Valley Industry & Commerce Association Endorses Measure S


The Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) supports the Burbank Unified School District
Ballot Measure S on the March 5, 2013 ballot.

The expansion of the Burbank Unified School District bond program will allow district schools to
modernize their facilities, including technological resources. As the globalized economy generates more
demand for mathematic and scientific training, San Fernando Valley schools must have modern
classroom and laboratories in order to compete for top universities and jobs. Technology is also of
specific importance in the San Fernando Valley, where television & film production are not only
fundamental to the economic well-being of the greater region but the vitality and productivity of one of
its principal industries.

The time for these renovations is now, as the district is in the unique position of receiving an additional
$10 million from the state if the measure passes. As we strive for the most prestigious schools in the
world, our region must work with our state to maintain a standard of excellence.

VICA encourages the passage of Measure S and the timely investment in educational facility
improvements. Our students need the proper resources to compete and thrive locally, nationally and


David Adelman

Stuart Waldman