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Bike Enthusiasts Join Walk, Bike Burbank for Annual New Years River Path Ride

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The fourth annual Walk, Bike Burbank’s New Years River Ride took off from The Gene Autry Museum Saturday morning, January 6, with approximately 50 riders ranging in age from seven to over 70.

Riders proceeded over the I-5 Freeway to the entrance of the Los Angeles River Bike Path and headed south along the river path passing runners, walkers and many other bike riders.

Riders pedaled classic old bikes, electric assist bikes and brand new holiday-gift bikes. Burbank resident Mickey DePalo rode his eye-catching ElliptiGO standup bike.

The ride gave participants a chance to see wild birds along the Los Angeles River and several new construction projects, including new commercial properties and condos adjacent to the river path.

Along the path, there are several areas people can stop, such as The Frog Spot, Bicycle Spoke Cafe, small parks and the larger Grant Park, which has restroom facilities.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The ride took the group past Elysian Park to the new bike path extension near the 10 Freeway, past Figueroa near Riverside Drive.  That was the seven-mile mark where the riders looped back and made the return trek home. 

The Gene Autry Museum was the final destination after completing the 13-mile ride. Some riders enjoyed lunch at the Autry Cafe afterwards.


Walk Bike Burbank to Hold Bicycle Festival Sunday

Press release from Walk Bike Burbank:

Are you ready to ride your bike to school?  School’s open and an all-Burbank Bicycle Festival is being held Sunday, October 1 at Edison Elementary school, located on the Chandler Bike Path and street. Bring your bike!

Burbank’s Bike Festival will encourage all Burbank students and their parents to celebrate the bicycle and its role in getting us safely to school, work and play. 

Walk Bike Burbank, local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, has teamed up with the Burbank Transportation Management Organization, local bike shops and others to organize the first city-wide Burbank Bicycle Festival to be held at Edison Elementary on Sunday, October 1st from 12pm to 4pm.

Burbank Bicycle Festival is designed to inform and prepare parents and students of activities planned by local Burbank schools to participate in Walk and Bike to School Day on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Walk and Bike to School Day is a national event coordinated by The National Center for Safe Routes to School.

Skills Course. Young bicyclists maneuver through a figure-eight course to practice yielding to other bicyclists at a similar bicycle festival at a local elementary school in Santa Monica, CA. (Photos supplied by Walk Bike Burbank)

This Sunday’s bicycle festival is free and will offer fun bicycle activities, giveaways, prizes, refreshments and events for students and parents, as well as opportunities to learn about safe cycling procedures, maintenance and repair skills and how to plan a route for biking or walking to school. 

Young bike riders will be able to participate in various youth bicycling skills courses taught by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists.  These specifically created youth bicycling skills courses were specially developed by the League to prepare young cyclists to safely ride their bikes. 

Professional bicycle mechanics will also be on hand to give free safety checks and perform all minor repairs on bicycles for free to ensure every student who wants to ride their bike to school on Bike and Walk to School Day will be safely prepared. 

Burbank bicycle shop, H&S Bicycles will be presenting informative “how-to” programs on how to fix a flat, keeping your bike ready-to-go and checking your bicycle for safety. 

Local Burbank bike blogger and bike-riding mom, Erin Viera of Bike Bike Baby, along with national bicycle manufacturer Kent, will be on hand demonstrating various family friendly bicycling products, such as bicycle trailers for towing toddlers and hauling groceries. 

Burbank High School’s “Tech Tutors,” a group of local tech-savvy kids will also be on hand to help parents set up and use their phones or tablets to assist and map out the best routes for walking or biking to school or work 

Sunday’s Burbank Bike Festival will help prepare all students, regardless of skills or abilities, for the upcoming Walk and Bike to School Day and the Burbank City-wide TMO t-shirt challenge, which further encourages all local students to continue safely riding their bicycles to school.

Everybody is welcome.  Admission is free. Bring your bike!  Edison Elementary School, Sunday, October 1st from 12pm to 4pm

Walk Bike Burbank Presents “ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR” Award

Burbank resident and daily bike rider, Susan Yamamoto was recently awarded “Burbank Bike Advocate of the Year” by Walk Bike Burbank, local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. 

