Winners Announced for 2021 myBurbank Holiday Decorations Contest

Arnulfo Padilla and Tina Schaefer put the finishing touches on their Snow White themed Christmas light display. (Photo By: Edward Tovmassian)

Three houses have been declared the winners of the myBurbank 2021 Holiday Home Decorations Contest.

1505 N Valley St. has been chosen for the Best Overall category of the competition, 1039 E Providencia Ave. has been selected as Brightest in Burbank, and 1341 N Naomi St. has been named the Most Unique category winner.

The decorations at 1505 N Valley St. have become a destination spot for locals celebrating the holidays, as the homeowners, Arnulfo Padilla and Tina Schaefer, create show stopping displays for Halloween and Christmas every year. For Christmas 2021, the theme of their December decorations is Disneyland. Details such as shimmering castle towers, Beauty and the Beast figurines, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse perched on top of a wishing well delight the many visitors who travel to the address to see these lights.

“We are so excited and honored to be chosen [for the] best overall category,” the Schaefers said of their victory. “It brings us great joy to be able to create these happy moments with everyone…We look forward to continuing this dream.”

(Photo By: Edward Tovmassian)

The Brightest in Burbank prize winner, Tadeh Sayadian, showcases a variety of festive, inflatable holiday characters like snowmen, penguins, polar bears, and Santa Claus at his home. All of the inflatables are lit up and surrounded by twinkling string lights. The house’s driveway is also covered in bright white lights leading up to an inflatable gingerbread house.

Most Unique titleholder Mark Devall parked a cherry red classic car on his lawn with Santa in the driver’s seat and decorative reindeers attached by string lights to the vehicle. This rare version of Santa’s sleigh is surrounded by a glowing nativity scene, nutrackers, and beaming blue string lights along his home’s roof and trees.

Three prizes are being distributed to the contest victors: a $100 gift card to Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen for Best Overall, a holiday gift basket from The Ugly Mug Coffee House with a mug, some sweet treats and a $25 gift card for Brightest in Burbank, and a $50 gift card to The Palm Coffee Bar for Most Unique. These businesses all have Burbank locations, and they have generously offered these prizes to show their support to the community.

(Photo By: Edward Tovmassian)

Happy holidays and thank you to everyone who entered!

Honorable mention:

2800 N. Frederic St

1374 N. Catalina

1337 N. Parish Place

1316 N. Catalina St. Burbank, CA 91505

526 N. Reese Pl

1131 N California St

2110 N Evergreen St

2352 N Orchard Dr

810 and 814 North Niagara

633 N Fairview Street

907 E. Providencia Ave.

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