Universal Studios Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary of Jurassic Park Release

Jurassic World- The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo by Ashley Erikson

This June marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park which hit theaters in the summer of 1993.  While John Hammond’s theme park failed to open, Universal Studios Hollywood is successfully bringing dinosaurs to life to celebrate the film franchise during #JurassicJune.

Here is everything you need to know to survive the park and the dinosaurs inside:

Exclusive Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Merchandise: Before you even step foot in the theme park, you can find Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary merchandise the the Universal Studios Store at CityWalk.  From apparel to plushes to collectibles and more, celebrate the film with special anniversary merch.  Once inside the park you can find even more items at Jurassic Outfitters, a dino-lovers dream store, connected to the exit ofJurassic World – The Ride.”

30th Anniversary Merch at Universal Studios Store.

Jurassic World- The Ride”: As the franchise carried on, the release of the Jurassic World movies took the world by storm, including the theme park. “Jurassic World- The Ride” is a seven minute boat tour through the theme park Simon Masrani created on Isla Nubar. As you travel through an aquarium that holds the giant Mosasaurus, be careful not to get splashed (or eaten.)  Further down the ride you realize something has gone wrong and the dinosaurs aren’t where they are suppose to be…are they ever? Enjoy the grand finale of the ride with a whopping 84 foot drop that will leave you screaming and soaked.

Raptor Encounter: Located adjacent to “Jurassic World—The Ride” the “Raptor Encounter” gets guests up close to take pictures with the franchise’s most beloved Velociraptor, Blue. Brought to life by employing the exact computer-generated model and images used to create her for the big screen, Blue tips the scales at a hefty 750 pounds, towering 15 feet in height and 13 feet from tail to snout, and succumbs to highly skilled handlers who adeptly guide her to within feet of guests. 

Dino Meet and Greets: Other than Blue, Jurassic World handlers rotate different dinosaurs to bring out and meet guests including one of the film’s gentle giants, the Triceratops.  Guests will learn interesting facts about this Cretaceous creature and some will even get to interact with her to show how smart she is.  You might also encounter a juvenile Velociraptor that is held in the arms of a handler that can move and coo just like a real dino might.

Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Jurassic Cafe: Getting hungry? Stop over to the Jurassic Cafe located on the lower lot of the park for Latin American inspired dishes. This summer they are serving themed anniversary specials including Grilled Veggie and Beef Skewers, Brazilian Cheese Bread, Raptor Hummus, Coconut Flan, Dino Chocolate Tres Leches Cake, and a Family Feast (two half chickens and two skewers, hummus, chips, cheese balls, mojo pork, and vegetables). 

Isla Nu-Bar: Serving tiki cocktails, this Jurassic World themed bar is currently quenching thirst with themed drinks like Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary “Wild Refresherrrr” Fanta Flavor, an Amber Mojito, or Jurassic Water.  All drinks are served in your choice of a souvenir cup.

Jurassic World Souvenier cup. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

Tram Ride:  The tram ride is an in icon at Universal Studios Hollywood, but keep an eye out and you’ll see actual vehicles and props used in the Jurassic Park trilogy movies.

Check out this video on all things “Jurassic” happening this summer at Universal Studios Hollywood.