The Burbank Young Professionals Have A Hair-Raising Good Time With Halloween Fang-tastic Mixer

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The Burbank Young Professionals hosted a festive Halloween Fang-Tastic Mixer at the Burbank Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall on Thursday, Oct. 27. 

The event, which was presented in collaboration with the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, featured numerous attractions such as face painting by D&M Events L.A., tarot and palm readings by psychic Isabella Phillips, and music by DJ Chrissy Chriiis. Around 150 guests RSVP’d to the gathering, some of whom were members of the Leadership Burbank Class of 2022 that previously completed a renovation of the VFW Hall for their Mess Kitchen Project. 

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

A planning subcommittee of six members, including BYP Chair Ryan Chatterton and BYP member Ani Oganesyan, organized the Fang-Tastic Mixer as they convened once or twice a week for about six weeks leading up to the get-together. Each member fulfilled specific duties related to prizes, entertainment, food, and more in order to make the community-focused function possible.

In honor of Halloween, the subcommittee incorporated spooky decor into the venue using items that were supplied by Nickelodeon from their Burbank warehouse. A cobweb-covered coffin, a life-size frozen figurine, and skeletons that were offered by the studio brought the chilling theme to life.

A mummy wrap competition and costume contest were held for the occasion, and three winners were recognized for their outfits: Lucy Simonyan as a fairy, Stephanie Perez as a witch, and Brandon Wei as Poe Dameron of Star Wars. Raffle prizes like gift cards to Blast From the Past, The Mystic Museum, Dark Delicacies, Chili John’s, and Yakumi, a movie package from the Manikad family, and a gift box from Bon Spice were given away to attendees. Urbane Cafe, Kings Deli, The Cart LA, and Chick-fil-A served as food sponsors, while the 99 Cent Store was a decoration sponsor along with Nickelodeon.

“The event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our amazing sponsors who were willing to help however they could, varying from donated goods and prizes to DJ services and tarot card readings,” Oganesyan said. “We wanted to promote small businesses within the City of Burbank, and our sponsors exceeded our expectations. And for that, BYP is truly thankful.”

Chatterton noted the diverse group of locals that appeared at the party. This reflects the BYP’s mission of joining professionals from varied backgrounds with the goal of maximizing the talents of industry leaders in the area.

“I was moved by the variety of attendees at the event,” Chatterton said. “There was a mix of generations, businesses, community leaders, and citizens, and that is exactly what BYP is all about.” 

Chatterton further elaborated on how the success of the Fang-Tastic Mixer calls attention to “the power of cooperation and collaboration” between ambitious Burbankers that benefits both business people and the city as a whole.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

“The Burbank Young Professionals seek to connect the Burbank community by showcasing the best of what our city has to offer,” Chatterton said. “It’s through collaboration that we can leverage our greatest strengths as business owners and community leaders. Burbank has a rich history of entrepreneurship at all levels, and events such as this show what can happen when these elements combine. We’re so thankful for all our sponsors and supporters that share in our vision to grow our group so that we can all lift up our community.”

As partygoers mingled, played games, and celebrated, Oganesyan took notice of how the foremost objective of the BYP planning subcommittee was fulfilled during the spirited occasion.

“It was moving to see the community come out and support the Burbank Young Professionals and Burbank Chamber while networking and enjoying a fun night, which was truly our goal for all of this,” Oganesyan said. 

The BYP will next be partnering with the City of Burbank to promote its upcoming recycling and composting program, and the organization will also hold a holiday celebration for its members in December. In addition, there are several BYP projects lined up for 2023. These include post-election events that will get residents better acquainted with new Burbank officeholders, as well as a business fair. 

“All in all, the group is stronger than it has ever been, and the energy is high,” Chatterton said. “We look forward to an exciting 2023, so stay tuned!”

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