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Cultural Arts Commission Calls For “Alone Together Showcase” Submissions

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission calls for submissions from local creatives and crafters for the upcoming Alone Together Showcase to be held November 20. Deadline for submissions is Friday, October 30, at 11:59 p.m.

“Creativity and the Arts reflect the human experience as a way for people to share their humanity and tell their truths,” commented Leah Harrison, Chair of the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission. “Yet, in these challenging times it is virtually impossible to commune with our neighbors. We cannot gather to share our stories, our projects, or works of beauty that we have been creating to keep us sane in these difficult times.”

“The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission is absolutely thrilled to have the support of the city in creating the ongoing series Virtually Burbank, which was created in an effort to fill the vacuum created by the lack of public events. As an outreach program it is a service to the community where creatives can gather, share, discuss, lament, train in our new reality of virtual gatherings.”

Image Courtesy Burbank Cultural Arts Commission

The 2020 season of Virtually Burbank is called Alone Together, and culminates with the Alone Together Showcase.

“This will be a celebration of human creativity and spirit by showing that although we are not able to gather together right now we are not alone,” Harrison explained. “Because the Showcase is for all levels of creative experience we previously hosted a series of workshops to help support and train people to create their submissions.”

“The first was ‘Creativity in the Digital Landscape,’ where artists of different genres discussed how they are sharing their art form in the virtual space. It featured two presenters who called in from Delaware moments after losing their power to a tornado. But as 2020 shows, we all just keep finding ways to move forward.”

“The second, ‘Celebrating Inspiration,’ was a beautiful gathering of artists sharing their inspirations, or lack of, how they were coping with creating alone, and the tools they used to stay inspired. It showed that creativity in any form no matter how big or small is vital at this time.”

“The third workshop, ‘Alone Together: How to Get the Perfect Shot (At Home),’ sponsored by the New York Film Academy, was a delightful presentation on the basics of at home filming. All of these sessions were recorded and can be viewed on our burbankarts.com page.”

“We have had an overwhelming response from the Virtually Burbank: Alone Together workshops,” Harrison added. “Numerous people have reached out and told us about finding new inspiration, feeling supported, and learning new techniques.”

“It is such a thrill to see so many people around the country be inspired by our local community. Including one attendee who logged in all the way from Thailand! The BCAC has been honored that local artists would join us for these workshops and donate their time, share their passions, and their bravery in sharing their struggles and accomplishments.”

“Now we would be delighted for our community to share their creativity in the upcoming Alone Together Showcase. Anyone and everyone can submit to the Alone Together Showcase, all ages are welcome.”

“We hear from our neighbors they are gardening, cooking, making outfits for their cats, singing, dancing, writing, knitting, creating vending machines of art, puppet shows, so many inspiring things,” Harrison said. “We would love for you to share your bright light with our wonderful community and let them know that we may be alone, but we are all in this together.”

Submissions are required to be in JPG, TIF, MOV or MP4 format. More information on what and how to submit may be found on the Virtually Burbank: Alone Together Showcase webpage.

The Alone Together Showcase will be held online on Friday, November 20, at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Virtually Burbank Forum Shares How To Get The Perfect Shot (At Home)

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission hosts the third in its online series, Virtually Burbank, with “How To Get The Perfect Shot (At Home)” featuring special guest Matt Kohnen, a director and cinematographer.

The Cultural Arts Commission seeks to help boost creativity and inspiration during the COVID pandemic with these free to the public online meetings.

“How do you film yourself at home – and make yourself look AMAZING? Or at least, good?” the commission asks.

Image Courtesy Burbank Cultural Arts Commission

Kohnen, a filmmaker and cinematography teacher at New York Film Academy, will conduct a workshop, discussing tricks of the trade for every user.

Perhaps you’re just trying to use a laptop camera to get the best shot for your Zoom meetings. Maybe you’re trying to shoot a short film on your phone. Kohnen will talk about user-friendly tactics to getting the best shot possible.

Co-sponsored by New York Film Academy, “How To Get The Perfect Shot (At Home)” begins at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 1, via Zoom and Facebook Live. Those interested in attending the online forum should RSVP to Burbank Cultural Arts Commission here: burbankarts@burbankca.gov.

For more information on the event, visit the webpage here.

“Virtually Burbank” Forum Aims To Support And Motivate Local Artists

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission hosts the second in its series of free Virtually Burbank forums via Zoom Friday, September 4, at 5:00 p.m. The forum series, “Alone Together,” is held on the first Friday of every month and features speakers on finding inspiration and maintaining creativity through the current pandemic.

The forum aims to virtually connect artists and their community, although they may remain physically distant and separate from each other. With the loss of traditional, physical outlets for sharing and creating art, the need for artists to pivot to an online or non-traditional model has created challenges for many local artists.

Image Courtesy Burbank Cultural Arts Commission

Featured panelists for the September meeting include screenwriter and playwright Erik Patterson, professional dancer Damara Titmus, singer/songwriter Arielle Silver, writer Monica Groves, re-purposing artist Stefanie Girard, producer Dawn Robinson-Patrick and Natasha Middleton of Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre.

“It will be an evening of artists sharing connection with our community to create a shared vision of togetherness and inspirations while facing difficult times,” said Leah Harrison, Chair of the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission and host of the Virtually Burbank workshops.

“Our series of virtual events will culminate in a November online showcase, where all of our neighbors can share their creative projects,” explains Harrison, “Because even if we are often Alone right now we are all really Together in the experience of this pivotal time in history.”

Approximately 40 people joined the first Virtually Burbank forum in August, which featured a discussion on “Creating Art and Community in the Virtual Age.”  Artists and producers talked about how they find an audience and how they share creative projects via a variety of available platforms.

More information on the panelists and instructions on how to log in to the Zoom forum can be found on the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission website here: Virtually Burbank: Celebrating Inspiration – Burbank Arts.