Toluca Lake Spring Fling Art Festival Showcases Local Sellers

Jean Deeb and her Chihuahua, Sadie, selling her artwork in front of her Riverside Drive office (Photo by Doug Weiskopf)

This year’s Toluca Lake Spring Fling Art Festival, located on the south side of Riverside Drive and Talofa Avenue, was part of a seasonal gathering of local Burbank hand-crafted arts and crafts sellers and was an enjoyable afternoon for residents. The spring arts festival is co-sponsored by local real estate agent broker Jean Deeb, who is also involved in the yearly December holiday arts festival at the same place where her Riverside Drive business office is located. Deeb said she has been putting out her finely colored and shaped glass art at that location for several years, interrupted only during the recent COVID shutdown.

Up and down Riverside Drive, there were many tables with attractive artwork, such as paintings and sketches, pottery, candles, hand-crafted lamps, illustrated books, and other fun items. A masseuse was also on hand with her massage chair to relieve stressed-out shoppers. The art and crafts sellers claimed they’d had a very good day selling their artwork and meeting their neighbors.