Warner Bros. Help Goes To The Dogs

Lobby of the Burbank Animal Shelter after make-over by Warner Bros. Photo by Ross A. Benson

The advantages of living in a City such as Burbank is that it is also home to several major movie studios, such as Warner Bros. This past couple of days, one of the results and a truly  great partnership is that of The Volunteers of The Burbank Animal Shelter and Warner Bros. Studio Facilities.
Warner Bros brought in crews and painted many of the rooms at the shelter, including the entry way, which has been totally redone complete with paw prints on the floor to lead visitors to where they can see dogs waiting to be adopted. The storage rooms now have new shelving for the blankets and towels, plus an outdoor area that was once grass has been covered in cement making it more healthy for dogs to roam, along with a shade cover installed.
Denise Fleck, President of The Volunteer of The Burbank Animal Shelter, gave tours and was beaming from ear to ear with all the improvements. Another is the room where Burbank’s Channel 6 shoots Pets Pals, a weekly cable show on pet adoption. The set has a total makeover that includes a new backdrop of a park scene (Johnny Carson Park) with Astroturf and a park bench, and in the winter months the backdrop can turn over to show a living room scene with a fireplace.
The bunny hut now has misters and a new shade cover and the hallways have information boards so visitors can gather information on breed priors to selecting a pet. The donation of approximately $ 40,000 helps the shelter in plenty of ways as this releaves the Volunteers when hunting for donations, that can now be used for items such as a digital x-ray machine and other expensive items.

Photo by Ross A. Benson
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