Susan was recognized for her successful efforts improving local bike parking at several new Burbank businesses.  In appreciation, Susan was also presented with individual gift certificates from each of the several new Burbank stores that have recently implemented Susan’s bike parking suggestions –Walmart, Grocery Outlet and IKEA.

When the new Walmart opened last year in Burbank without any designated bike parking, Susan met directly with their local management to discuss potential bike parking solutions with them.  After several meetings, Susan’s persistence paid off when Walmart agreed with her and installed a new bike parking rack next to the front entrance.

As Burbank’s newest grocery store, Grocery Outlet, with its bicycle-convenient central location was opening last year, someone forgot to replace the bike parking racks previously removed by the departing tenant.  During the store’s Grand Opening, Susan was able to persuade both regional and local store managers of the need for bike parking.  Her tenacity paid-off when new and accommodating bike parking was installed near the front door.

Who on earth rides a bicycle to the largest IKEA in North America?  It turns out plenty of customers and employees for sure use their bicycles for transportation to and from there.  IKEA now even offers their own brand of bicycle and bike commuter gear.  But while IKEA themselves have a corporate commitment to support bicycle commuting and travel, the new store’s actual bike parking was inconveniently located quite a distance from the store’s main entrance.

When IKEA opened in its new location in Burbank, Susan met with the local store managers and convinced them that that additional bike parking, located nearer the front entrance, would attract bike riding customers.  IKEA agreed and installed additional racks by the front door, which now seem to nearly always contain customer’s bikes.

Anyone who rides a bicycle in Burbank while doing normal everyday errands quickly realizes the need for better, safer bike parking facilities at many local stores and shopping areas.  Better bicycle amenities encourage customers to consider active transportation options. 

Thanks to Susan Yamamoto and her tireless local advocacy for better bike parking.  Because of local bike advocates like Susan, Burbank is becoming a safer and nicer place every day for using a bicycle as regular practical transportation.

Walk Bike Burbank is the local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  For more information on Walk Bike Burbank, visit their website at walkbikeburbank.org or email the steering committee atwalkbikeburbank@gmail.com.

Burbank Police Successfully Register Bikes While Several Received Needed Repairs

This past weekend The Burbank Police Departments Community Outreach & Personnel Services Bureau (COPS) along with volunteers from Walk, Bike , Burbank gathered at the intersection of Keystone & Chandler to register bikes and make minor repairs.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The Police Departments reported over 85 bikes were registered that day and several  bikes fixed by Walk, Bike, Burbank such as fixed flat tires, tighten seats, and adjusted brake cables free of charge.

There were new bikes, old bikes and classic bikes brought in to register.

My Burbank staff were on scene to capture some of the images from the days events.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)



All Day Long Bike Celebration Planned for Saturday

As we head into what is the final weekend of the 2016 summer vacation, some things naturally come together.  Like beautiful weather and shiny bicycles, for example.  And that’s exactly what you’ll see this weekend out on the Chandler Bike Path during Saturday’s day-long #BIKEBURBANK Celebration. Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

Saturday’s Bicycle Registration and Celebration event, #BIKEBURBANK – sponsored by the Burbank Police Department, Walk Bike Burbank, Pure Cycles and more – will be held along Burbank’s premier bikeway, the Chandler Bike Path from 8 am till 2 pm.

The Chandler Bike Path is a local jewel for regional bicyclists and Burbank residents alike.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“In 2004, the City of Burbank converted an abandoned Southern Pacific railroad track along Chandler Boulevard into what has become the crown jewel of the City’s bicycle network,” explains David Kriske, Assistant Community Development Director for Transportation.  “It’s a piece of Burbank that has historically been dedicated to transportation, and today it serves as the city’s primary ‘8-to-80’ cycling corridor, where children as young as 8 and folks as old as 80 can feel safe riding a bicycle.   The path connects Burbank residents directly to the Metro Orange and Red lines and also helps commuters outside the city get to their jobs in Burbank. Burbankers also use the path daily for health and recreation.  I can’t think of a better place than the Chandler Bike Path to celebrate active transportation in Burbank,” Kriske said

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Walk Bike Burbank’s Midnight Rumble Rolls to another Success

If you thought you saw some of your friends and neighbors out riding their bikes in the middle of the night last weekend, don’t worry; you weren’t dreaming.Midnight Ramble Group

On Saturday evening August 20, adventurous local cyclists set out under the light of the last full moon of the summer to participate in Burbank’s second annual Midnight Ramble, a late-night 11-mile bike ride open to the entire community, organized by Walk Bike Burbank, the local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.

