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Talaria Officially Opens With Ribbon Cutting And Premiere Party

On Wednesday, February 27, the Cusumano Development Team saw 12 years of planning and hard work come to fruition while they and 400 guests watched as the ribbon was cut for the new Talaria mixed-use building.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

In the garden courtyard of the new complex, Michael Cusumano shared some reflections and observations. Since his team started work on the project, the City has had five City Managers; when he started there was Mary Alvord, then came Mike Flad, Ken Pulskamp, Mark Scott and now Ron Davis. It was hard enough to keep one city manager happy yet he kept five happy.

They started in 2007 with a dream, a vision to build a community in the media district that was unlike any community that had been built before in this region, Cusumano said.

Those who have been watching for 12 years recall the site was 24 different parcels of land on two blocks. In the beginning, it wasn’t clear that they would ever be able to buy all of the parcels that were necessary to consolidate the site. Then the financial world fell apart in September of 2008. The team could have walked away but they continued to trust that in the end, it would all come together and they would build the project that they had always dreamed about.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Cusumano said there were hundreds of people that played important roles in the development of the project and contributed hours.

From the beginning, Whole Foods has been a wonderful part of the project, he said.

“They were committed to this site and this project from day one, they never wavered or flinched in their commitment and when they opened their doors on June 20, 2018, the public got to see their long-awaited Whole Food Burbank. It’s been noted that the store is one of the most beautiful stores in the world and to date one of the most successful in the Whole Food Chain.”

The project architect, Gustaf Soderberg and his team from VTBS, have been able to capture the design of a community that was dreamed of in the beginning. “They were the design masters in what is being acknowledged as one of the most exciting designs anywhere in the Los Angeles area.”

Cusumano also acknowledged Nadia Geller Designs who are also based here in Burbank and were responsible for all of the interior designs and furnishing. The other big part of the development was Burbank based McCormick Construction who oversaw the complete construction of the complex project.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

Cusumano took time to acknowledge one person very important from the beginning and that was Michael Hastings. “He never would let any issue dampen his enthusiasm for this project.” Cusumano said it was Michael who coined the name “Talaria” and he had taken pride in the project the same as the Cusumano team.

Cusumano also thanked his team at Cusumano Real Estate Group. On this project, his partners had been steadfast in their commitment and belief in the project. He shared that his wife Caroline will now have him back after working 80 hour weeks and he was happy to work with his son Tanner on his first project.

The Taleria project is Burbank’s only Green Certified residential community certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The living units consist of one, two and three bedroom units with a total of 241 units. Some of the amenities include: in-home dining, fully equipped fitness center with spa facilities, saunas, messages rooms, a pool with lap swimming and a private screening room. The garden where the party was held includes fire pits, BBQs, green lawn and an area private for dog owners.

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Whole Foods Market Burbank Opens


The woody smell of cooking barbecue mingled with the smell of fresh hot muffins, and new jars of food glimmered on shelves, while construction workers finished the final touches to Burbank’s first Whole Foods Market, opening Wednesday. 

“The Burbank community has been waiting for Whole Foods to open [a store] for a number of years,” said Store Manager Dave Aebersold a long time Whole Foods Market employee.

Whole Food Store Team Leader Dave Aebersold. (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

 The new market is busily readying itself for the grand opening.  The voluminous store, 42,000 square feet, has an overwhelming variety of produce, food, drink and even a restaurant and bar.  In addition to the standard market fair: milk, eggs, bread, there are specialty food sections with names like Grab-and-Go and Summer Party Hits. 

Love for Local is the produce section which will offer a bounty from over 400 local growers in California, including Bakersfield and Santa Barbara, and Whole Foods always tries to purchase organic.

“We try to get micro local, so we deal with folks like Weiser Farms that is in Tehachapi. That’s one of our big suppliers,” Aebersold said. 

Whole Foods will offer a variety of products in vegan, glucose free, and non-GMO selections.  

“One of the great things at Whole Foods Markets is we tag, so you can see if it’s organic, if its local, or if it is gluten free,”  said Aebersold.  “It’s just to help a lot of our shoppers who have diet or nutritional needs.”  

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

There will be a dizzying array of foods from local producers such as honey from Thousand Oaks, olive oil from Santa Margarita, and chocolate from San Diego.  Summer Party Hits, the cheese section, has more than 600 types of cheeses.  The liquor department has 1,200 types of wine and spirits, including 471 different beers.  In house made pork and salmon sausages, and smoked and barbecued meats will also be available. 

For shoppers who would rather eat out than eat at home, take away meals are available from the Grab and Go section.  Four different hot food bars will be offering seasonal food with various selections such as Greek or Peruvian.  Guests will be able to choose from the pizza, salad, sandwich, and taco food stations and from a vegan food bar.

The newest Burbank bar and restaurant will be Whole Foods’ Stage 71. The eatery, with outdoor seating and a wide view of the Media District, will serve customers everything from burgers, tacos, chicken wings and even vegan sushi.  They can also watch a game on one of the several large flat screen TVs. 

“Obviously being right across from the studios, there is going to be a huge clientele for lunch and dinner,” said Aeversold.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Happy hour will be everyday from 3-6 p.m.

Amazon Prime [Benefits and Now] customers will want to take advantage of 10 percent discounts.  Prime customers can use the Amazon site or the Whole Foods app to order and have it delivered within two hours.  There will also be special product sales for Amazon Prime [Benefits and Now] customers only. 

The Whole Foods Market will have 250 employees including several local Burbank workers.

The grand opening will be Wednesday, June 20 at 9 a.m. and store hours after that will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Whole Foods is located at 3401 W. Olive and has a large parking lot, below the soon-to-be-finished Taleria project, including many stalls with electric charging capabilities.

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Note: An update regarding Amazon Prime (Benefits and Now) was edited at 11:30.