Tamala Takahashi Qualifies as official Candidate for Burbank City Council

Photo Supplied by Tamala Takahashi for Burbank City Council 2022

Tamala Takahashi, a Burbank resident for 23 years, mother of three college students, small business owner, and long time community advocate has officially qualified as a candidate for Burbank City Council. Tamala has been a long time advocate for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable Burbank. Her top priorities are the environment, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, mental health, transportation safety, small/micro business, and housing.

Tamala loves our city and is an avid advocate for our community. Tamala ran for city council in 2020 and received the third highest vote count in a Burbank City Council election. She is the community’s next choice for council. If elected, Tamala Takahashi will be the first GenXer to serve on city council. The Gen X generation is a growing demographic in Burbank of business owners, community leaders and parents that has not had representation on our city council. Tamala is part of the “get it done” generation. “I’m not interested in politics. I’m interested in creating a better community.” – Tamala Takahashi

Tamala has wide reach and network throughout Burbank and beyond, and has secured support from community leaders such as our Senator and Burbank resident, Anthony Portantino, Past Burbank Mayors Emily Gabel-Luddy and Jef Vander Borght, Glendale City Council Member, Dan Brotman, Pasadena City Council Member, Jess Rivas, Mayor of San Luis Obispo, Erica A. Stewart, and Mayor of Agoura Hills, Deborah Klein Lopez,. She has also received the first organizational endorsement in the race from BanSUP, and is working closely with the Sierra Club and other environmental groups on local plastics use.

“Ms. Takahashi has a wide and constructive presence across many community groups with a tireless work ethic and positive record of working to improve our community.” – Senator Portantino.

For over ten years, Tamala Takahashi has worked in the non-profit sector and is currently obtaining her LMFT and LPCC licensing to pivot into the field of mental health, specializing in community and systemic applications of policy and practice.

“I have had the privilege of serving with Tamala on the Infrastructure Board. From the moment I met her, it was very clear that Tamala is always prepared, thoughtful in her deliberations and very much a contributor looking for solutions.” – Jef Vander Borght, former Burbank Mayor and council member.

Tamala has been dedicated to the Burbank community serving on a long list of boards and commissions such as Chair of the Burbank Infrastructure Oversight Board, Vice president of the Magnolia Parks Merchant Association, Board Member of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, Burbank YMCA, Burbank Noon Kiwanis and Burbank Human Relations Council. In addition, Tamala is co-founder of Reusable Burbank and Olive For All, focussed on waste and transportation sustainability.

Tamala understands the Burbank community and openly advocates for a better Burbank. Tamala Takahashi asks for your support for Burbank City Council. Please visit her website for details on how to volunteer, donate, and order a lawn sign at www.tamalatakahashi.com.

FB and IG: @tamala4burbank  Twitter: @tamalatakahashi

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    1. No thanks! We don’t need another leftist, anti American on our BCC! How about some Pro American, Pro Freedom candidates…. As it is, we need to vote out every single leftists in our Burbank City Council!

    2. Every candidate can buy an ad if they want. Tamala is promoting her campaign AND supporting this local media outlet. Looks like a win-win to me!
      And I think Tamala is exactly what our city needs- She represents a huge demographic of women/mothers, GenerationX and she is extremely knowledgable about city since she has been advocating for years! #TeamTamala #tamala4burbank

    3. Yay for a safer, smarter, & more sustainable Burbank! Time for a solid dependable genx’er on the city council. Someone who has actually been involved for years to not only keep Burbank great but to better Burbank.😊

    4. I have known Tamala for years. She is dedicated and capable. Tamala is a great fit for our city council. We need some one who truly cares about the city and its people!

    5. I’m very happy she’s running again! I really love talking with Tamala, and she’s pro-Burbank and pro-progress, asks good questions, and listens with experience and empathy, and that seems like what we need right now.

    6. I have known Tamala for nearly 10 years. Tamala is a dedicated Burbank resident and mother who supports sustainability and human rights. I don’t believe that either of those things should be cause for division among political parties. Tamala is genuinely concerned with the quality of life for Burbank residents.

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