The Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center Provides A Variety Of Creative Classes For Students

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center is continuing to host classes that educate the public on creating artwork through an array of mediums.

The center currently offers a total of 21 courses for all ages, and their latest sessions just wrapped up during the first week of November. Among these classes are a live model workshop, fine arts basics with Kevin McCants, pottery, jewelry making, weaving, and fiber spinning. Most of the classes carry on for a total of 9 weeks, though a couple lasts for 10 weeks, and a few others proceed for 4 or 5 weeks.

City of Burbank Program Specialist Virginia Causton-Keene explains that some goals of the BLCAC lessons are to provide students with “the joy of fulfilling a creative dream,” as well as a space for “making friends with like-minded people, being inspired by one another in class, learning new techniques, expanding their skills, and feeling confident that they can try something completely different in a safe and nurturing environment.”

The majority of BLCAC teachers have been training artists at the location for over 5 years, with some having been instructors there for over 15 years. In addition, the center often receives inquiries from artists and teachers who have an interest in informing pupils about their area of expertise.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

“ …  We are always open to new art mediums being taught here,” Causton-Keene said.

While observing the growth of BLCAC students, Causton-Keene has witnessed firsthand how participants evolve as artists and develop a strong creative prowess during their studies.

“I have especially noticed how students have improved their skills and artistic talent over the past five years,” Causton-Keene said. “It’s wonderful to see this metamorphosis and the joy on the student’s faces when they make something they are happy with.”

Moreover, those who have signed up for past courses have been vocal about the benefits of having trained at the BLCAC.

“I enrolled in some ceramic classes, and this place is as good as it gets,” one user wrote on Yelp. “There are many instructors, and all are friendly and helpful. Classes offered range from all levels, and there’s a variety [from] kids to adults to seniors.”

Registration for the next round of classes will open online on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 9:00 a.m. for Burbank residents, while non-residents can sign up on Tuesday, December 13. The workshops will officially begin the week of January 9, 2023. This return will resume instruction that has proven to be valuable for both the artistic abilities and the overall well-being of learners.

“I have also noticed how much our students rely on the BLCAC classes to help them feel happy within themselves. It is a very therapeutic pastime,” Causton-Keene said. “A couple of students have personally told me we saved them by being open for classes through COVID-19.”

Learn more about the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center here, or visit the BLCAC classes page here.

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