Tis the Season for Black Angus’ Winter Special Meal to Give Back!


It is Christmastime and the spirit of giving is among us. Black Angus Steakhouse is doing just that with an item on their Holiday menu. For every order of Braised Short Ribs served between now and January 15, 2018, they will donate a dollar to No Kid Hungry.

Burbank Chamber

That is enough of a reason to order the dish, but the taste is a reward in itself. The melt in your mouth tender beef ribs that slide off of the bone is braised in a Cabernet Sauvignon wine sauce and topped with chopped parsley, garlic & lemon zest. The mouthwatering beef is the cherry on top of on creamy mashed potatoes that cover your tongue with happiness and a sidekick of your choice. I always go for their roasted Brussels sprouts that will make even the most finicky kid ask for more. Not your style, then there are 18 other side dishes to choose from and not one of them will leave you unsatisfied.

Need a little drink to go with your meal, then they have 3 thirst quenchers for the season. First, there is the nonalcoholic the cranberry-blueberry seltzer. A refreshing combination of carbonated soda with a splash of cranberry juice, blueberry, and fresh lemon. This will make everything taste better as it awakens your taste buds. Want something with a little more kick, there are two alcoholic drinks to get yours through the season. The orange pomegranate sparkler is like a sparkler going off in your mouth. The drink is a mixed with ice-cold Stolichnaya Vodka, orange, pomegranate and lemon juices with some bubbly champagne and cranberries on top. The combination is joy in a glass. As is the Mionetto Prosecco, the delightful bubbles with a golden apple & peach aroma will leave you with a smile on your face.

But the biggest smile on your face comes at the end of the meal with their white chocolate cheesecake. You might not think that you have enough room in your belly for this white Christmas on a plate dessert, but there is. Each bite transports you to your happy place like waking up on Christmas morning to lots of gifts under the tree. What I found even more interesting is how they actually made the three delicious drinks even more scrumptious. I never had a drink taste even better because of a dessert, but this one somehow manages to do that. You can say it is a Christmas miracle.

What is also a Christmas miracle are those Braised Short Ribs. I have had a lot of rib dishes in my life, including when I lived in Atlanta, and none even compare to them. They are the best ribs I have ever had in my life; I wanted another serving after my first bite. Unfortunately, it was just my stomach that held me back for doing just that.

Burbank Chamber

Black Angus Steakhouse is located at 235 Ikea Way and you can make a reservation by calling (818) 848-8880.