along with his Command Staff came by to greet the wonderful kids and said “I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas and I also hope all of you will grow up to do the right thing in life, which I have no doubt about ”

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

One young kid said “I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the Burbank Police”

After the shopping ended, the “Heroes And Helpers” departed to be served a delicious holiday meal, generously provided by the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Burbank, along with dessert, compliments of Porto’s Bakery. Children were also be presented with holiday gift and food baskets, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Burbank and Noon Rotary Club of Burbank

All in all the heart-warming event was a major success with Burbank’s finest putting smiles on faces of young scholars.


Target Hosts “Heroes and Helpers” Shopping Event

Release from Burbank Police:

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

On December 12, 2018, the Burbank Police Department teamed-up with Target and the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank to help youth in-need purchase holiday gifts for their families in the annual “Heroes and Helpers” shopping event.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The “Heroes and Helpers” event was first launched in December of 1990. Since then, the Burbank Police Department has proudly participated each year as part of its commitment to the community and helping those who are less fortunate. This year, Burbank Police are excited to announce that 30 children have been selected by the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank to take part in the event. The children were selected based on their family’s financial income and need.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Each child was presented with a $200 gift card, sponsored by Target. The children were then accompanied by police officers, cadets, and explorers as they shopped for holiday gifts for their families. Once the children completed their purchases, they were served a delicious holiday meal, generously provided by the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Burbank, and dessert, compliments of Porto’s Bakery. Children were also presented with holiday gift and food baskets, sponsored by The Kiwanis Club of Burbank, Noon Rotary Club of Burbank, Burbank Town Center, and community member Lisa Komorowski.

The goal of the “Heroes and Helpers” event is to provide less fortunate children with a friendly holiday experience they won’t soon forget.

Three Grand Theft Suspects Escape

On Monday, August 6 at 5:50 p.m., Burbank Police responded to an incident of grand theft at Target in Empire Center, located at 1800 Empire Ave.

After the three adult suspects, two men and one woman, stole more than $900 in electronics, they were confronted by loss prevention officers. One of the suspects then punched the officer in the face and proceeded to flee the scene.

The suspects, reported as two men and a woman, left the stolen items behind and reportedly fled in a white sedan.

Burbank Police Hosts Annual ‘Heroes & Helpers’ at Target

Every year around the Holiday Season, the Burbank Police Department, in conjunction with local partners such as Noon Rotary and community members, puts together a small event meant to benefit less fortunate children in our city. The program began in 1980 and has since continued every year. The Burbank Police Department teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club and a local Target store to grant less fortunate children the opportunity to receive and give during the holiday season.

A group of thirty children is selected from the Boys and Girls Club based on their family income and needs. From there, a date is set to shop at a local store. This year, Target, located in the Empire Center, partnered with the Burbank Police Department and the Boys & Girls Club to sponsor and host the event.

According to Officer Angela Burrows, “approximately 20-25 uniformed personnel who have volunteered their time to take these kids on a shopping spree.” The personnel range from police officers, cadets, and explorers. The spree begins when each child is given a $200 gift card to shop at Target. From there, “the Officers will then take them shopping and help them select gifts for their families. After the shopping event,” explains Officer Burrows, “they are then invited to a catered dinner by Wood Ranch at a local church.”

During the dinner at Wood Ranch, the children are treated to special appearances and entertainment by both McGruff the crime dog and Santa Claus. Along with support from the Burbank Police Department, Target, and the Wood Ranch Grill, organizers of the event “rely on private donations from Citizens in addition to donations from clubs, organizations and businesses throughout the city of Burbank.”

For Officer Burrows, this ‘Heroes and Helpers’ is a special event. “Christmas is my favorite time of year, so this event holds such a special place in my heart. Let’s just say my role is rewarding and I am extremely fortunate to participate this year.” Furthermore, this event also bridges the community directly with the Burbank Police Department. “I know it is significant in these children’s lives,” explained Officer Burrows, “Their opinion of the police is forever influenced in a positive way.” As to what Officer Burrows looked forward to the most for this year’s ‘Heroes and Helpers’ event? “Seeing the look on their faces is priceless.”


The Burbank Police Department explains that the “goal of the ‘Heroes and Helpers’ event is to provide less fortunate children with a friendly holiday experience they won’t soon forget. Although the event is for the children, Burbank Police personnel are deeply affected by each child’s circumstances and are always touched by their interaction with them.”

This year’s ‘Heroes and Helpers’ proved to be a success for everyone involved. It should also be noted that along with Target, the Burbank Rotary also sponsored the event.


