Workspace Development “Butterfly Gardens” Announced for Rancho Neighborhood Site

Picture provided by Butterfly Gardens LLC

Today, the developers who are purchasing the land at 910 S. Mariposa St. announced that they plan to build a low-density workspace at this Rancho neighborhood site.

Picture provided by Butterfly Gardens LLC

The project, called Butterfly Gardens, will be a combination of indoor and outdoor office units and is geared towards “local creatives and community members,” per a press release from the developers. 23 small office bays and an additional 7 pods, which are smaller than the 23 main units, will be implemented on this land.

The plans for the development are ready to be submitted to the city and reviewed, Butterfly Gardens Communications Director Garo Manjikian, tells myBurbank exclusively. Additionally, preliminary discussions between developers and the City of Burbank have taken place. 

Prior to a construction process launch, which will likely take place in a couple of years, their focus is on the Rancho neighborhood first learning the specifics of Butterfly Gardens.

A Rancho resident takes a stroll up Mariposa, passing where the proposed project will be located (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

“We felt it was important for the community to have a chance to hear from us and see some of the project details before we officially filed the application,” Manjikian said. “Between the development review and permit application process we anticipate roughly two years before construction will begin.”

The release further stated that the project will focus on sustainability goals, including emphasizing water conservation and renewable energy and utilizing sustainable materials. The leaders behind the project expressed their focus on maintaining the integrity of the Rancho in the write-up.

“Butterfly Gardens is an innovative local workspace inspired by the Rancho neighborhood of Burbank,” Garen Gozumian of Butterfly Gardens LLC said. “We are guided by the principles of sustainability and responsible development to realize a low-impact project.”

Butterfly Gardens will replace the current stables located on S. Mariposa (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

In addition, the horse community of the neighborhood has been addressed specifically by the team behind the Butterfly Gardens development. The developers say they will incorporate “solutions that will preserve the safety of horses and their riders” as they build on the land, which includes a “Mariposa Street Bridle Path Project and construction-related mitigation efforts.” 

“We respect the horse-keeping character of the Burbank Rancho,” the project’s site says. “Horses have the right of way, and safety is of utmost importance.”

Studio Pali Fekete Architects, SALT Landscape Architects, and Butterfly Gardens LLC, “a small partnership of Los Angeles natives,” are the contributors together crafting the architecture, landscape, and development of the project. Although the plans for this location can be carried out without review from local residents, the Butterfly Gardens leadership team is emphasizing neighborhood involvement as their plans move forward. 

“This project is completely by-right according to all existing local zoning codes and regulations,” Manjikian said. “With that said, we plan to go above and beyond what is required, as we want to be a good neighbor and a responsible developer, that is why we are prioritizing community engagement.”

Picture provided by Butterfly Gardens LLC
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    1. What a disaster for the Rancho! They are closing down one of the last horse boarding stables, evicting the horses and owners, and replacing it with office space. Why would they think this would be ok with the Rancho community. This is exactly the type of development we have been afraid of. It’s the beginning of the end for the Rancho I’m afraid if this goes through.

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