Will Rogers Thanks Voters for City Council Seat Win


Letter to the Editor from Will Rogers…

Burbank Chamber

That it’s now tradition for candidates to write a post-election “thank you” makes mine no less sincere, and I do have so many to thank.  But before my thanks, let me take care of one bit of business.

As of this writing, I believe every last one of my campaign’s lawn signs has been retrieved.  Further, because of an agreement we came to before the election to share the work, I’m also responsible for picking up those signs of incumbent Emily Gabel Luddy that are south of the 5 Freeway, and outside the Rancho area.  I’m happy to report we believe we’ve picked up all of those as well.

But it’s entirely possible my crew of volunteers and I may have missed a couple.  If you know of one of these signs that still has not been picked up, please send me an email via Will@Rogers4Council.com  Just let me know where the sign is, and I’ll try to make sure that anything we’ve missed is picked up within a few hours.

Now, back to those who I must thank.  According to the final official count, my list includes 5,305 voters who trusted me with their votes.  I’ve been a voter for nearly 40 years, and well know the disillusionment of realizing I picked a bum.  I never want to be responsible for further fueling any voter’s cynicism.

Burbank Chamber

I promise there will be decisions on which we’ll disagree.  It’s an inevitable reality reasonable adults must accept.  But it’s my goal those who’ve voted for me will never have legitimate cause to doubt I’ve zealously stood for the principles championed throughout my campaign and career.

For the thousands who didn’t vote for me, I look forward to opportunities to earn your trust, and perhaps convince you many policies attributed to me before now were not as reliably sourced as you once believed.

I’ve had a small, tireless campaign team, and each member will be thanked by name in coming weeks.  I’m as humbled by their efforts as I have been in awe of their stamina and patience.  Few of us have an opportunity to ever see people outside our families stand behind us, literally and figuratively, then speak on our behalf and commend us to hundreds and even thousands of strangers.  Once one gets past the embarrassment  and discomfort of that, the word “humbling” stops being the stuff of flowery rhetoric, and becomes something tangible and familiar.

Every candidate owes thanks to their family.  But specifics of my campaign, walking door-to-door virtually every day for 7 months, imposed burdens on my family no one imagined back when they said, “Go for it!”  I’ve essentially missed three major holidays, my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, and my son’s birthday.

Yet, not once in those months, not even for a tired, cross instant, did my wife so much as hint there was a chore, a holiday, or simply a meal she wouldn’t take on herself because I was campaigning.  All that, AND she helped campaign!  (She can fold a letter and seal an envelope, or assemble a campaign sign, with an assembly line speed and efficiency that Detroit car makers would envy.)

To each of these and so many more, I offer my unreserved and limitless thanks.  I will do my best to make certain my service is up to your standards.

Will Rogers

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