Beginning at Pure Cycles, Burbank’s globally-renown bicycle manufacturer – from the corner of Chandler and Victory, the unlikely assemblage of late-night Burbank bikers rode west on the Chandler Bike Path under a bright silvery moon, eventually working their way around and through Burbank, passing such well-known local landmarks as the Safari Inn, the Michael Graves-designed “7-Dwarfs” World Headquarters at Walt Disney Production facilities, the ABC Television Network headquarters, Burbank Studios – the home of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, and the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, then pedaling along to Warner Brothers Studios and Warner Records – and many more unique sights before intercepting the Chandler Bike Path again, returning back to their starting point at Pure Cycles for Sandoval’s mighty tacos and plenty of cold refreshments afterwards!Jorge Cooking

Cyclists young and old seemed equally captivated as they toured Burbank’s network of bike paths and lanes while taking in Burbank’s unique media-rich character – under the flood light of a full, bright moon.

In particular, active baby boomers looking for new ways to experience Burbank in a more healthy and active way were equally excited by this event. “One couple came from La Crescenta just for the ride,” notes Mike Hollis, third-generation Burbank native and Chairman of Walk Bike Burbank, “She works locally here at UME Credit Union and always wanted to try riding the nearby Chandler Bike Path. When she saw our ride flyers she decided to join us and brought her husband too. It was their first time on the bike paths in Burbank and they really enjoyed the complete experience!”Riding Keystone & Olive

Walk Bike Burbank has been regularly sponsoring local cycling events and community rides like Saturday’s Midnight Ramble and the quarterly Farmers’ Market Free Community Bike Repair clinics since its founding in 2014.

When asked what the group hopes to achieve with such events, WBB co-founder Patrick Dickson responded, “We share a common vision of a multimodal lifestyle where people want to live in cities with an interconnected system of bikeways, pedestrian paths and public transit. We also want to keep active mobility access and transportation choices positive for everyone in Burbank. One of the first steps in achieving that is getting people back on their bikes, reminding them that they have real options in how they get where they need to go. They’ll soon discover that everything in Burbank is actually very nearby on a bicycle!”Mike Talking to riders

Summer By Rail Brings Washington Intern to Burbank

New York, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and Portland. These are just a few of the destination cities for Elena Studier as she and her bicycle travel the country by rail. This past Tuesday, she added Burbank to the itinerary, making it her first choice for a Southern California bicycle destination. Through a summer internship, college sophomore Elena Studier, along with her bike named Stevie, are on a multi-modal journey across the country.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Elena, a Washington D.C. student, arrived in Burbank on Tuesday by train, marking the official beginning of the Southern California portion of her epic 38-day “road trip” bike/rail adventure across the country.
“Summer by Rail,” is the city to city voyage she is undertaking as a blogging bike rider traveling by rail, and as a Summer Intern with the National Association of Rail Passengers, a Washington D.C. advocacy group working for increased inter-city rail networks, service and route choices.
Elena plans to visit 18 cities and 15 states, emphasizing transportation alternatives by focusing on bike, ferry, rail and bus modes of travel throughout her entire journey.

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Hoping to complete a full 10-12 miles of bike riding while touring as many local Burbank sites and locations as possible in a day, Elena arrived promptly at 10 am on Metrolink’s train #107 along with her bike. Prior to taking Metrolink to Burbank, she had just arrived that morning at Los Angeles Union Station on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, after having boarded it the evening before in Flagstaff, Arizona.
“Burbank’s many unique points of interest along with its Amtrak, Metrolink and Metro rail service connections, made it easily my first choice-destination for an unforgettable Southern California rail and bicycle adventure,” she said as she was greeted by Burbank Councilmember Bob Frutos, City transportation planning staff and Walk Bike Burbank members who had all assembled for her arrival at the Downtown Burbank train station.

