Woman Arrested for Assault at Carl’s Jr.


A Sun Valley woman was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol, hit and run, and assault with a deadly weapon after an earlier altercation led police to pull over the driver of the vehicle.


Nora Casas (32) of Sun Valley was pulled over by officers after she was identified in an earlier altercation at the Carl’s Jr. at Hollywood Way and Verdugo. According to police, the suspect had struck the victim’s car while it was in the parking lot.

The victim’s car was parked at the restaurant, which does not have a drive-thru. Casas began fleeing the scene when the victim started taking photos of the suspect’s vehicle. Casas then tried twice to back her car into the victim, creating a case of assault. Casas fled the scene without exchanging information according to the report.

After officers pulled over Casas a short time later, they determined the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and arrested her for DUI, hit and run, and assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle).

The suspect’s bail was set at $30,000.00.  She is scheduled to appear in court on 12/29/14.

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