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Serial Ikea Mattress Thief Caught

Over the past several months, Burbank Police have been investigating a series of grand theft and burglary crimes with information provided by Ikea security and loss prevention officers.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

A suspect had been seen stealing mattresses from Ikea, often without being noticed, but other times by providing falsified documentation claiming he owned the products.

Burbank detectives identified the suspect and partnered with Ikea staff to monitor his visits, as he returned to the store several times.

On September 27, the suspect attempted to steal another mattress but was soon apprehended by police.

The suspect has been identified as Kevin Estrella, 23  with the occupation listed as a student living in Los Angeles.

The total estimated loss is valued at over $42,432.00.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Estrella is currently out of custody after posting bond. Formal charges are now pending review by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Ikea is located at 600 South Ikea Way in Burbank.

Three Grand Theft Suspects Escape

On Monday, August 6 at 5:50 p.m., Burbank Police responded to an incident of grand theft at Target in Empire Center, located at 1800 Empire Ave.

After the three adult suspects, two men and one woman, stole more than $900 in electronics, they were confronted by loss prevention officers. One of the suspects then punched the officer in the face and proceeded to flee the scene.

The suspects, reported as two men and a woman, left the stolen items behind and reportedly fled in a white sedan.

Erratic Carjacking Pursuit Ends on Riverside Drive

On the morning of Wednesday, May 30, California Highway Patrol chased a man who had carjacked a vehicle from Pasadena to Burbank, where the pursuit came to an end.

Earlier that morning, California Highway Patrol responded to calls about a grey SUV driving erratically in Pasadena. After the driver reportedly crashed into a white SUV on the 210 Freeway near San Gabriel, he carjacked the victim’s vehicle and drove westbound.

After the suspect’s failed attempt to carjack a Metro Freeway service patrol car, police followed him as he got off the freeway in Burbank and drove on Riverside Dr.

Soon, the suspect started to drive on wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic, and onto the sidewalk and the grass, hitting other vehicles in the process.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and attempted to run away from police. An officer chased the suspect, who ran back to the stolen vehicle and began driving with the door open, swerving the SUV onto the grass in desperation to avoid arrest. The officer was able to pull the suspect from the driver’s seat and arrest him.

Ulta Beauty Burglary Suspects Arrested

On Sunday, May 6 around midnight, Burbank Police responded to a call of a smashed window which activated a burglary alarm at Ulta Beauty in Empire Center, located at 1351 Victory Place.

When police arrived at the scene, they observed the shattered store front window and noticed a large amount of perfumes had been stolen. In a matter of minutes, police realized the missing products were attached to GPS devices, and were able to track their current location.

Courtesy of Burbank Police Department

Police followed the signal and drove on the 101 Freeway towards Reseda. Around 1:00 a.m., Burbank Police officers along with the Los Angeles Police Department and Air Support located and stopped a vehicle belonging to a suspect in the 21000 block of Roscoe Blvd. in Canoga Park.

A man and woman in the vehicle were detained. Police searched the car and discovered the stolen perfumes, as well as alleged burglary tools.

Courtesy of Burbank Police Department

Courtesy of Burbank Police Department

Both suspects were arrested and booked into the Burbank City Jail. They have been identified as Giovanni Lopez-Valencia, 27 of Reseda, and Mariel Miranda-Guerra, 33 of Reseda.

On May 7, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed one count each of burglary and
grand theft against both suspects.

Lopez-Valencia and Miranda-Guerra are both being held on $250,000 bail and are due in court today.

The recovered perfumes which have an estimated value of over $19,000 have since been returned to Ulta Beauty.

Man Arrested for Breaking into Restaurant, Stealing Alcohol

On Thursday, March 29 at 4:00 a.m., Burbank Police found a man suspiciously pushing a shopping cart full of beer and wine bottles in the area of Ontario and Pacific Avenue.

The man was found to have receipts from Isabella’s Italian Kitchen at 1220 W. Burbank Blvd. Police soon discovered that the restaurant had been burglarized, with the front door forced open. The alcohol from the shopping cart had come from the restaurant’s refrigerator.

Police arrested the suspect who has been identified as Saul Salazar, 31 of Bakersfield.

(Photo supplied by the Burbank Police Department)

Salazar was booked for burglary and three outstanding warrants.

The case is currently under review for charges. A charge for being in possession of stolen property is likely.

Salazar’s bail is $50,000 and he is due to appear in court tomorrow.

Campaign Worker Sentenced For Sign Theft

Scott Trinidad, the volunteer campaign worker for School Board candidate Steve Ferguson, pled no contest in Burbank Superior Court today to  a charge that he stole signs for another candidate.