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Joining her on her Burbank bike tour was Patrick Dickson, City of Burbank Transportation Commission member and founding member of Walk Bike Burbank, a local pedestrian and bicycle transportation advocacy group. “We share in Elena’s vision of a multimodal lifestyle where people want to live in cities with an interconnected system of bikeways and pedestrian paths. Demonstrating how these amenities can influence traffic movements and increase the quality of life for Burbank residents is important for everyone to see,” Dickson explains.
Studier, a student focusing on transportation and urban environments while working towards an undergraduate degree in International Affairs and Human Geography said her first Burbank bike-tourist stop must be the nearby Nickelodeon Studios, explaining she grew up with Sponge Bob Square Pants and wanted to see where he actually lives in Burbank!

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

From the Nickelodeon studios, her bike journey resumed with a short trek over to Burbank’s premier bicycle manufacturer, Pure Cycles – creator of the now-classic Pure Fix single-speed urban bicycles, and other internationally popular lines of city transportation and cruiser bicycles. Founding partner, Michael Fishman met up with Elena next to the Chandler Bike Path where Pure Cycle’s World Headquarters is located, giving her a first-hand guided tour. Elena noted the Burbank bike brand’s growing national popularity, commenting on the many colorful Pure Fix bikes she noticed all over Chicago during her recent visit there.

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Back on Chandler Bike Path, Elena’s journey continued over to Keystone Avenue where she intercepted the designated Class III bike route leading directly to the Walt Disney Studios. On her way there, a brief detour on Olive Avenue was in order for a de rigor photo in front of the 1950s era Safari Inn Motel sign. Vividly displayed in Burbank for decades, this sign is a recognizable icon harkening back to past eras and has been featured in many movies and popular TV shows over the years.
Arriving at the front Disney gate gave a spectacular view of the Seven Dwarfs on the Michael Graves-designed headquarters building. From there, she began a unique and enjoyable little bike journey around the Disney Studios that revealed many Disney Channel star’s TV homes – all located in that special little “Disney” Burbank neighborhood adjacent the studios – and all locally accessible by any intrepid Burbank bicyclist.

Rail-Bike Transportation Intern Elena

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

From the Disney Studios lot, Elena jaunted down the Riverside Drive bike lanes, viewing the Disney Animation building and ABC Television Network’s West Coast headquarters, and then over to Warner Avenue, taking in the areas surrounding Warner Brothers’ Studio gates – complete with unique bicycle-perspective sound stage viewing areas and angles.
Walking further down Olive Avenue, she paused for pictures in front of the famous WB billboards and the Ellen Show sound stage. True to expectations, a well-known celebrity who dances with the stars raced by at that very moment in his shiny sports car – reinforcing Burbank’s unique moniker, “Media Capital of the World!”
Shoving off from the front of Warner’s Gate 4, with the postcard view of their recognizable water tower in the background, Elena made her way by a necessary combination of walking and biking over to California Avenue, and on up to Magnolia Avenue where she was met by City of Burbank Community Development transportation planners Beverly Wong and Hannah Woo – pausing for a light lunch and refreshments at bicycle-friendly Romancing the Bean Coffee Shop on Magnolia Avenue.
Bike Friendly businesses all provide bicycle-parking and other considerations. Elena explained that many cities and districts are exchanging one on-street parking spot with a “bike corral.” A bike corral is a physical on-street parking barrier replacing a space of one car to create increased parking for ten or more customers’ bicycles. This practice has proven effective in increasing business in many areas similar to Magnolia Park.
After enjoying a break and refreshments, Elena’s journey circled around the nearby voice recording studios used for many current popular animated shows, and the Magnolia Avenue musical recording studio of her bike’s namesake, “Stevie.”
Concluding her Burbank bike tour, Elena was accompanied on the Chandler Bike Path to the North Hollywood Metro Red Line station for her trip back to Los Angeles Union Station. The next day she had a ticket on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle. Destination: Austin, Texas – and the rest of the country!
Her Southern California journey was nearing its completion as Elena explained, “Millions of American’s think that public transportation is only for major metropolitan areas, I want to show how easy it is to travel from coast to coast, to hit the city or hike in a national park.”
Elena’s visit to Burbank shows us that with the many local Amtrak, Metrolink and Metro Rail choices all conveniently accessible by bicycle makes Burbank a connected small town, and a great national tourist destination. Her Burbank visit also reminded us again how easy it is to see the most interesting local sites from a bicycle!

