Two Burbank Firemen Promoted

Burbank Fire Captain John Nare (right) congratulates Travont White and Jason Murphy on their promotions. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

By Ross A. Benson

     This past week the Burbank Fire Department held a ‘Badge Pinning Ceremonies’ Travont White known to most a Tray was promoted to the rank of Fire Captain, while firefighter Jason Murphy was promoted to the rank of Fire Engineer.
White who was hired in September of 1997 became a permanent firefighter in 1998 then became a Provisional Engineer in 2007, promoting to a probationary Engineer in 2008, he became a Provisional Captain in 2010 and then became a Permanent Engineer in 2011, and was officially promoted to Fire Captain this past week. His wife Keily was joined by family members and Tray’s 3 daughters during the ceremonies.
Murphy who became a Permanent Firefighter on August 2002 attended and has been a Burbank Paramedic from 2006 to present, he’s been on the Hazmat Squad and has now been promoted as a permanent Fire Engineer. Jason’s new badge was pinned by his wife Jennifer while his two kids looked on, he was also joined by his family.

Travont White (left) and Jason Murphy (Photo By Ross A. Benson)
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