UPDATED: Tinhorn Flats Owner Arrested by Burbank Police Thursday Night

Lucas Lepejian, one of the owners, shows up at Tinhorn Flats on Wednesday morning to find the City padlocked the doors shut per a court order. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Burbank police have confirmed that they have arrested Lucas Lepejian (20), one of the listed defendants of Tinhorn Flats legal case Thursday night.

According to Lt. Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department, police took Lepejian into custody tonight where he was booked at the Burbank Police Station. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, after the booking process is completed, he will be issued a citation and released.

When asked what the reason for the arrest, Green said that it was failing to follow a court order.

This comes within hours after the latest release by the City.

UPDATED 4/1/21 at 10:36 pm – According to Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department said, “The Burbank Police Department is confirming the arrest of Lucas Lepejian, 20, of North Hollywood.  Mr. Lepejian was taken into custody on April 1, 2021, at about 7:45 P.M. in the City of Burbank, following a traffic stop. Mr. Lepejian was not arrested at Tinhorn Flats. He was booked on suspicion of violating a court order and then released with a citation to appear in court on a later date.”

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    1. Fellow Burbankers:

      I am not a Tinhorn Flats customer yet I am 100% against what the City is doing and in 2022, you should give a new round of leaders a chance–the current City Council’s decision to expend huge money…taxpayer money…YOUR AND MY MONEY on this unneeded saga is wrong.

      The County already has a case going and it is 100% clear that anyone entering this business is aware of the risks and are making a statement by patronizing this company anyway.

      Indoor dining has re-opened and this is a needless waste of public funds.

      Arresting and booking people for an infraction is unprecedented. We have serious crimes to cope with in this town.

      The cost of police workers is substantial and should not be misused in this way. https://www.burbankca.gov/home/showpublisheddocument?id=56573

      You will notice the massive overtime City workers accrue dealing with non-essential issues like this.

      A fine would have been enough. A find could then be assessed and recorded on the property. That would have done the job.

      Keep in mind the bill will come due for all this wasted taxpayer money–in the form of higher fees and taxes. Notice the 10.25% sales tax that you don’t pay in the next city over? That is one of the funding sources for things like this. When you buy an appliance or a vehicle, these high local taxes really sting. Sales tax is 9.5% just one city over.

      Instead of squandering police resources in this way, our City Council should stop…and refocus on essentials.

      See the police blotter: https://myburbank.com/burbank-police-log-march-15-march-21/

      We have violent and property crimes in our city that need investigating. And look at the list of drug arrests.

      We need our City leaders to use our money wisely and the Tinhorn Flats war has cost taxpayers huge money. So much that when I asked for details (a formal public records request), no one gave a figure.

      Stop the blank check policy.

      Our tax dollars must be protected.

      The City is operating at a massive budget deficit estimated at $15,000,000 to $20,000,000. Source: https://outlooknewspapers.com/city-council-projects-steep-revenue-loss-on-pandemic-recession-2/

      Yet the City keeps coming after Tinhorn Flats.

      This playbook is a classic one.

      After this is all over, Tinhorn Flats will sell their building or lease it, and open a national chain of franchises made possible by the huge free advertising this “national news” fiasco has created.

      It will not result in any utility for Burbankers and we have not been protected from any harm.

      The City is just writing checks that we cannot afford to pay for.

      The City Attorney’s budget rose during COVID to over $4 million per year.

      Change needs to occur and we need more responsible leaders in office.

      The 2022 election is near. Let’s see a big change and new leadership who will protect our money, lower taxes and stop this nonsense. Vote for new leaders who will take good care of our money and not play with it in this very bad way.

      Indoor dining has re-opened. Stop the nonsense.

      • Mr. Spencer’s commentary is so biased with twisted and out of context “facts” I don’t even know where to begin. Yeah, I guess we should just allow “patriots” who blatantly disregard science, safety and the law to get off without any repercussions. The repercussions they have inflicted upon themselves are based upon their past actions, not current mandates. And don’t overlook the fact that Burbank’s higher sales taxes are used for the benefit of citizens. I guess you don’t like the services our city offers? Might be time to move, or mount a successful campaign to replace our local representatives (good luck with that, i.e., Eric Early). I’d like to see a comparison of the benefits in this unnamed “other city” that has lower sales taxes. Good thing Burbank citizens/voters are overwhelmingly progressive, to overrule the pathetic, ill-informed, bitter but vocal minority. Hurrah for our duly-elected officials for pursuing due process for violators of the law. There is decency in the world, just not at TinFoilHats.

        • Hello “Radley Altleft” may I know your actual name? It would be helpful since you made an ad hominem attack.

          The most common argument I hear in response to someone standing up for their rights is the one about moving.

          “Good thing Burbank citizens/voters are overwhelmingly progressive, to overrule the pathetic, ill-informed, bitter but vocal minority.”

          Based on what study?

