Wilke Announces Candidacy for Burbank’s City Council


On Saturday, March 2, former Assistant City Manager Judie Wilke, who retired in 2023, announced her bid for a seat on the Burbank City Council. She is the second candidate to announce a run for one of the two available seats up for grabs.

Both Nick Schultz and Konstantine Anthony, who will be up for reelection in November, have not announced their plans yet. Anthony is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor, and Schultz is a candidate for the 44th Assembly District. If either one or both makes it to the runoff in November, state law will prevent them from running for their Council seat.

Wilke sent out the following press release announcing her candidacy on Saturday:

Judie Wilke

I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for a seat on the Burbank City Council. This isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly; it’s the culmination of a lifelong journey filled with love and dedication to the place I’ve called home since I was three years old.  My roots in Burbank run deep, from the hallways of Burbank High School to the corridors of Burbank City Hall where I dedicated 32 years of service. These experiences have done more than just shape me; they’ve reinforced my belief in the power of inclusivity, open conversation, and teamwork to bring about real benefits for us all.

Burbank is more than just a city. It’s a vibrant community that cherishes compassion, unity, and respect, celebrating our differences with grace and prioritizing the common good above all else. I’ve been lucky to witness countless moments of selflessness and solidarity here, from neighbors lending a helping hand in tough times to watching our young people grow into thoughtful, responsible adults.

Like any vibrant community, we’ve faced our share of disagreements. But it’s important to remember that having different viewpoints is a valuable part of life. What’s crucial is how we handle these differences. Let’s tackle our disagreements with kindness and let forgiveness lead us back to peace if we falter. After all, we’re more than just citizens; we’re part of a shared dream for the Burbank we love.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s essential that we keep caring, keep giving, and keep loving our city. Challenges we face today demand a renewed commitment to the common good, reminding us that our actions affect not just ourselves but our neighbors, our kids, and the generations that will follow. 

With the experience I’ve gained and a deep understanding of our city’s unique challenges and opportunities, I’m ready to get to work. My objective is clear and full of passionate purpose: to make Burbank a better place for everyone. This mission is deeply personal to me. Growing up, I spent many evenings watching my father, Larry Stamper, lead as Mayor, instilling in me a deep-seated desire to follow in his footsteps and contribute to our city’s growth and success.I am filled with hope for our future, and I am confident with your support, we can build a Burbank that future generations will be proud to inherit.  Let’s take this journey together, united by a common goal and unstoppable resolve, to make our beloved Burbank a beacon of community and progress. Thank you for your trust and I look forward to dedicating myself to serving our beloved hometown on the City Council.