Viva Cantina is a hit on Friday night

Photo by Madison Jones

Friday night was a good night to be at Viva Cantina, on Riverside Drive. With a crowd like I haven’t seen in some time, the atmosphere was charged with energy and excitement.

I sat in one of the booths in the back room, where I always sit when I’m at Viva’s. To my left was a crowded bar, and directly in front of me was a group a twenty-somethings taking shots.

It was a younger atmosphere than I’ve felt in a while, and that may be due to Viva’s recent marketing efforts directed at younger people looking for nightlife.

Photo by Madison Jones

The front room was a bit more relaxed than the back room. Cow Bop, a usual at Viva’s, played their jazzy/country style that always has many Viva-goers coming back for more.

I’ve grown up going to Viva’s and it’s nice to see their transition from a small restaurant filled with mostly cowboys and cowgirls, to a lively cantina known for their live music and big drinks.

Photo by Madison Jones
Photo by Madison Jones

Viva’s has a full bar, but I think most people come for the margaritas. They boast 100 different tequilas to choose from, and margaritas come in a variety of flavors. I decided on strawberry, but they’re all delicious. Hint: It’s not on the menu, but Viva’s makes a killer pomegranate margarita. Just ask!

While I normally go to Viva’s for the atmosphere and the drinks, I hit the jackpot with my food choice. For the first time since I’ve been going to Viva’s, I ordered chicken fajitas. They came out sizzling and smelling delicious, and they did not disappoint. The chicken was so moist, and the peppers, onions and tomatoes were fresh and delicious. I’m sure it will be my usual dish from now on.

Burbank has a variety of places to choose from for Friday nightlife, with its small bars, restaurants, theatres and comedy shows. Viva’s Cantina is definitely a Burbank nightlife gem!

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