Waggage Claim Provides Pet Therapy at Hollywood Burbank Airport

Airport Police Chief Ed Skarvana shows a Challenge Coin with one of the Therapy dogs.Photo by Ross A. Benson

The Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) celebrated the relaunch of its Waggage Claim pet therapy program on December 20, 2022. The program was paused during the pandemic but is back on its feet, providing canine comfort and care for airline passengers throughout the week.

Waggage Claim is an airport program that helps passengers relieve stress and anxiety that can be caused by flying and sends people on their journey feeling calm and comforted. The therapy dogs and “Waggage” handlers are tested and certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc which makes sure there is a good relationship between the two and that the dog has the right temperament for therapy work.

During the event at BUR, all seven dogs were in attendance to walk the terminals and spend time meeting and taking pictures with media members and passengers. The dogs range in various ages and breeds and include The Dude, Eve, Mia, Calie, Rosie, Shiloh, and Woody. Even with the seven dogs, the program is always looking to expand and add to its pack.

BUR Airport Police Chief Ed Skarvana passed out airport police chief challenge coins to each “Waggage” handler while the handlers passed out collectible trading cards of their dogs. Each card had the dog’s picture, name, and information, including birthday, breed, where they live, and their favorite rewards. If you see a Waggage Claim pup next time you are at the airport, make sure to ask for one of their cards.

When visiting the airport, passengers are welcome to pet and take pictures with the dogs and are encouraged to follow and tag the Waggage Claim on the BUR social media accounts. For those traveling with their own pets, BUR has two pet relief areas, one pre-security and one post-security. For more info on the Waggage Claim and traveling with pets through BUR click here!