To find out more about the Boys and Girls Club, as well as upcoming events, you can find more information on their Twitter profile.


City of Burbank to Target: You Need to Dot I’s and Cross T’s

As first reported here in myBurbank on Monday, Target has announced that it will open a new ” flexible-format” location at 1033 N. Hollywood Way in a store that once held Akron’s until the mid-1980’s.

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

Many in the community has lashed out about parking and traffic concerns in the Magnolia Park area where the store is planned.

In a comment to myBurbank posted by Community Development Director Patrick Prescott, he states that while Target has inquired about the property, the City of Burbank has not approved the store.

What has not been established is if the area, which was originally zoned for the Akron store to do business from 1955 through 1985 was still in effect. If the area is not zoned for the store, Target might have to apply for a conditional use permit through the City.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Councilman Will Rogers asked Prescott for more information and was told what is referenced below in his comments.

Below is the comment sent in by Patrick Prescott:

Hello. Patrick Prescott here. I’m the city’s Community Development Director and I would like to clarify that the City of Burbank has not approved a Target store at 1033 N Hollywood Way. Target inquired about the property a week or so ago and the planner they spoke to told them we needed more information about what they are proposing. They have submitted no applications and the city has approved nothing, although we have some preliminary drawings of how they would like to use the building.  We agree this is an unusual location for Target to pursue given the limited amount of parking at the site.

Here’s what we know:
1. Target is building a new small “flexible format” store concept and they would like to open one at 1033 N Hollywood Way.

2. The size of the 1033 N Hollywood Way building is about 24,000 square feet. For comparison, the Target at the Empire Center is about 146,000 square feet. The Ralphs at Buena Vista and Victory is about 35,000 square feet.

3. A business like this could require special permits from the city, but we haven’t determined which since we only received their drawings of the building on Friday.  We have to figure out exactly what is being proposed before we can provide information on permit applications and possibly help them find a different location in the city.

Target Store Coming to Magnolia Park

Target announced plans to open a flexible-format store in Magnolia Park. The first store will be located at 1033 North Hollywood Way, and is also projected to open in July 2017.

The space has been used for different types of stores and real estate offices since Akron’s left the location in the mid 80’s after opening up the original store in 1955.

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1011 N. Hollywood Way

artist rendering for the site to be opened at 1033 N. Hollywood Way

Following the opening of the store, Target will have nine flexible-format locations in the greater Los Angeles area. The other locations include: Beverly Connection (opened March 2013), University of California, Mission Hills (opening July, 2017), Irvine (opening July 2017), Koreatown (opening October 2017), Los Angeles Central (opened October 2012), Long Beach Bixby (opened March 2016), University of Southern California (opening July 2017), and Los Angeles Westwood (opened July 2012).

Growth in dense suburban and urban markets is a priority for Target, and Target’s flexible store design allows for stores in smaller locations to bring a localized experience to guests with tailored assortments.

The Burbank store at approximately 24,750 square feet will provide a quick-trip shopping experience with curated assortments, including:

  • A selection of fresh groceries, including produce and meal essentials, as well as grab-and-go items spanning sandwiches, salads beverages, snacks and more
  • Men’s and women’s apparel
  • A curated assortment of kids’ and baby care products, as well as toys
  • Home décor
  • An assortment of health, personal care and beauty products
  • Portable technology products and entertainment accessories
  • Services Target Mobile and Order Pickup

“Target is focused on serving more guests in dense urban and suburban neighborhoods by adding flexible-format stores in priority markets, including Los Angeles. We look forward to providing a quick-trip shopping experience to two new L.A. neighborhoods with product assortments that are uniquely Target,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Properties, Target.

Flexible-format stores are a priority for Target and guests have responded well to having these customized stores available in areas where they previously couldn’t have opened. The company currently operates 23 flexible-format stores and will continue to open additional flexible-format locations, including the nine stores opening in fall 2016, and the 18 stores that have been announced to-date for 2017 and 2018.

Robbery Attempt Foiled at Target

Editor’s Note: It was incorrectly reported that Pasadena’s police helicopter was involved in the arrest when in fact it was the Glendle/Burbank joint operated helicopter. As a reader writes in: It was actually the Burbank/Glendale Police helicopter, Air-1, comprised of a Glendale Pilot and Burbank Tactical Flight Officer that handled this call and was instrumental in apprehending the suspects. We could not agree more and regret the wrong airship being identified.

Burbank police were called out to target on Christmas Eve a little after 4:00 pm for a report of an armed robbery in progress. It was also reported that three men were in front of the store fighting with store security.

