Wild Weekend Parties Keep Police Busy


Update: 6/26/12:  The District Attorney’s Office, after reviewing the evidence in the cases of three men arrested for assault with a deadly weapon at a party on Sunday night on Highland View Dr., has decided not to file charges against the men.  The cases against all three have been dropped.


Burbank Police were kept busy over the weekend with two parties that got out of control.  One large party required assistance from Glendale Police, while another ended with three suspects arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

In the first incident Saturday evening, Burbank officers responded to a report of a fight involving 20 people, with one person on the ground being kicked, at 537 Hampton Rd.   When officers arrived on scene at 11:50 p.m., they found approximately 300 people at the home where the party was taking place.   They stopped a few individuals who appeared to be injured, but they refused to give any information to officers.

Assistance was requested from the Glendale Police Department, which sent three units and a supervisor to assist with dispersing the crowd, as Burbank officers entered the residence to determine if anyone needed assistance.  While in the home they encountered one man who was challenging people to fight.  They arrested Edwin Safsari, 21, of Burbank for public intoxication.   The owner of the residence was not home.  Police believe the owner’s son was hosting the party.  No further arrests were made.

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On Sunday night at 9:30, police received a report of a fight at 3103 Highland View Dr. Officers responded “Code 3” with red lights and siren.  They  were assisted by a police helicopter overhead.  They found one man who was bleeding from a wound to his head.

According to police, the incident began when the DJ who was hired to play the music at the party, had his hat taken by one of the guests, Frank Mushmel, 23, of Encino. The unidentified DJ, a 21 year-old Burbank man, later spotted the man wearing his hat at the party, and took it back.  Later in the evening, when the DJ stepped outside to take a break, he was attacked by Mushmel and two other men.  A bottle was broken over the victim’s head, cutting his scalp and face.

The victim was able to identify his attackers.  Police arrested Sam Asker, 32, of Burbank, and Peter Jarjour, 24, of Woodland Hills, in addition to Mushmel, for assault with a deadly weapon.  All three were booked into the Burbank Jail.

Burbank Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and treated the victim.  He refused further medical treatment.


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