Toddler Sexually Abused At Day Care Home


A mother reported to police that her 4 year-old son had been sexually abused at his day care facility.  Responding officer went to the home of the toddler on Whitnall Hwy. on November 4, and conducted a preliminary investigation.  The case was turned over to detectives in the department’s Juvenile Detail.

The investigation revealed that the boy had been at of the Mejia Family Day Care, which is located in the 2100 block of Pepper St., when the sexual abuse occurred.  It is alleged that the toddler was sexually abused by the 14 year-old son the day care operators.   The teenager was taken into custody and questions by investigators.  He is currently being detained at the Sylmar Juvenile Hall for violation of section 288(a) of the Penal Code, sexual abuse of a minor.

The parents of other children attending the day care facility have been notified, and are being interviewed.  Investigator with the California Department of Social Services – Community Care Licensing Bureau are working with the Burbank Police Department in conducting a full review of the home day care facility.  The investigation is on-going.