Weekend Crime Reports From Burbank Police

By On August 19, 2014


Burbank Police were kept busy over the weekend with three cases of note:

Indecent Exposure

Michelangelo Feher, 29 of Burbank, was arrested by police on Sunday when police say he was observed by officers loitering under a tree at the Pavilions Shopping Center at Sheldon and AlamedaThe suspect had the front of his pants down, with his underwear and genitals exposed. The suspect informed the officers that he had been previously arrested for indecent exposure

Location:         Shelton/Alameda

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Vehicle)

Police took Andres Antonio Barajas, 38, of North Hollywood into custody Saturday after a case of road rage turned into assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle as his weapon. In Saturday at 4:30 pm, the suspect almost struck a pedestrian as they crossed the street.  The pedestrian yelled at the suspect, so the suspect stopped his vehicle.  The suspect then made a U-turn and struck the pedestrian with his car.  The suspect then exited the vehicle and physically assaulted the pedestrian while they were on the ground. The suspect fled the scene prior to police arriving.  Officers were able to identify the suspect and ultimately arrested him and impounded his vehicle.


Nicole Gates, 36, of Hoopa, CA was arrested by police after they said she was observed stealing cosmetics and clothing worth $179.00 from Target.  The items were concealed in a bag.  The suspect walked out of the store without paying for the items.

Approximately a half hour later she returned to the store carrying the bag with the stolen merchandise and purchased a storage bin.  She failed to pay for the stolen merchandise a second time. The suspect was contacted by security officers who detained her and called the police.  They recovered the stolen merchandise that was stolen from the store.