Washington Elementary School Family Festival Raises Funds


By Joyce Rudolph

The carnival games — especially the prizes — won hands down as the best part of the annual PTA Family Festival at Washington Elementary School on Friday night.

Second-grader Maian Maouas, 7, tries her socerer’s skills at the bean bag toss during Washington Elementary School PTA’s Family Festival on Friday night. (Photo by Joyce Rudolph)

Holly Bragg, PTA first vice president, guessed attendance hit 200 at the annual gathering that raises funds for an art night, reading programs and bus transportation for field trips.

The playground had several game booths and two inflated obstacle courses that the kids could play on. A graveyard adventure was created in the school’s vegetable garden. Selling refreshments were food truck vendor Mike’s Catering and Jamba Juice.

Second-grader Maian Maouas, 7, was dressed in a sorcerer’s costume, and tried the bean bag toss.

“There are lots of games and I can have fun with my family,” she said about her favorite parts of the festival.

Patrick Hovsepian, 7, in a Batman costume, said he liked to win prizes. The second-grader was with his grandmother Odat Dergellstin and her granddaughter Jizel Galstian, 2.

Cousins Mary Alnamh,10, a fifth-grader, and Joelle Nakoud, 9, a fourth-grader, went down the inflated slide at the same time. Joelle said it’s fun to have a cousin attend the same school. They see each other at recess.

“We play teacher and mom,” Joelle said.

Someone took a lot of time coordinating the costume worn by Athena Kazarian, 9. She was dressed like Kendra, the beautiful witch from the film “Beastly.” The fifth-grader, was waiting in line to try the inflated obstacle course.

Mary Alnamh, 10, a fifth-grader at Washington Elementary School, scoots down the slide. (Photo By Joyce Rudolph)

Her favorite part about the festival is the games, she said, “because we get to win stuff!”

Trying the Jack O’Lantern Disk Drop was Celine Karch, 7, a second-grader. She had a heart painted on one cheek and a Hello Kitty on the other.

Emma Rodda, 6, looked lovely in her Sleeping Beauty costume and was having her face painted by parent volunteer Alycia Glaude.

“I dabble in art on the side and do my kids’ makeup for Halloween,” Glaude said.

Her daughter Aaya Frew, 6, a first-grader at Washington Elementary, was made up to look like a cat.

Emma asked Glaude to paint a butterfly on her cheek, said Emma’s mom Lorraine Rodda.

“She collects butterflies,” she said.

Dy lilah Vargas-Tafoya, 3, dressed as Wonder Woman, watches the other children make their way through the inflatable maze. (Photo By Joyce Rudolph)
Athena Kazarian, 9, a fifth-grader, chose dress like Kendra, the witch from the film “Beastly.” (Photo By Joyce Rudolph)

Glaude brought Emma to the festival to support the PTA projects, she said.

“The festival is fun and it raises money for the school.”

There were about 25 parents and 20 junior high and high school students, working on their service hours, volunteering at the festival, said Aylin Galstian. The Student Council ran a bake sale and proceeds will go to the Outdoor Science School.