UPDATED: Three Killed on Glenoaks After Possible Street Racing Incident

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Updated 8/4/21 at 3:30 pmThe Coronor has identified the three victims killed as Cerain Anthony Raekwon Baker, 21, from Pasadena, Jaiden Kishon Johnson, 20, from Burbank, and Natalee Asal Moghaddam, 20, from Calabasas

Three innocent victims were killed after two vehicles traveling northbound on Glenoaks struck them in what police say appeared to be racing.

Around 11:50 pm on Tuesday, August 3, police say that two vehicles, a black Mercedes Benz and a gray Kia, were traveling northbound on Glenoaks at what police say was a high rate of speed for several blocks and they believe appeared to be street racing.

Scene from the accident that occurred at Andover and Glenoaks (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

According to a release by Burbank police, a Volkswagen traveling southbound on Glenoaks appeared to make a left-hand turn onto Andover from Glenoaks when it was struck by the Kia.

Police were first dispatched to the scene for a traffic accident with serious injuries and a vehicle on fire and when they arrived on the scene found the Volkswagen on fire with two individuals deceased that had been ejected.

One person was still trapped in the Volkswagen and fire department personal used the ‘jaws the life’ to free the victim and they transported the victim to a trauma center. A later search of the area found the third victim a short distance away in the front yard of a nearby residence, who was also deceased. The Kia involved was a block away with the driver sustaining serious injuries and was transported by paramedics to a nearby trauma center. There were no other passengers in the Kia.

There were two occupants of the Mercedes Benz who remained at the scene and both were interviewed by investigators and were released at the scene.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

All three victims from the Volkswagen, a female, and two males, appeared to be in their early 20’s. The identity of the victims has not been released, pending next of kin notification.

This collision remains under investigation by Burbank Police Department Traffic Detectives. Anyone who may have witnessed the collision or has any information is asked to contact the Burbank Police Traffic Bureau at (818) 238-3100.

Upon completion of the investigation, Detectives will present the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for criminal filing consideration.


    1. Life sentences, please.

      This has got to stop, crash or no crash. I see this almost every time I’m running along Glenoaks and no police anywhere. Maybe they would just do it somewhere else, I don’t know, but we need a solution. Citizens armed with spike strips?

      And I see people make stupid left turns even more often, but that shouldn’t carry a death sentence (and I don’t know, of course, whether this was even one of those situations).

      • Yes please. This happened right outside my mother’s house, around 20 minutes after she gets home from work on this exact intersection. If she was running a bit late, this could’ve been her. They snuffed out 3 innocent lives, send them to jail to rot for the rest of their lives. 3 counts of manslaughter. Throw away the key.

        • The Burbank City Council needs to answer some questions and be held accountable. Why has the Burbank Police Department been underfunded and understaffed for many years? Everyone know Glenoaks is a racetrack at night (and sometimes during the day!), but BPD hasn’t been given the resources to properly and effectively patrol the area. Back in the day we used to complain that you couldn’t even barely roll threw a stop sign in Burbank without getting a ticket. I want to go back to those days. These were good kids coming back from getting snacks, and they were not even part of street racing. Please be carefull who you vote for, even at the local level. And NEVER vote for a person or party that wants to defund the police in any fasion!

    2. Please crop out the body bags, and maybe layoff the grisly details of how/where the bodies were found.

        • I am an adult, and I know what happens, but seeing the photos isn’t going to change anyone’s behavior, but it might traumatize someone who has been through this kind of thing in the past and doesn’t wish to see images of it. I also don’t think the families want to see images in the media so soon. Just my opinion- the old saying still holds I guess, “if it bleeds, it leads”

    3. I heard street racing last night around midnight and was concerned about how fast they must be going since I’m all the way up on S. Sunset Canyon close to Olive. I assumed it was on Glenoaks because of how long you could hear them going. I thought to myself these people are going to hurt someone innocent or themselves. It’s such a tragic and sad event. Burbank needs to do more to stop this speeding and racing throughout the city. We have people driving over 50 MPH or more on Sunset Canyon daily with extremely loud mufflers and little concern for pedestrians. Something needs to be done about all this. Three innocent victims have lost their lives and their family and friends have lost someone. It’s devastating.

      New Legislation needs to be passed for more severe consequences than what is on the books today. Otherwise more innocent people will die.

    4. They should be giving the names of the drivers of the Mercedes and the Kia. It is too easy to let this go if you don’t name the responsible parties.

    5. I love on Cornell between Glenoaks and 5th Street and every single day I hear cars racing up and down Glenoaks with their suped-up exhaust systems. It’s like “look at me! I’m so cool!” Well, it’s not as three innocent people were robbed of their lives and of the love of their families and friends. This street racing needs to be stopped and I hope our police department will be allowed the resources to do so, perhaps more speed traps, cameras and very stiff punishments for offenders.

    6. This saddens me to no end. A tragic loss of life.

      I hope that folks will slow down generally. Virtually every day I drive in Burbank there are people tailgating and driving at a high rate of speed, everywhere.

      I would ask that the City Council reduce the Police-related meetings and allow the Police to spend their time on patrols.

    7. How on earth are you going to let the criminals go without arrest, specially when they were involved in a illegal street race that took 3 innocent lives. life sentence without possibly of parole. thats automatic 3 counts of vehicular manslaughter, plus 1 count of illegal street racing, but again this is Los Angeles and half the F***ing judges are corrupt and size of the cash does the talking, those piece of💩reach kids will probably get light sentence. we live in a f up world.

    8. Let’s see signs posted: NO STREET RACING, OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LICENSE, LOSE YOUR CAR, LOSE YOUR FREEDOM. And back this up with speed meters.

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