Tangkhpanya Picks Up Endorsement in School Board Race

By On December 11, 2014

The Burbank California School Employees Association Chapter 674 (CSEA) announced that it will endorse Jesse “Tangk” Tangkhpanya for a seat on the Burbank Unified School Board (BUSD).

CSEA President Mary Hyman delivered a statement on the endorsement: “Jesse Tangkhpanya has the experience we need to hold the Burbank Unified School District accountable on how it spends our money. Tangkhpanya currently sits on four Local Control Funding Formula oversight councils and that broad based level of experience will be a strong asset as our next Burbank School Board member.”

Tangkhpanya was grateful for the endorsement, citing the need to hire additional support staff to offset the massive layoffs endured over the last seven years at BUSD.

“The fact that I’m a newcomer to Burbank politics sets me apart from the other candidates,”

Tangkhpanya said, “I don’t have the political baggage that comes with years of public office. I owe favors to no one, have no axes to grind, and am uniquely positioned to provide unbiased, unfettered oversight. Voters can select up to three board members this election. One of those members should be the watchdog candidate – the outside, independent candidate that watches the taxpayer’s money and ensures it is efficiently and effectively applied for the benefit of our students.“