Women’s History Month Q&A Series: Judie Wilke

Burbank Assistant City Manager Judie Wilke has worked for the City of Burbank since 1989.(photo courtesy of the City of Burbank)

Judie began working for the city as a management intern in 1989, and she has since held a variety of roles throughout her career in Burbank. These include administrative analyst, city clerk, and services director of the Parks and Recreation Department. She has carried out the position of City of Burbank Assistant City Manager since 2019.

A longtime Burbank resident, Judie graduated from Burbank High School in 1986 and has been a past member of local organizations like the Zonta Club of Burbank and the Burbank Noon Kiwanis Club.

For our Women’s History Month Q&A, Judie describes her enthusiasm for serving the Burbank community and highlights the valuable contributions of women taking on powerful roles in the city.

What has your career path been like getting to your current role with the City of Burbank?

My 30-plus year journey with the city has been filled with amazing opportunities. I believe that my work ethic, desire to learn and produce results, as well as my ability to connect with people, placed confidence and trust in my managers who then opened doors for me that were unimaginable. I have been in a number of positions and departments, and the path was filled with challenges but smoothly paved by the people who supported my progression.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? 

I love connecting with the people I work with (teammates) and for (our Burbank community).  I am passionate about service to our community, and I work hard every day to try and make Burbank better. I especially love collaborating with the people I work with to make great things happen in our community. I also love mentoring others to find passion and happiness in their career and life.  

How does it feel to be a female serving in a leadership position for the city? 

I feel honored to be in a leadership role in a community I grew up in and love. It is my belief that women bring a strong sense of purpose, empathy and nurturing to leadership roles. Our city has been well-served by countless women who lead (led) from their heart.

Which women in your life have inspired you the most to go after your goals?  

My mom was a huge inspiration in my life. She always believed in me and encouraged me to take risks and not be sidetracked by people’s perceptions of me, and instead reminded me to focus on myself, trust my gut, do things that make my heart happy, and always do what’s right.  I am also in awe of the numerous women I have worked with and for in my city career.   

What advice would you impart to young girls pursuing their dreams?  

I am amazed by so many young women that I see in our world today. They are far more courageous and focused than I was, which is a great sign our future is bright. But I think girls need to know no boundaries, they need to know we have their back, they need to know they belong and have a powerful voice that must be heard, and most importantly, they need to always know they can do anything they set their mind to.   

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