Voters Should Not Confuse NOS for “No on S”


Editors Note:  David Nos is a candidate running for Burbank City Council.  There has been some confusion with is last name Nos and the Measure S initiative from the BUSD.  Nos has released the following statement to help clear the confusion.


NOS is not “No on S”

To all Burbank voters. I am David Nos and my last name is not and I repeat IS NOT a campaign against the Safe School initiative Measure”S”. In fact I whole heartedly support Measure “S”. I have a Measure S sign along with my own “Just Say Nos” sign on my front lawn and my office window. I am sorry it has caused confusion. Nos is my family name and I am fond of it.

So please, DO vote for measure “S”, on March 5th, and let me know if you need a ride to the polls, I will be glad to oblige. Our schools need help. And remember, on February 26th. “Just Say Nos” position #1 on the ballot– Besides, if you elect me in the primary, I promise to take my signs down as fast as possible so there will be no confusion during the last week of the get out the vote for Measure “S” campaign. I say that kiddingly, but it is a solution don’t you agree?

Thank you and Please support measure “S”.

David Nos
Candidate Burbank City Council 2013

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