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myBurbank reviews different burgers in Burbank. Our staff picks burgers that they would like to review and do not tell the owner or staff in advance to get the best possible result on a daily basis for our readers. Our reviewer will then rate the burger into one or four categories: Tops In Town (Outstanding), On The Marquee (Really Good), Could Use A Rewrite (Average or Slightly Below) and Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor). Any burger that achieves a “Tops in Town” rating will receive a framed certificate announcing their selection. If you are an owner and do not feel your review is fair, please email us at and we will consider another trip in at a time or our choosing.

What makers a good burger? According to our ‘Burger Dude’ it’s an easy question but tough to answer. “There are some major components such as the meat (handmade patties are ALWAYS preferable to frozen, preformed), then there is the bun (never want to have a self destructing bun or one that is to small for the burger). Cheese is important (a good cheddar!) and the condiments needs to bring out the flavor (what you don’t want is a salad on your burger).  All that together with price, atmosphere, accompaniments and all around vibe (yes, I said vibe!) are all part of the experience of looking forwards to a great burger.  I will tell it as I taste it and will hold no punches for anyone anywhere!”

Below are the burgers that we have reviewed  – listed by category
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Tops In Town (Outstanding)

Bea Bea’s Cafe

Buchanan Arms

Canyon Grille


Gary Bric’s Ramp

Granville Cafe


 Larry’s Chili Dogs

Moore’s Delicatessen

Olive’s Bistro

Public House Nowhere

The Hollywood Way

The New Deal

The Office


The Hangar Grille – REFIRED

Timmy Nolan’s

Tin Horn Flats

V Boulevard Cafe

Wild Carvery

On The Marquee (Really Good)

Burbank Bar & Grille

Café Olla

Chezz Burger

Dӧner Burger Grill

Fosters Freeze


Full O’ Life

Hill Street Cafe

Honeybaked Ham

Juicy Wingz

Lunch Box

Magnolia Grille



Sardo’s Grill and Lounge

Smoke House

Steve’s Char-Broiled Burgers

Story Tavern

Tally Rand

 The Castaway


Could Use A Rewrite (Average or Slightly Below)

Andre’s Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Apollo Burger

Barney’s Beanery

Better Fresh Burger

Champs Sports Pub

Coral Cafe

Courtside Café

Eat’n Park


Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill


Market City Caffe

The Great Grill

The Park Bar and Grill

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor)

Corner Cottage

Ribs USA

Tequilas Cantina & Grill

Rocky’s Bar & Grill

One thought on “Tops in Town – Burgers

  1. Esther

    I just read the review in regard to ‘Better Fresh Burger’ and disagree completely. The writer was correct on the issue about parking, however, as mentioned, there is parking on Clark. With that said, I find it a bit useless to have someone that does not have a taste for Mexican food, write a review on a Mexican feel restaurant (which is funny because besides the cheese, there is nothing “Mexican” about this place-weird). Additionally, their menu is basic and what you see is what you get. At about $3 a burger, did you really expect to have your burger made to your liking? It’s $3 bucks! Take it or leave it!

    Luckily, everyone does not share the opinion of this writer as business seems to be booming! Every time I go the parking lot is full. Needless to say, I love their food. As mentioned, their menu is tiny, but one cannot go wrong with a great meal costing less than $10. Besides their delicious food, their impeccable customer service has everyone leaving with a smile. I am a huge fan of small businesses, and I feel like we need more of these businesses in Burbank.


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