Three Juveniles Arrested for Early Morning Auto Burglaries


Quick action by Burbank police resulted in the arrest of three minors near Hollywood Way and Clark who were spotted by a Burbank resident early Wednesday morning, November 15.

According to Sgt. Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department, a call was received at about 2:35 am after a resident saw three suspects inside of his neighbor’s truck in the 700 block of N. Maple St. 

Burbank Police arrived within minutes and detained all three suspects, who were positively identified by the witness.

The suspects are responsible for thefts/attempted theft from three motor vehicles, including damage to the truck (vandalism). 

All three suspects were minors – two from North Hollywood and one from Burbank. All three were arrested, booked, and released to a parent pending a future court date.

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  1. I bet these are the little pieces of s**t that got into my vehicle exactly a week ago. I never leave my doors unlocked but had gotten home late and was so beat I didn’t press my key fob to lock it and the next morning my glove compartment and center console were both empty. I live in Burbank and in the vicinity of where this happened. I didn’t file a police report but I guarantee these are the same fools. They should say a little prayer of thanks that Burbank PD got em before I did.

  2. Another Burbank resident here, I live near that area. I guess God must be real: at about 1:45 this morning something kept NAGGING at me to go outside and check my Mercedes — make sure it was locked. I wanted to stay in bed but whatever this inner voice was just kept bothering me until I duly got up, got in some clothes and went out to make sure. Thank heavens I did: the rent check was inside that car! And look what happened only a few blocks away!

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