You can follow Elena on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her blog Summer by Rail at www.summerbyrail.com

Walk Bike Burbank to Promote Safety Program

The seasons have changed and so should habits of bicyclists in Burbank, say local biking advocates.

As summer gives way to fall, daylight hours decrease, and visibility becomes an increasing issue for cyclists.  Indeed, California Vehicle Code 21201 requires bicycles operated during darkness to be equipped with a white light on the front that can be seen from at least 300 feet away, and a rear red reflector that can be seen 500 feet away while in motion.  This mandate is not directly for the sake of the cyclists, but for those around them.

“Bike lights are not so much needed to actually illuminate the path in front of you, but rather to make the bicycle more visible so that other people can see you, whether they be drivers or other bicyclists or pedestrians,” said Mike Hollis, chairman of Walk Bike Burbank, the nonprofit local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.  Walk Bike Burbank works to ensure a continuing positive community environment for walking and bicycling improvements benefiting everyone in Burbank.

The same bicycle equipment law also mandates pedal or ankle reflectors visible for at least 200 feet, and wheel or tire reflectors for side-illumination lighting.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, LACBC, a member supported non-profit organization, suggests riders go beyond the law’s requirements and include a rear red light.  Each year the LACBC, along with Walk Bike Burbank and other local chapters, sponsor a county-wide “Operation Firefly” program – an education and bicycle light distribution program intended to make sure bicyclists in Los Angeles are riding safely at night.  Beginning in November, groups of volunteers will stop bicyclists riding without lights in order to give them front and rear lights along with an information card that explains the law for riding at night and provides tips for nighttime bike safety.

The need for these precautions is very real; sixty-nine percent of bicycle fatalities nationwide in 2012 were in urban areas, and nearly half occurred between 4 p.m. and midnight, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Moreover, nighttime cyclists are still found without the legally mandated lights all too frequently; the LACBC distributed over 2,000 lights during last year’s Operation Firefly campaign alone – nearly 100 in Burbank, and they plan to do so again this year.

When asked priorities for bike safety, Walk Bike Burbank lists better visibility through lights and bright, reflective clothing as well as following traffic laws such as stopping at stop signs and yielding proper right-of-way to both cars and pedestrians.

Advocates acknowledge the importance of riders keeping safety in mind, but emphasize it should not overshadow the interest of a beneficial and healthy daily activity.

“There’s so much benefit to be had from just a few little safety measures,” Hollis said. “Being visible, being courteous; knowing the laws – what is right and what is wrong for bicyclists, as well as what the motorists expect.  But with those few little things, cycling becomes immeasurably safer and more fun for everyone.”

Mayor Frutos Joining Roy Weigand As He Finishes 100 Mile Fundraiser Run

Roy Weigand is coming to town, but he’s not making an ordinary entrance. Mayor Bob Frutos has called on bicyclists, runners and walkers to join Roy as he “runs” into town after a 100 mile trek from Children’s Hospital in Orange County and Los Angeles, to his final destination at McCambridge Park.

The Tennis Center will be hosting a fundraiser for Roy’s cause – – the Michael Hoefflin Foundation which is dedicated to helping families with children fighting cancer. Roy was inspired to do the super long run in memory of Christopher Wilke, a young Burbank boy who succumbed to the disease in March 2014.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Walk Bike Burbank is organizing local bicyclists by meeting up at the rear entrance of City Hall. An advance team of cyclists headed by Debbie Reid, a nurse supervisor at Children’s Hospital and member of Walk Bike Burbank, will monitor Roy’s progress as he heads to Burbank and will notify the group of Roy’s expected schedule.

“I am happy to participate in the Mayor’s ride to support the Michael Hoefflin Foundation,” Reid said. “At Children’s Hospital, we are on the front line of fighting cancer affecting children, and so I am happy to be able to use my bicycle to promote this cause.”

