Timmy Nolan’s Gives Irish Pub a Whole New Meaning

Photo by Madison Jones
Photo by Madison Jones
Photo by Madison Jones

Sunday Funday is really underrated. It’s the day before a busy week and everybody is starting to feel the Sunday night blues. It is the perfect time to go out before the week ahead. Timmy Nolan’s in the Burbank/Toluca Lake area is a popular choice for a night out and it’s not hard to understand why.

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Timmy Nolan’s is a spunky little Irish pub situated on Riverside Drive. It boasts great drinks, traditional food and Irish hospitality. Timmy Nolan’s seems to attract all sorts of people, from loyal regulars to younger sports fans.

On Sunday night, the bar was filled with the latter. While I know nothing about baseball, I am told that the Cardinals v. Red Sox world series game was what was attracting all the attention. Who won? I still don’t know.

Timmy Nolan’s used to attract more of an older crowd; the usual Toluca Lake residents who have had their regular seat at the bar for years. Lately, though, I have noticed that the crowd has gotten a lot bigger, with a variety of different people all enjoying themselves.

I sat upstairs with a friend for the first time. I usually sit at a small table downstairs by the bar, but this new spot was a nice change.

The crowd upstairs was reacting to the game, with loud cheers and boos whenever something happened. This completely transformed Timmy Nolan’s from a little Irish pub to a lively sports bar. The atmosphere was really energetic, but at the same time, it felt comfortable. No one was belligerent, and yet there was still an exciting and young scene.

Photo by Madison Jones
Photo by Madison Jones

The food at Timmy Nolan’s always exceeds expectations and can never be considered “bar food.” On Sunday, I tried the spicy turkey burger for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. As for drinks, I order the house cabernet sauvignon every time I go. However, Timmy Nolan’s has a huge selection of whiskeys and beers that are more suited to the pub experience.

Timmy Nolan’s is a nightlife gem because of its balance. It’s never empty and there is always something going on, and yet it is never too crazy to warrant an early night.

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