Three More Arrested After Tinhorn Flats Confrontation Over the Weekend

Tinhorn Flats supporters wave flags, banners, and signs in a recent protest of the fence installation around Tinhorn. (Photo By Edward Tovmassian)

Another weekend brought protesters back to Tinhorn Flats over the weekend and this time police had to arrest three after they broke through the chained fence and refused to leave the area after being warned by police.

According to Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department, protesters broke through the fenced area around 3:45 pm Saturday which made in violation of the posted order/trespassing law.

“Police declared it an unlawful assembly and the majority of the crowd dispersed. Three people remained inside the closed-off fenced area despite several opportunities to leave under order of the police. They were placed under arrest for refusing to leave a declared unlawful assembly and delaying/obstructing a police officer in the performance of their duties,” said Brimway in an email.

Arrested at the scene were Laurence Ashley Jeffrey, 43-year-old from West Hollywood, Adam Eugene, 55-year-old from Azusa, and Erik Brian Cryder, 51-year-old from Oxnard. Brimway said that all three were arrested and booked for 148(a)(a) PC – Resisting/Obstructing and 9-1-1-104.A.6 BMC – Failure to comply with an order to vacate.

All three were than cited and released per the COVID-19 protocols. They have a court date set for August 3, 2021.

There was an individual who said he was pepper-sprayed by another protester. A report was taken by police and paramedics responded to the scene.

At one time, police were forced to shut down traffic in both directions on Magnolia Blvd. and even brought out several of their ‘jail vans’ had the protesters not began to obey orders from the police department.

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    1. Dear Fellow Burbankers:

      The County Health Department is responsible for regulating and enforcing health laws.

      The issue with Tinhorn Flats falls squarely on their shoulders and budget.

      The Burbank City has gotten involved for political reasons. Ask them to stop spending Burbankers’ tax dollars this way and to focus on real criminals.

      The Health Department should abate any illegal activity in re food/beverage establishments using the LA Sheriff’s office and pay for their time and services.

      Burbank Police have their hands full with real crime such as drug dealing, violent/property crimes.

      I do not support this. Huge money has been spent when the County has their own lawyers and officers to deal with stuff like this.

    2. Tell these people to stand down, they’re the ones wasting BBK resources at this point. No BBK residents are benefiting from their trouble making. And it’s time to let it go, poor THF from years past has been forever tarnished which is a shame.

    3. HUGE money has been spent to stop this irresponsible bar owner from endangering others during a pandemic. Notice NONE of the protesters were from Burbank.

      Please shut this establishment down for good. It does NOTHING for Burbank but force locals to put up with drunk patrons and puke.

    4. My Burbank is as fascist at Facebook when it comes to censoring/canceling comments they don’t like!

        • The truth is not attacks on people, Craig. Since when is voicing an opinion an “attack”? Why are you scared of people with different opinions than you? If your opinion is solid and build on facts you shouldn’t fear others opinions! And your sentence doesn’t even make sense! I didn’t “refer to attacks on people”, and you have no punctuation!

          • To be more exact, we are not using references to Germany or its people. Nothing to do with Burbank or the situation at hand. Punctuate that.
            FACT 1 – The County Health Department pulled the Tinhorn Flats Health permit.
            FACT 2 – Burbank has only said that they will not be allowed to be open without that health permit.
            Burbank is an easy target for you, why are you not putting pressure on County Health who started this? How have you addressed them?

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