Traffic Violation Leads to the Arrest of Two


Burbank Police Arrest Two in Connection with Beverly Hills Burglary

On Friday, September 22nd, just after 9:00 p.m., a routine patrol by a Burbank police officer led to a significant arrest. The officer observed a black Ford Explorer committing a traffic violation on Empire Avenue. The vehicle then proceeded onto the onramp to the southbound Interstate 5 freeway.

A license plate check revealed that the vehicle was wanted for a felony by the Beverly Hills Police Department. The vehicle was implicated in a first-degree residential burglary in Beverly Hills. Upon this discovery, the Burbank Police Department officer called for additional units to conduct a felony traffic stop.

Once backup arrived, officers conducted a high-risk traffic stop. The vehicle immediately pulled over on the side of the freeway near Colorado, and the occupants were arrested without incident. The charges included possession of fraudulent IDs and burglary tools. Beverly Hills PD was promptly notified about the arrest.

There was no pursuit involved in this incident.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Christian Tapia and Maria Rosales Morales, both 38-year-old residents of Los Angeles.