Walk Bike Burbank Presents “ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR” Award


Burbank resident and daily bike rider, Susan Yamamoto was recently awarded “Burbank Bike Advocate of the Year” by Walk Bike Burbank, local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. 

Susan was recognized for her successful efforts improving local bike parking at several new Burbank businesses.  In appreciation, Susan was also presented with individual gift certificates from each of the several new Burbank stores that have recently implemented Susan’s bike parking suggestions –Walmart, Grocery Outlet and IKEA.

When the new Walmart opened last year in Burbank without any designated bike parking, Susan met directly with their local management to discuss potential bike parking solutions with them.  After several meetings, Susan’s persistence paid off when Walmart agreed with her and installed a new bike parking rack next to the front entrance.

As Burbank’s newest grocery store, Grocery Outlet, with its bicycle-convenient central location was opening last year, someone forgot to replace the bike parking racks previously removed by the departing tenant.  During the store’s Grand Opening, Susan was able to persuade both regional and local store managers of the need for bike parking.  Her tenacity paid-off when new and accommodating bike parking was installed near the front door.

Who on earth rides a bicycle to the largest IKEA in North America?  It turns out plenty of customers and employees for sure use their bicycles for transportation to and from there.  IKEA now even offers their own brand of bicycle and bike commuter gear.  But while IKEA themselves have a corporate commitment to support bicycle commuting and travel, the new store’s actual bike parking was inconveniently located quite a distance from the store’s main entrance.

When IKEA opened in its new location in Burbank, Susan met with the local store managers and convinced them that that additional bike parking, located nearer the front entrance, would attract bike riding customers.  IKEA agreed and installed additional racks by the front door, which now seem to nearly always contain customer’s bikes.

Anyone who rides a bicycle in Burbank while doing normal everyday errands quickly realizes the need for better, safer bike parking facilities at many local stores and shopping areas.  Better bicycle amenities encourage customers to consider active transportation options. 

Thanks to Susan Yamamoto and her tireless local advocacy for better bike parking.  Because of local bike advocates like Susan, Burbank is becoming a safer and nicer place every day for using a bicycle as regular practical transportation.

Walk Bike Burbank is the local chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  For more information on Walk Bike Burbank, visit their website at walkbikeburbank.org or email the steering committee atwalkbikeburbank@gmail.com.