Burbank/Glendale’s police helicopter.  was in the area and spotted the three individuals immediately running through the Empire parking lot in the area of Outback Steakhouse.

With police starting to arrive on scene, one suspect looked to be taken into custody by an off-duty officer who stopped a suspect by Sports Authority.

The helicopter, known as Air 1, quickly located the other two individuals who were still in the parking lot and directed officers toward them. One suspect resisted officers as he was taken into custody, with officers taking control of the situation.

The third suspect was taken into custody without any incident.

The man identified by Target security as the suspect who stole the merchandise that was later recovered, also had felony warrants on him to add to his Christmas cheer.

Burbank Police Increase Patrols, Arrest Two For Commercial Burglary From Target

Burbank Police, acting on a tip from an observant citizen, arrested two men yesterday, December 5, at 3:05 p.m. near the Empire Center for commercial burglary. The citizen had flagged down the police officers, who were in the area on retail theft prevention detail, pointing out the men who had walked out of the Target store with fully loaded shopping carts and were heading away from the Empire Center.

Officers caught up with the men and detained them at Empire Ave. and Valpreda St. The officers contacted Target and their loss prevention department. Upon reviewing surveillance video, Target security determined the two men had walked out of the store without paying for the merchandise in the carts. Over 70 items of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, boots and jackets, worth about $1500, were stuffed in a large black bag and a large red bag in the two carts. The men had brought the black and red bags into the store with them and filled the bags with the merchandise.

Burbank Police arrested Luis Izales, a 33-year-old male resident of Los Angeles, and Luis Alberto Cruz, a 37-year-old resident of Los Angeles, for commercial burglary, due to the higher value of the loss. Each man was booked into the Burbank Jail with a $20,000 bail. Both men are currently under an ICE hold while their immigration status is being confirmed.

During the holiday season, Burbank Police increase the number of officers on patrol in shopping areas such as the Empire Center, Downtown Burbank and the Town Center Mall. The additional officers increase police visibility and help prevent retail crime.

“We’ve added extra officers to insure residents and those who shop here are safe,” commented Sergeant Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department. “And, so our businesses in Burbank have these additional resources from our department to help combat retail theft and loss.”

Burbank Police and Target Give Kids a Chance to “Shop With a Cop”

The Burbank Police Department and Target Stores are working together this holiday season under their “Heroes & Helpers” program, after receiving a $2,000.00 grant from Target, to assist in youth outreach in the community.

Kids check out during Burbank Police Departments and Targets ‘Shop with a Cop’ (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Last week, Burbank Police Officers, Police Cadets, and Police Explorers teamed up with 40 children identified through programs by the Family Service Agency, Burbank Boys and Girls Club, and Burbank Boxing Club. The teams  shopped together at the Burbank Target store and purchase items for the upcoming holiday season.

Often, children purchase items for everyone in their family but have to be encouraged by the officers to purchase a present of their own.

This event helps to foster strong relationships between the community and law enforcement officials, by pairing police officers with a youth in need to shop for holiday gifts for the teens’ families.

After the shopping has concluded, the children and their parent/guardian were invited to police headquarters, where they were provided a meal and tour of the police station.

Target sponsored Shop with a Cop at Burbank Target. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Sergio Valenzuela , Burbank Police officer Cindy Guillen, Steve Harpst and Danny Garcia checking the goodies they bought for family. (Photo by Ross A. Benson )

Checking out during Targets ‘Shop with a Cop’. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse speaks to the gathered youths, during dinner that was served following there ‘Shop with a Cop’ event.(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank Teens Get a Chance to ‘Shop With A Cop’

Burbank Police officeers helped with some shopping at 'Shop with a Cop' at Target (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Burbank Police Department in partnership with Target participated in “Shop with a Cop,” on Wednesday, December 7  at Target, located in the Burbank Empire Center.

This event helps to foster strong relationships between the community and law enforcement officials by pairing police officers with youth in need to shop for holiday gifts for the teens’ families.

The Burbank Temporary Aid Center has helped to identify underprivileged teens aged 14-17, who are generally forgotten, have social or economic needs, and are in need of assistance this holiday season.

Each teenager received a gift card, courtesy of Target, to spend on Christmas gifts.  Often a child will buy presents for everyone in their family, but have to be persuaded by the officer to purchase a present of their own. It is a very positive experience not only for the kids that are involved, but also for the officers.

After the shopping concluded, the teens were brought back to the Burbank Police Station, where they were provided a meal by a local restaurant, Ciao Cristina, located at 4201 W. Olive Ave., in Burbank.

Photo Gallery Presented By Ross A. Benson