TGIF at Tony’s Darts Away



Friday night, like every night at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank, was jam packed with people enjoying California draught beer, vegan sausages, board games and basketball on TV. Tony’s has become a local favorite for vegans and non-vegans, alike.

TDA sits on Magnolia Blvd. Inside, aside from bar seating, there are tables up against the walls and around the bar, as well as an outside patio. Board games line the walls for any patrons looking for some unique entertainment.

The menu has both vegan and non-vegan options, but TDA is known for their incredible vegan sausages. One might think this would make TDA a hipster haven, but it is really a comfortable place for everyone. The bartenders are exceptionally friendly and even know my vegan father by name.

TDA has great food specials, and often have unique appetizers. Becky’s Bad Ass Buffalo Potatoes are potato wedges drenched in spicy buffalo sauce and are my personal favorite. They were apparently named after a regular customer who consistently ordered French fries with a side of buffalo sauce until finally, TDA created a dish for her.

Aside from their great appetizers, TDA is really known for their sausages, both vegan and non-vegan. I am not a vegan and I order the vegan sausages because they are just too good. My personal favorite is the “Vegan Apple of My Eye,” a vegan chicken apple sausage with vegan mayo, brown mustard, griddled onions, slaw and mango melon salsa. You can have the sausage on a bun or on a fresh bed of greens. While TDA has a variety of sausage combinations you can choose from, you can also create your own.

TDA prides itself on being bottle free and low waste, and strives to do their part to help the environment. They try to use local ingredients to support the environment and the economy.

TDA’s website offers a wise piece of advice.

“Support local businesses and local businesses will support you. California can use the help – this economy sucks!”

There are so many good things to say about TDA. It is a community favorite and is always bustling with energy and excitement. The environment is comfortable, fun and always exceeds expectations. Tony’s Darts Away is an incredible example of the great nightlife that we have right here in Burbank. You can find Tony’s Darts Away on Twitter at @tonysdartsaway.