Scott Trinidad, idientified as a campaign volunteer for  Steve Ferguson, is shown on surveilance video taken February 11.

A man identified as a campaign volunteer for Steve Ferguson, is shown on surveillance video taken February 11.

Trinidad, 30, was caught on surveillance video on February 11, when he took two signs from of a business located in the 1200 block of W. Magnolia Blvd.   The video, which was published on BurbankNBeyond.com, led to Trinidad being identified as the person taking the signs.

After an investigation by the Burbank Police Department, the Burbank City Attorney’s office filed a charge of theft with a value of less than $50.  Campaign signs cost roughly $4 each.  The crime is an infraction, with a maximum fine of $250.  Trinidad was fined $200 by the judge, plus penalty assessments.  The total of the fine and penalty totaled approximately $950, according to Senior Assistant City Attorney Denny Wei.

Candidate Steve Ferguson was not charged in this case, and has publicly denied any knowledge of Trinidad’s actions.  Ferguson further apologized to fellow school board candidate Char Tabet for the theft.

The School Board and City Council election is currently underway as mail in ballots have been sent to Burbank voters.  The last day to vote is April 9, before 7 p.m. when ballos not mailed in must be dropped off at designated locations in order to be counted.


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Reader Takes Issue With Ferguson Campaign Strategy

I am writing to share my concerns with the recent actions of BUSD School Board candidate Steve Ferguson. In mid February it was reported by on-line social media that a member of Mr. Ferguson’s election campaign was caught on video stealing an opponent’s election signs. Apparently, the culprit was readily known to Mr. Ferguson as he ruefully admitted that this childish and illegal act was, in fact, tied to his campaign.

It was also reported that Mr. Ferguson would relegate the sign thief to a ‘greatly diminished role” in his campaign. Stealing of signs is illegal and accordingly, a report was filed with the Burbank Police Department. The obvious question here is this: why wasn’t this individual, immediately known by Mr. Ferguson, fired? Surely someone who is seeking public office would want to distance themselves from the perpetrator once they had knowledge that illegal acts were being committed on their behalf. This failure to act and do the right thing is even more egregious when one considers that the position he is seeking creates local policy and has influence over our children. What is the message being sent to our kids?

Well it now appears that Mr. Ferguson may have been less than sincere in his original statement. As can be seen in the attached video frames one individual appears to be in both images. The problem is, the color image was taken last Friday. Based these images it is apparent that Mr. Ferguson has not re-assigned the individual responsible for the theft. Rather, this person is actively engaged in campaign planning efforts.

So, was Mr. Ferguson’s statement on how he was going to deal with the thief within his campaign a lie? Or, is this an example of an immature action that one might expect of someone just four years out of high school? Either way, Steve Ferguson is not ready for a seat on the Burbank School Board. We deserve and can do better.

Helen Martinez

(Editor’s Note: Picture sent in can not be verified and has not been published)

Reducing Theft Risk on Holiday Deliveries

On November 12th Burbank Police officers responded to the area near Kenneth Road and Delaware Road after being advised a VW Jetta was seen following a UPS delivery truck.  Officers stopped the vehicle with two occupants, and during their investigation found several cardboard boxes within the car, with shipping labels.  Officers determined the occupants were following the delivery truck, and taking boxes from unoccupied residence doorways and porches.

This package was left outside a Burbank residents door in plain site of the public  (Photo By John Savageau)

The result of the incident was an arrest of one juvenile and one adult who were observed stealing the packages from porches.   Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department noted there were several thefts of packages from residences reported in November.

Burbank residents can help protect themselves from package delivery theft by following some simple guidelines.  The Burbank Police advises one method in preventing mail theft is to have your neighbors, ones that you trust, gather packages that are delivered while you are away from your residence.  In addition, the post office or delivery companies can have your mail/packages kept at the main office for you to pick up.

Sal Basset from The UPS Store on the corner of Buena Vista and Victory in Burbank continues that “many delivery companies will drop off a package without asking for a signature.”  While drivers have some discretion in dropping packages at unoccupied residences, they will generally make the drop in an effort to expedite their deliveries.

Basset continues that companies such as UPS give customers the option of having their package delivered to their local outlet or franchise store.  However if you are waiting for a package delivery, Basset notes the best choice is to track the delivery online, and try to ensure somebody is at home waiting for the shipment.

If you do see any suspicious activity, the Burbank Police suggest getting as much information as possible, such as suspect descriptions, times, vehicles, license plate numbers, or other information and call the police at 818-238-3000 or 911 for an emergency.