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myBurbank reviews different restaurants in Burbank. Our staff picks restaurants that they would like to review and do not tell the owner or staff in advance to get the best possible result on a daily basis for our readers. Our staff will then rate the restaurant into one or four categories: Tops In Town (Outstanding), On The Marquee (Really Good), Could Use A Rewrite (Average or Slightly Below) and Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor). Any restaurant that achieves a “Tops in Town” rating will receive a framed certificate announcing their selection. If you are an owner and do not feel your review is fair, please email us at and we will consider another trip in at a time or our choosing.


Below are the restaurants that we have reviewed  – listed by catagory
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Tops In Town (Outstanding)

Favoritea Cafe



BurCal Apartments8715

The Auld Chip Shop

Life Rooted Pizzeria

Hank’s… a deli of sorts

Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

Prime Pizza

North End Pizzeria Magnolia Park

Plush Puffs


Aeirloom Bakery

JINYA Ramen Bar

SOTTA Mediterranean Kitchen & Coffee Bar

Pablito’s Kitchen

Simplethings Burbank



Taqueria El Tapatio

Forman’s Tavern

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

Acai Jungle Cafe

Half Baked Co

World Empanadas

Centanni Trattoria

The Canyon Grille


Sushi Yuzu

Century Dragon

Honeydew Cafe

Sharkey’s Bistro

Healthy Bites

Tender Greens

Don Cuco

Yummy Cupcakes

On The Marquee (Really Good)

Scout’s Honor BBQ


Coffee Commissary

Morrison Burbank


TAP Downtown Burbank

Red Maple Cafe

Another Broken Egg

All About Poke


The Hangar Grille

Kopan Ramen

Olive & Thyme


La Bamba


Siam Smile


Burning Bonzai

Could Use A Rewrite (Average or Slightly Below)

The New Deal

Café de Olla


Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Poor)