Tinhorn Flats Saga Continues: “City of Burbank Continues to Be Disappointed”

Boarded Up Tinhorn Flats ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

April 1 saw an escalation in the battle between the City of Burbank and Tinhorn Flats to make the restaurant come into compliance with a court order issued last week.

Boarded Up TinHorn Flats (© Ross A Benson)

After padlocking the doors last week and having the ownership of Tinhorn Flats cut one off to let people in, on Thursday, April 1 the owners found that the City had come and boarded up all the doors at the restaurant.

Once again, the ownership was defiant in what they insist in a Facebook post that, “We will NOT comply with government over-reach and tyranny. This is NOT about public safety. This is ONLY about FEAR & CONTROL.

Today they also posted a picture on Facebook that showed the boarded-up back door pried open with the post that said, “City attempted to board us up. No problem! Will be open today normal hours! Come on in for some drinks!

Facebook Post by Tinhorn Flats

On Wednesday, March 31 in a press release about red-tagging the restaurant that, ‘If anyone cuts the locks and reopens or enters the building, they can be taken into police custody for refusing to leave the building and the Burbank Police Department can take other appropriate action.”

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In a release issued late Thursday by the City, Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse said, “The Burbank Police Department vehemently condemns the actions of Tin Horn Flats and their persistent unlawful behavior”.

Both the City and Tinhorn Flats are due again in Court on April 9 to resume the City’s case.

Here is the text of the release by the City of Burbank at 6:39 pm April 1:

While Tin Horn Flats continues to flagrantly ignore and violate Court orders to shut down restaurant operations, the City of Burbank has taken extraordinary measures to obtain compliance. This includes turning off the electricity and revoking the Conditional Use Permit after the County Public Health Department revoked their health permit.

Red tag on the boarded Up Tinhorn Flats ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Most recently, on March 31, the City red tagged the building located at 2623 West Magnolia Boulevard, known as Tin Horn Flats, after finding significant life safety hazards.

 Tin Horn Flats continues to reopen, removing boards placed by the City over the doors and cutting locks, exposing customers and patrons supporting the restaurant to dangerous conditions and on-going violations.

“The Burbank Police Department vehemently condemns the actions of Tin Horn Flats and their persistent unlawful behavior,” stated Police Chief Scott LaChasse.  “We continue to make strategic decisions and take measured actions to keep our personnel and community safe.  Sharing our plan prior to implementation could endanger lives.  Our actions will always be based on protecting our public and in compliance with the law.”

This has been a challenging situation that may not be easily understood and resolved, especially when you are dealing with persons who willfully disobey the law. This is a very divisive issue within our City and it’s at a time when we should be focusing on our recovery from the pandemic, but instead it is being overshadowed by this one defiant actor in our community. 


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  1. If those morons had just complied, they would be open for business now. Only their competitors are open. Can’t fix stupid. Tyranny….? Morons.

    • Abraham, this sounds very punitive. Indoor dining has reopened yet we are spending taxpayer money on police and City Attorney resources. I am good with a big fine, I am not good with a huge taxpayer-funded crusade to make a point. There is no utility in this. It offers nothing to the community to keep pursuing this and only deprives our City of very limited money. The current fiscal year budget deficit has now exceeded $15 million.

  2. Fellow Burbankers:

    I am not a Tinhorn Flats customer yet I am 100% against what the City is doing and in 2022, you should give a new round of leaders a chance–the current City Council’s decision to expend huge money…taxpayer money…YOUR AND MY MONEY on this unneeded saga is wrong.

    The County already has a case going and it is 100% clear that anyone entering this business is aware of the risks and are making a statement by patronizing this company anyway.

    Indoor dining has re-opened and this is a needless waste of public funds.

    Arresting and booking people for an infraction is unprecedented. We have serious crimes to cope with in this town.

    The cost of police workers is substantial and should not be misused in this way. https://www.burbankca.gov/home/showpublisheddocument?id=56573

    You will notice the massive overtime City workers accrue dealing with non-essential issues like this.

    A fine would have been enough. A find could then be assessed and recorded on the property. That would have done the job.

    Keep in mind the bill will come due for all this wasted taxpayer money–in the form of higher fees and taxes. Notice the 10.25% sales tax that you don’t pay in the next city over? That is one of the funding sources for things like this. When you buy an appliance or a vehicle, these high local taxes really sting. Sales tax is 9.5% just one city over.

    Instead of squandering police resources in this way, our City Council should stop…and refocus on essentials.

    See the police blotter: https://myburbank.com/burbank-police-log-march-15-march-21/

    We have violent and property crimes in our city that need investigating. And look at the list of drug arrests.

    We need our City leaders to use our money wisely and the Tinhorn Flats war has cost taxpayers huge money. So much that when I asked for details (a formal public records request), no one gave a figure.

    Stop the blank check policy.

    Our tax dollars must be protected.

    The City is operating at a massive budget deficit estimated at $15,000,000 to $20,000,000. Source: https://outlooknewspapers.com/city-council-projects-steep-revenue-loss-on-pandemic-recession-2/

    Yet the City keeps coming after Tinhorn Flats.

    This playbook is a classic one.

    After this is all over, Tinhorn Flats will sell their building or lease it, and open a national chain of franchises made possible by the huge free advertising this “national news” fiasco has created.

    It will not result in any utility for Burbankers and we have not been protected from any harm.

    The City is just writing checks that we cannot afford to pay for.

    The City Attorney’s budget rose during COVID to over $4 million per year.

    Change needs to occur and we need more responsible leaders in office.

    The 2022 election is near. Let’s see a big change and new leadership who will protect our money, lower taxes and stop this nonsense. Vote for new leaders who will take good care of our money and not play with it in this very bad way.

    Indoor dining has re-opened. Stop the nonsense.

    • I totally agree with your comments sir on the city of Burbank wasting our tax money on this on going nonsense! We have lost so many businesses in Burbank already !the Magnolia street is full of empty lost businesses because of COVID 19 and the increase on rent ! That restaurant just want to survive and those difficult times

  3. I am calling for the Resignation of the Mayor, Vice Mayor and City Council of the City of Burbank:

    Bob Frutos

    Vice Mayor
    Jess Talamantes

    City Council Members
    Konstantine Anthony
    Nick Schultz
    Sharon Springer

    All of you have been harassing businesses and business owners in your city in the same manner the Nazis harassed the Jews. You are not acting as civil leaders but as tyrants and bullies. Each of you have overstepped your bounds and have been using your position to destroy businesses and destroy the credibility of business leaders.

    Keep in mind, we are still in America, the Land of the Free! This is NOT communist China, Cuba nor Venezuela. Since you seem to love to act as if this is one of those Communist countries you are free to go live in one of these countries. You will fit right in.

    Save yourself and the city further embarrassment by simply resigning before you are recalled. It is time for a positive change in Burbank.

    • Yes!!! Sorry, they have not done their job to help this neighborhood.
      I wonder (besides the man whose throat was slit) who else went to the hospital for eith food poisoning or Covid!! They have been a complete menace to the City and their immediate neighbors.

  4. Time for the City, which I love, and the Tin Horn which I respect and have eaten at for years MEDIATE this matter and get it behind them. If not it will only escalate and end up in a very costly legal battle perhaps to the California Supreme Court. Lay down the guns for the good of all.

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