The group at City Hall will meet at 9:00 a.m. and will encourage folks to have breakfast or shop at the Farmers’ Market and then will be notified when the group is ready to depart in order to meet up with Roy as he enters Burbank.Pat with Mayor's bike

Mayor Frutos will be making the debut of the City’s first “Official Bike” during this ride. Walk Bike Burbank recently presented the City Council with a brand new Pure City bicycle in recognition of National Bike Month in May. Pure City Cycles, a Burbank based designer, manufacturer and world-wide distributor of classic-style bicycles, provided the new Mayor’s bike.

“We live, work and ride bikes in Burbank; we believe in using bicycles as part of ordinary everyday activities. We are pleased that City officials are willing to ride with us and want to encourage everyone to ride bikes in Burbank,” says Michael Fishman, co-founder of Pure City Cycles.

City Manager Mark Scott agrees. He recently purchased his own Pure City bike – from Walk Bike Burbank, for a special good community cause. He bought his specially branded Walk Bike Burbank bicycle as part of this Saturday’s Christopher Wilke fund raising activities with a bicycle donated by Pure City Cycles.

The purchase price of the city manager’s new bike is being donated to the Michael Hoefflin Foundation. Mr. Scott is a lifelong casual bike rider who is looking forward again to enjoying his new bicycle for local errands and fun.

“I may not be the fastest thing on two wheels, but I enjoy getting out occasionally – and Burbank has the Chandler bike path that I’m quite excited to use,” Scott recently said.

Join Mayor Frutos as he leads a community bike ride escorting Roy Weigand’s approach to the Burbank Tennis Center – then enjoy all the fun at the park!

4th of July Festival at the Burbank Tennis Center – The Return of ROY’S RUN
Burbank Tennis Center – at McCambridge Park
249 Amherst Drive, Burbank, California 91504
10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Burbank City Council Proclamation Declares May Walk Bike Month

The entire month of May has been proclaimed as “Walk Bike Month” in Burbank by a recent City Council proclamation.

In making this proclamation, the City officially recognized recent improvements in infrastructure and community access for walking and biking options. This proclamation also helped celebrate and draw additional attention to active transportation choices and their immediate practical benefits to motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists in Burbank.

(Photo by Amanda Okafor)

(Photo by Amanda Okafor)

Members of the local Walk Bike Burbank chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition were on hand to accept the Proclamation, which was presented at the May 12th City Council meeting – and to present the Mayor of Burbank with a new Mayor’s bicycle, which became the newest official vehicle in the City’s municipal fleet.  Mayor Bob Frutos accepted the bicycle, vowing to use it for many upcoming community events and bike rides.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Mayor’s new bike, which was designed in Burbank by Pure City Cycles, was purchased as a winning bid at the Burbank Temporary Aid Center’s annual fund-raising auction. It was then donated to Walk Bike Burbank to be held and made available for official City and Mayor-designated uses.

Through this proclamation, the City also recognized an increased number of bicycles sharing local streets. It has become all the more commonplace in Burbank today – along bike lanes and city streets – to see all types and ages of people on their bikes, pedaling places.

A recent walk down Chandler Bike Path on Bike to Work Day, May 14th, revealed a variety of users ranging in age from about eight to 80, equally enjoying and utilizing the public bike/pedestrian pathway.Walk Bike Proclamation-2

On this National Bike to Work Day, there were plenty of seasoned bike commuters using the path between Downtown Burbank and the Red and Orange Line stations in North Hollywood. But there also appeared many people new to the experience of bicycling as transportation, actively giving bike commuting a go.

Even the City’s former Mayor, Marsha Ramos, was spotted riding her bike to work in Glendale following the Mayor’s Pray Breakfast. She currently is Burbank’s representative on the Metropolitan Water District Board making the most of her own new Pure City bicycle for practical local transportation.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Newcomers and old hands weren’t the only ones pedaling their way to work on Bike to Work Day. Many previous bike riders could be found taking up their old activities, as well.

“It’s reassuring seeing adult ‘re-beginners’ using the Chandler Bike Path, returning to the joy of riding their bicycles while regaining youthful stamina and confidence once thought lost to time,” reflected Burbank Transportation Commissioner Patrick Dickson.

“The notable increase in bicycles and pedestrians in Burbank is directly connected to increased route safety and connecting bike path options.  Increased safety emphasis at local crosswalks, increased transit choices, and more Burbank Bus service isn’t just a boon for some,” Dickson said. “It increases mobility access for everyone.”