Transient Assaults Officer Sending Him to Hospital with a Concussion


A Burbank police officer was assaulted on Thursday, July 23 around 5 pm near the Five Guys Burgers located at San Fernando and Magnolia in the Burbank Town Center.

Police were first called to the scene when a transient punched the manager of the Five Guys in what police call an unprovoked attack. Once police arrived on scene they located the man, identified as Duane Godard, a 28-year-old transient, at Magnolia and Third St.

Police recognized Godard from several incidents in the past, as he had committed random assaults on citizens in the area that had been unprovoked.

According to Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green, “The first police officer arriving engaged Godard in conversation and instructed him to set his belongings down. Godard refused, at which time the officer attempted to grab hold of his arm in an effort to detain him. Godard immediately began punching the officer in the head, which knocked both Godard and the officer to the ground. Godard then placed the officer in a head lock. Other police officers rushed to assist and were able to free the officer from Godard’s grasp. Godard also spit on a police officer. He was ultimately placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.”

Paramedics were called at 5:09 pm to treat the officer for the head injury and he was transported to a local hospital where he is currently recovering. The name of the Burbank Police Officer was not released. Godard was not injured in the incident.

Green also stated in an email that, “Since May of 2020, Godard has been arrested four times in the City of Burbank for unprovoked assaults on citizens. Prior to this incident, his most recent arrest was in June on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, after he allegedly took a citizen’s cell phone and smashed it over their head. Prior incidents include Godard punching a mentally disabled man for no apparent reason and assaulting a female after following her as she walked down the sidewalk.

Godard was booked on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury. He is currently in-custody and being held on $50,000 bail. Godard is due in court on Monday.