Thieves Target UPS Delivery Truck Route


On Thursday, November 8, around 2:45 p.m., officers responded to the area of Kenneth Road and Delaware Road, regarding a suspicious dark colored VW Jetta that was seen following a UPS delivery truck.  Officers located a vehicle matching the description, with two male occupants, in the area of Sixth Street and Cambridge Drive.

Upon further investigation, officers located numerous cardboard boxes with shipping labels inside the suspect’s vehicle and strewn throughout adjacent streets. Both suspects were arrested for receiving or being in possession of stolen property.

The Burbank Police Department is encouraging anyone with further information about this incident to contact Detective Childs at (818) 238-3275.

Please be aware of situations like this and be cognizant of mail and packages delivered to your residence. A step in preventing mail theft is to have your neighbors, ones that you trust, gather packages that are delivered while you are away from your residence.  The post office or delivery companies can have your mail/packages kept at the main office for you to pick up.

If you see any suspicious activity, please obtain as much information as possible about the suspect and the vehicle and contact the Burbank Police Department directly at 818-238-3000.

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