TV Star Betty White Visits The L.A. Zoo

Emmy winner, Betty White pays a visit to the LA Zoo on behalf of Lifeline and animals everywhere. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  ―    Mahtma Gandhi


(Photo By Deborah Dodge)

Right in Burbank’s very own backyard, world-famous TV Star and spicy-witted comedienne, Betty White stopped by and gave some sage advice on animal adoptions for the holiday season.  When asked about surprising loved ones with a pet for Hanukkah or Christmas she compassionately answered, ““No.  No.  No.  There is so much excitement around the holidays and introducing an animal into a house has to be a calm, quiet thing.   You can’t have calm on big holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah.  Giving an animal to someone as a surprise is not a good thing.  I absolutely support animal adoptions, but before you adopt an animal, be sure that the animal will have a calm, good and supportive environment.”

This 14-month old female orangutan is named Elka, after Betty White’s character from the hit TV show Hot in Cleveland. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

The Emmy Award winner spent her day at the zoo in order to bring awareness to the animals, to visit her buddy Ranger a beautiful black bear and to spend time with one lucky fan who recently won a trip to Los Angeles and a meeting with White.  Leslie Scott, age 69, of Coventry, RI was the selected winner of a Facebook Contest, hosted by The Lifeline Program.  Out of 700 essays entered into the contest, Scott’s was chosen as the winner.  When asked why Ms. Scott entered the contest, she gleefully answered, “I have watched and admired Betty White for over 40 years.  No matter which characters she’s played, she’s always been fun to watch.  Besides, how many 90 year-old women can say they’re Hot in Cleveland?”

Ranger was surprised one morning as he awoke to real snow and gifts. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

White has been a celebrity spokesperson for Lifeline, a program that helps baby boomers and seniors settle life insurance policies in order to have a more comfortable life during their golden years.  Along with helping seniors, animals (exotic and domestic), staring in hit TV shows for over seven decades, White was presented with a special banquet at the last luncheon for Actors & Others for Animals in Universal City.  She’s been such an animal lover and supporter of the Los Angeles Zoo, that the zoo staff members named their newest baby female orangutan, Elka, after Betty White’s character on the hit TV show Hot in Cleveland.  Elka is just 14 months old and is learning to roam her habitat on her own, only with her mother’s permission.

Along with organizations like The LA Zoo, The ASPCA, and The Humane Society, Burbank is very proud of their very own animal shelter and all of the good work they do for homeless animals.  The adoption rate is reported to be about 99% successful.  The Burbank Animal Shelter is always looking for volunteers and donations of wash cloths, towels, blankets, food and of course monetary donations to help the animals.  The donated items (food exempted) may be old and tattered but as long as the items are clean, they will be accepted and put to good use.

When looking to adopt animals into your family, please heed Betty White’s advice and do not make it a “surprise”.  Make sure you and your loved ones communicate with each other and do your research on the type of animal you’d like to adopt.  Different breeds of dogs have different characteristics and people need to make sure that they’re seeking a personality trait instead of a particular breed, just because of its looks.  Mutts make fabulous pets! The Burbank Animal Shelter is a great place to meet and greet a possible new 4-legged family member.  It’s all about matching personalities.  There are so many wonderful homeless animals that are looking for a good home.

Betty White, who turns 91 this January 17th works 5 days a week on the hit show, Hot in Cleveland and hosts a hidden-camera prank show staring seniors in funny situations called, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  Betty has found the fountain of youth for sure.  She’s not only stunningly beautiful, kind, and professional but she’s incredibly sharp-minded and quick-witted.  Betty White is the epitome of glamor, class, benevolence, and humor.  What a true super star!

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New episodes of Hot in Cleveland can be found on TV Land.  Check local listings for times.

The 2nd season of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers will be airing in early 2013 on NBC.  Please check local listings for times.


For more information on the Burbank Animal Shelter, please contact them at:

Burbank Animal Shelter

1150 N Victory Place | Burbank, CA 91502
Monday – Saturday | 10am – 5pm
Sunday | 11am – 3pm