          I heard the same thing about bringing pot shops to Burbank then I put my money down and conducted an actual survey of our community and the majority of Burbankers don’t want them here. How you are attacking my voice is called cancel culture. You have not given your real name, but I have. Step forward and be known. I welcome the proof of what you say. I will back everything up with facts and figures. I have plans to conduct a community survey about the Tinhorn Flats expenditures and we’ll put the results out there in a very short time.

          “Hurrah for our duly-elected officials for pursuing due process for violators of the law. There is decency in the world, just not at TinFoilHats.”

          There are limits to what can and should be done. A City in serious financial trouble should not be consuming valuable resources to prove a point.

          And indoor dining has reopened. The expense is therefore not warranted. There is no utility in continuing this crusade and the business will simply leave Burbank anyway. That is very clear already to me. The free publicity will propel them to new heights and they’ll be very famous and very successful when they launch a national chain of Tinhorn Flats.

          Who are you “Radley Altleft?”

          • Christopher Matthew Spencer, I am not stupid enough to use my real name. There are far too many right wing wackos (predominantly uneducated white males and hypocritical evangelists) with AR-15s, and I would fear for my safety. Obviously you are not afraid, because socialists/commies (anybody who doesn’t agree with your extreme view ponts) generally don’t have guns. I’m guessing you have at least 5 weapons and 10,000 rounds of ammunition in your safe room. Your hypocrisy is astounding. I suggested that a business leaves the city if they don’t agree with the rules established by its citizens and duly-elected officials. Isn’t your peeps’ mantra something like “build a wall” and “get out of my country”? All your statements are “should” this and “should not” that. Who died and made you king? I don’t argue with toddlers, so I’ll make this brief:
            1) We have laws
            2) We have elected officials
            3) Burbank is overwhelmingly progressive, check any of the election results from the last 10 years.
            4) Uh, who mentioned pot shops, that’s an entirely different issue, and there is no question of legality/illegality, the voters spoke. I accept majority rule of the voters.
            5) I’m happy to hear you are spending your personal resources on “studies”, I’m sure they have a very broad sampling of respondents and are in no way tilted to suit your misguided assertions.
            6) You’re missing the point, this issue is not about the current status of the mandates, this is about the repeated and flagrant violations, the endangerment and disregard for law/safety of our community. TinFoilHats broke the law. There will be repercussions, despite the empty argument that it’s no longer valid, leave the poor little boy alone.
            I’d LOVE to see your “studies”. Lots of talk, please send some links. I’m happy to send countless links supporting my positions (election results, medical studies, gun ownership by race and political party, etc etc etc)
            So if you’re all facts, where did you come up with this wild assumption that TinFoilHats will become this famous national chain? They have a few semi-literate non-resident comments on their Instagram (many of them using accounts without real names) and have been a 5 second interest piece on a failing cable news network.They also line their own pockets with “donations” from their “masses” (suspiciously anonymous donors). Sounds like a certain orange-haired turd/politician.
            So cool that the young fellow got arrested. Again. Perhaps the city is done with his childish antics. GO BURBANK!

            • Ah, a quick internet search reveals a history of frivolous lawsuits filed (and lost) by a certain person who has posted on this string. These failed legal actions include one against the City of Burbank and another for “emotional distress”. Now I understand.

    2. Still not enough…the message this sends is everyone can blatantly violate any law and all they will get is months of threats to shit down and simple fines. The city should give him jail time and not allow him to operate in the city ever again.

    3. Still not enough…the message this sends is everyone can blatantly violate any law and all they will get is months of threats to shut down and simple fines. The city should give him jail time and not allow him to operate in the city ever again.

      • 100% agree. SO MANY dicey business owners do nothing more than change their business name and re-open “under new management”. They should be permanently banned from opening another business in the city again and there should be strict laws on the books to enforce those orders.

      • How much should we spend on this Josh? What the the right amount of whipping? When do you end it or is this just supposed to be an endless punishment?

        Here is what it costs to put someone in a cell: https://lao.ca.gov/PolicyAreas/CJ/6_cj_inmatecost

        $81,203 per year.

        That’s $222.47 per day.

        Is it worth that much and for how long?

        Who are the victims?

        It’s not a good use of tax money.

    4. Hi Mr. Spencer. Will you please cite an educated and factual projection of the value of a single human life that is lost due to reckless and illegal actions? Any tracing stats about who has been infected by maskless patrons of THF, including the downstream effects on other Burbank citizens who were exposed to the infected?
      All businesses are indeed free to run their business however they see fit, (within the guidelines and boundaries set by the community and its elected officials), unless and until it needlessly and selfishly puts other Burbank residents (like me) at risk. There is no excuse or justification for this flagrant disregard for MY safety. Business owners must and will be held accountable for violations and continued insurrection. $81,203/year seems like a really good deal if it saves even a single life. Regarding the other taxpayer dollars spent on this lawful execution of public will and the law, fear not, the City will recoup all its expenditures when they win their civil lawsuit against SuperSpreaderFlats.

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